What causes pain in side when while pregnant?

Any other pregnant mamas get pain in their side from walking/being active? I’m almost 26 weeks and got a bad pain from getting groceries in my side. My stomach felt really hard and then it subsided.


Which side, I’m not pregnant anymore but when I was I end up having him on my sciatic nerve and now I have sciatic nerve damage, definitely talk to your doctor it could be that but just in case I would make sure it’s nothing worse

I get pains all over the place lol. I’m almost 33 wks with baby number 5. It’s normal. Just make sure your keeping yourself hydrated. I had to start picking up a bottle of water while grocery shopping and it helps

Yes I did random pains all the time and I was about 8 months when I would wake up and my middle finger would hurt until I got to work and I would be working and it was fine and after I had her it stopped doing that so the baby could be sitting on something

Anytime you do more activity then your used to, especially while being pregnant it will cause some aches and pains. My right side hurts all the time. I walk everyday, have stairs in my house, and still have pains from going and doing small things like grocery shopping sometimes. Heating pads really help!