What causes spotting in early pregnancy?

I’m about 5 weeks pregnant and have been having spotting for a week now only when I wipe had blood work done the last two days and my hgc is going up but not doubleing everything on the ultrasound look ok I’m really worried has anyone had this happen and still have a normal pregnancy


I had spotting for 4-5 days after I got my positive. It never turned red though, it was always brown and very light pink. I had no complications after.

Yep. I bled basically the whole pregnancy for my second. Scans all good blood tests fine. Nothing they could do. It is what it is. She was born perfect

I did. It was “normal” for me but I’d still get checked. I spotted for 3 months with my first and 6 months with Harper

Happened twice throughout my last pregnancy. Baby girl came out perfect

unless it’s accompanied with pain nothing the hospital can do and i spot bleed all the way with my daughter and she’s a happy healthy nearly 6yr old

Your number need to double every 2 days… I would worry if not… mine continued going up till 10 weeks but not doubling I miscarried soon after this

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It does sometimes happen I spotted with one of my pregnancy and would have delivered full term if I hadn’t fallen out of my tub backwards she was a healthy baby. Just keep an eye on the spotting if it gets worse get to the hospital asap

I think you should alert your doctor. Have them do another check. I don’t think anything is wrong bit just to be extra safe never hurt

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Maybe urinalysis tract infection I had spotting with n ended up a urinary infection but all went ok antibiotics n all good after that

I found out I was pregnant at about 8 weeks and the day after I got my positive I started lightly spotting for about a week and my levels were not doubling either they called me out of work telling me I was most like going to miscarry and my happy healthy boy will be 4 in August​:heart::heart: I hope this gives you a little hope​:heart:

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I did. With my current actually. My hcg was going up but not doubling. I was getting blood work done 2-3 times a week for 3 weeks. My progesterone was low so they put me on prometrium. They found a subchorionic hematoma and watched that. I’m now 34 weeks exactly.

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This happened to me she checked me with an ultrasound and told me not to have intercourse till it stopped bleeding

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:sob::sob::sob: I just miscarried last week but I’ve that happen before… I have bleed through some of my other pregnancies.
If your scan looks good, you should be OK x.
She’s now a healthy baby too.

It’s clots you worry about :pensive:
My 5th & 7th I think it was, had me bleed throughout pregnancy, both damn girls too lol.
Good luck to you

Spotting is a very common thing for some pregnancies

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With my oldest I started bleed heavy at 9 weeks and rushed to the Er they said I wasn’t miscarrying but put me on bed rest until I saw my doctor. He put me on bed rest for 5 and 1/2 months I spotted until I was 8 months pregnant and he will be 15 in August

I spotted my whole pregnancy my aunt had full periods to five months keep ur head up don’t worry yourself crazy and u can’t compare to someone else’s experience every pregnancy is different good luck

My second there were a few times I’d wipe and have some blood, I had a subchronic hematoma so I was told that was what I was seeing, coming out, scared me. I carried my little man to term and had an otherwise healthy pregnancy. Im surprised they didn’t put you on progesterone inserts if your levels aren’t doubling that’s what they did for me, with my 1st . maybe something you can ask about?

Yes… I have. It was the baby attaching to the uterus…

I bled from week 5 to week 10 I had a sch. I’m currently 15 weeks and just found out I’m having a girl

I spotted at like 8 months with my youngest! The time I miscarried I had a lot of cramping and pain, but no spotting till the process started… but I knew it was coming because my hcg kept going down.

I miscarried last year. I spotted for 3 weeks. I miscarried at 10 weeks but baby stopped Growing at 5 weeks. I hope all will be ok.:heart:

Ask your doctor we are not doctors. You could have a UTI. Or nothing Call doctor that is what he is paying BIG student loans for.

Weeks 6-10 I spotted everyday and only had it when I wiped as well. I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and baby! That was that only scare throughout! Prayers!!

Lots of people spot when pregnant .


After 4 years of not getting pregnant My periods were less than normal so thought nothing of it really. They varied each month. Wasn’t until my breasts started the enlargement cycle and I went to the dr. I was at least 4 mo by then! Don’t worry but do consult your doctor! Then you can rest easy.

At 5 wks we went to the ER. I was bleeding they confirmed pregnancy and told me to schedule early with an OB but said it was a threatening miscarriage and told me i could possible loose her. I had to be put on hormone pills 5 wks later for 2 months which was expensive but worth it. I bled again right after 20 wks again they thought I might lose her. I just gave birth to my baby girl 7 days ago. She is very healthy. <3. Stay calm the more stress you put yourself through the more likely you will miscarry. Many women bleed the whole pregnancy and nothing is wrong. Sending baby dust

I did this 3 times lost my baby every time!!! Some don’t but I wasn’t lucky

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With my now 1 year old son I had really really bad bleeding n cramping at 5 weeks and at 6 weeks it was a blood clot that formed and went away… n this pregnancy I’m almost 16 weeks And I had bleeding at 5 weeks agian it was a very small blood clot that went away could be nothing all u can do it relax n wait for the dr results n Ik it may be hard to relax Ik I was worried n freaking out but take a deep breath I’m sure baby is fine❤️ (this pregnancy I didn’t see baby at 5 weeks just a yolk sac and a blood clot I was super scared Babu stopped growing) but baby is great n healthy!!

So the hcg is what’s troubling the most. It should double or more than double. If they didn’t check your progesterone, I’d do that. They’ve found low progesterone a big factor in mc and it’s commonly associated with slow rising hcg. With my last baby my progesterone was 16 at 5weeks6days and my hcg tripled in 48hrs. My progesterone rose up to 34 in 48hrs also.

You need to find a good tv series that has a long run time (like the limitless Greys Anatomy), get yourself some popcorn and veg out. STOP GOOGLING. DO NOT WEB MD. DONT EVEN POST HERE. All it’s going to do is stress you out and that’s the worst thing you can do for your baby.
I wish I took this advice. I was very early in pregnancy but we still miss our little “speck” as we lovingly referred to our cluster of cells. It was really sad when we lost that pregnancy but we did get pregnant with 3 of 4 immediately after. I quit my job and eliminated stress and now Jack is almost 6 and we had our only daughter 2 years after him.
Just go relax mama. Take it easy and stop thinking.

If you feel something’s wrong don’t ignore your instincts go to a doc

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I’m 30 weeks pregnant and my pregnancy started out this way. I bled until about 14 weeks and then it just stopped. I was terrified the whole time and had extra ultrasounds for it

Implantation bleeding

I did with my son and it was a blood clot in my placenta