What chores can 4-6 year olds do?

I would say pick up the living room pick up your clothes and pick up your room and put your shoes up

Cleaning rooms, take out trash, clean yard, feed and water animals, laundry, dishes. My oldest has a chart with a dollar amount per chore and what he gets done each day gets checked off. At end of week he gets paid for the things he does.

Mine dustpans while I sweep, picks up toys, waters plants and helps bring groceries in with me.

One thing in addition to tbe basics I had my kids do is show them how to wipe down the walls and door ways with baby wipes or lysol wipe . Have them clean up the dirty finger prints and wipe up base boards. My kids did a great job .

I mean no is a complete sentence. You don’t need to explain why.

Non…. Why should they there children. My kids used to keep there own space tidy. Then if they wanted extra pocket money we had a board with jobs they could do for ‘wages’. My 4 kids have grown up and all hold down great jobs and have beautiful homes & families of there own now

Take him shopping so he can see you pay for things.

My daughter gets $5 a week school and daily chores are her job

We have 2 stories so my 6 yr old son will throw down his laundry for me. Helps his dad with yard work. Holds open empty dog food bag for me to shovel dog poop in and helps put up his clean clothes in his dresser.

loading dish washer folding and putting away their own clothes

making their bed putting their stuff away