What could abnormal cells mean?

My doctor called and said that I have abnormal cells on my cervix, which could be an early sign of cervical cancer. I’m am 13 weeks pregnant. Has this happened to anyone else? What happened? Was it nothing …was it cancer ?? I’m trying not to stress myself out too much, but I’ve never had this happen before


I had this happen, I had a leep procedure to remove the pre cancerous cells from my cervix. I’d assume since You’re currently pregnant that won’t be an option till after baby

I had that happen when I was 18. They went in for a D&C and removed part of my cervix. I wasnt pregnant though. What’s your doctor say about treatment?

I always have abnormal pap smears but told nothing to be concerned about because it didn’t look like cancer or hpv. But will take more tests throughout pregnancy. I’m 12 weeks. I wouldn’t worry to much unless doctor comes back saying cells are unhealthy.

Every few years I have this happen. Sometimes they clear up on their own and sometimes I have to have a colposcopy. I have also had a LEEP done.


I had precancerous cells & they removed them. I have been fine since. This was 2 years ago.

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This happened to me and when I had the biopsy done it came back normal. Sometimes something as simple as a yeast infection can make it come back abnormal.


This happened to someone i know and they kept an eye on things during pregnancy and after birth they rechecked and everything came back normal

I had majority of my cervix removed due to cancerous cells found through pap.

The Dr tried to get me to have them removed at 7 months telling me it’d cause the loss of my baby …after id just had a stillbirth on my due date the year before. I chose my son over me of course. Got rechecked after having him nd I was totally fine. It was just due to the pregnancy

I had this happen and had them removed and all was fine

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Probably HPV. I had a papsmear with abnormalities and I have HPV. They scrape your cervix to check for cancerous cells. Doesn’t mean you have cervical cancer, just means you have a higher risk of getting it in the future. If they didn’t tell you that you have HPV though then maybe something else that you should follow up on. :blush:


This happened to me. I wasn’t pregnant though. I was terrified. I had a leep procedure done a couple of years ago and so far I’ve been good ever since.

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You will probably have a colposcopy(they examine the cells in your cervix and may take a biopsy to make sure they aren’t precancerous cells. This can be done when you are pregnant. If they come back as precancerous, they will most likely check you again closer to 36 weeks. If they notice changes in the cells, they may have an emergency csection scheduled(this would also depend on what level the precancerous cells are. Mine were stage 4 precancerous).


I had something similar happen. They checked again sometime after and it came back normal then.

Retest it may just be a mistake

No while I was pregnant. I recently just had a pap done and they said the same thing about abnormal cells on my cervix. They screened it for cervical cancer and it came back negative. They tested for everything and it was all clear. All they will have to do is keep and eye in those. Usually, depending on your age, they will go away. It could be a shift in your ph balance or some sort of infection

Do not let them do the colposcopy until after you deliver. Having the colposcopy (biopsy) during pregnancy can cause miscarriage. Had I known this before my 4th pregnancy I wouldn’t have had it done. It came back normal but could have waited until after I delivered.

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Hpv most likely. I had a colposcopy to access the abnormal cells then I had the precancer cells removed via leep procedure. Once your no longer pregnant they can remove them if this is the case.


I had precancerous cells on my cervix that were found at about 10 weeks over 36 years ago with my first pregnancy. My doctor did routine colposcopy every other month until I delivered and then 3 months later I have a procedure done to freeze my cervix to get rid of the cells. It took me over 4 years and many infertility tests and procedures to get pregnant, I wasn’t doing anything before I had her that might of endangered my daughter.

Had it happen to me at 17 years got them taken out but was told I would never have children tho and Now I got a 12 year old son (13 in a week) but abnormal cells doesn’t necessarily mean cervical cancer tho. Don’t stress yourself cause stress isn’t good for you nor your unborn baby so try n relax

I had abnormal cells but after like 6 biopsies it came back neg. I wasn’t pregnant at the time.

I had abnormal cells during a pap. My dr did a vinegar rinse and then had me go back in 3 months to get checked again and I was fine

Have had 3 babies and never have had a normal pap since the first one

I had an abnormal pap at the beginning of my last pregnancy. They just repeated it after delivery and it was normal. Had a normal one at the beginning of this pregnancy also.

Usually, the next step after the finding of abnormal cervical cells from your pap is a colposcopy (biopsy) procedure to further evaluate the issue, but due to the pregnancy they may have you wait until after your baby is born.

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My best friend had this happen when she was pregnant. They wanted to remove some of her cervix. She has HPV. After she had her daughter it went back to normal paps

During both my pregnancies I had abmormal cells/HPV. They did a colposcopy and no cancer cells were present. I had a repeat pap smear 6 months after my 2nd pregnancy delivery. Abnormal cells again but no cancer cells. But tested normal at next one.

I got my 1st abnormal results when I was 21. The nurse told me that given my young age I didn’t have to worry, she said lets say an older female 70 yrs old gets abnormal cell than yes most likely will become cancer . I was still worried as my fiancé and I were planning to get pregnant. A month later I got pregnant and during my pregnancy i had 2 colposocpies . After having my son I had yearly Pap smears and the first one was still abnormal, after a year I started to get a negative Pap smear and luckily I continued to get 3 negative Pap smear in the row. Once you get 3 years in a row negative you don’t have to do the test for another 5 years .

Found out I had precancerous cells on my cervix when I was pregnant with my son…late 2001/early 2002. When he was like 6 months old I had a LEEP procedure and have not had an issue since.

Only advice I would give is if they offer the OR for the LEEP…do it! I opted for the in office procedure and regretted it within the first 5 minutes. My body did not react well at all

I got told they didn’t like to do pap smears while pregnant because they can falsely come up positive.

My very first pap I had abnormal cells. That was over 15 years ago. Never had cancer and I have a happy and healthy 11 year old.

Happened with my 3rd baby and totally freaked me out, but they did another check during the pregnancy and then a biopsy after I had him and all came back normal. My ob explained sometimes that happens

Had precancerous cells when I was 18, had a LETZ procedure done, fell pregnant 1 month later naturally no issues apart from my cervix shortening earlier in the pregnancy (because of shortness cervix from procedure) 2 other pregnancies after completely healthy and normal

It happens all the time and can actually be nothing. Especially during pregnancy or if you’re under 21.


I had abnormal Pap when I was 18 and they did an ultrasound. I had a cyst of my left ovary and had to have surgery. The removed part of my left ovary and was told I would not have children (I have an 11 year old child now) the abnormal Paps occur more often than we think.

Yes 8 months pregnant gave birth to my son they did a leap procedure I had stage 3 cervical cancer… And it didn’t affect my having kids cuz I have a 4 year old daughter and I had stage 3 cervical cancer back in 2007 2008

I had abnormal cells as well and my last test I was completely normal

I had cervical displasia when I was 26 and pregnant. They did a biopsy which took care of it. Went back a year later after pregnancy and had cervical displasia again. Had two more leep procedures and a cold knife biopsy.

Got pregnant with my fourth child after all of that, and had to have an emergency C-section. I’m still here and have no uterus, but I’m am still here so that’s what matters.

Everyone is different when it comes to this stuff. Praying :pray::pray:

I had this happen while pregnant and had a biopsy because I had a growth on my cervix, it showed I had hpv but no cancer. Did another pap 6 weeks after son was born and it was normal. Still did 2 paps a year like recommended for a few years now and never had it abnormal again. Looks like it’s pretty common so don’t worry


I had this when I was pregnant with my son. It was 28 years ago. But after I delivered and healed they rechecked. The abnormal cells were still there but did not grow. They did cryosurgery and froze the cells. It was cells that could have turned cancerous but was not cancer and again may not have turned cancerous at all. But to be on safe side we froze the cells. Its been 28 years and I’ve not had anything abnormal show up at all.

I had 2 back to back abnormal paps when I was 19 I think? On the “lower” side of the scale. Had another biopsy and it was nothing. I was on the depo shot at the time that totally screwed with my body. I’ve never had an abnormal pap since and am now in my 30s. It’s not uncommon and most are nothing! Breathe deep, follow your doctors advice with doing another pap!

After I had my oldest son, at my 6 week checkup I had my pap smear. A week later I was told that I had an abnormal cells. I ended up getting a colposcopy done on valentine’s day. Well I got my results back and it was negative, then I got news that shocked me found out I was pregnant. Then I went for my checkup at 14 weeks ended up miscarrying at 8weeks. I think it was that procedure that did it, cause before my doctor did it he asked if I was pregnant. I had no idea, I still feel bad and this was in 2012.

I have abnormal cells every other pap smear. They do the biopsy and then I’m fine.

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I had this happen and they did a biopsy. Then they schedule a procedure where they removed part of my cervix. I found out that I was pregnant, so they couldn’t remove part of my cervix. I was nervous about it throughout my pregnancy. After I gave birth, they checked me again and everything came back fine. I didn’t even need to have the procedure anymore.

Could be hpv. They should do biopsy to be able to tell you exactly what it is.


I’ve had a Pap smear and the test came back abnormal cells. My doctor told me if you have sex the day before or even a couple days before your exam there’s a chance it could come back abnormal, which was accurate in my case.

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It’s fairly common with pregnancy and often resolves itself after birth.

I had the same thing happen after giving birth. Next appointment everything was fine.

You need to have a biopsy/colposcopy from a Gynocologist.
Then they will give you the answers your seeking.
I had cin3 twice, (pre cancer) 2015 and 2020 . They removed parts of my cervix each time. My last surgery was this year in February.
Best to get your pregnancy monitored to make sure there is no changes in the cells.
Best of luck xx


I did. Went on a rotation diet, ate super healthy, took lots of homeopathic remedies prescribed by my homeopath, went from bad score to best score within a month. Cleared up and no problems since, daughter born vaginally and was very healthy. Most likely HPV, very common, don’t worry!

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I had this when I was 12 weeks pregnant and once I delivered they retested and they were gone pregnancy just does weird things to your body sometimes turns out I had a small yeast infection when they originally tested me that caused it

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Have had one and it was gone then had another but still waiting on my appointment to finish it up again … fingers crossed

It’s so common I had this happen too, I did a biopsy and it can back fine but where my abnormal cells are can means that In the future there is a much higher chance of them changing especially being mine are dark spots so I have 6month Pap smear and got put on the cervical cancer registry list in WA which they send me updates so I don’t miss one.

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This happened to me while I was pregnant but it went away. I found out at my 6 wk checkup it was gone.

I had this happen before I ever got pregnant and it terrified me but all I had to do was go back in for him to scrape some to have tested and he said it was so small of a spot that he actually got all of it with what he needed to scrape off for the test. Then the tests didn’t show anything dangerous but he had me come in for Pap smears every 6 months for a bit just to make sure nothing came back.


I had abnormal cells during pregnancy, They didn’t even say anything to me so as not to stress me out, they just had me do a pap after delivery( I thought that was standard until they told me why they did it) I have to get checked yearly for so many years(I think 5 years) but I haven’t had abnormal cells since that one 4 years ago while pregnant.

The last 3 pregnancies this happened to me. The last one they did a procedure and took a little of my cervix off. Came back to be nothing.

it happens frequently with HPV. You may or may not have it. If you do, please do not feel ashamed. You can literally get it without ever even having sex. Yes, it is considered sexually transmitted, but there are other ways to get it

but yes, with HPV you can frequently have abnormal, precancerous cells, Etc.

I would recommend asking your doctor for an HPV test.


Abnormal cells can be cancer, but it doesn’t grow like that over night. They have a different pap done, see what phase the cells are in then make a game plan. I had the same thing only mine was cancer and they removed 70% of my cervix, if your pregnant they won’t do that bc your cervix is what’s holding the baby in. Stay off google, breath and rest easy. These cells also stay localized so it’s not like it will spread around your body while your pregnant.


Yes both pregnancies. The second time I had “pre cancerous” cells. Had to get biopsies turned out not cancer but do need to keep yearly exams up as my mom had cervical cancer so I’m higher risk

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Sometimes pregnancy can change cells. I would say just repeat your pap after you deliver. Not much that can be done while your pregnant right now.

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I had abnormal cells for my very first pap smear at just 18… did yearly pap smears and the year after apparently they were normal again :slightly_smiling_face: x definitely don’t stress yourself out. it could mean something it could also mean nothing

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That happened to me and it was cancer cells. The doctor burned them off by doing a LEEP procedure and I’ve been getting normal paps since.


Yes happened to me 17 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. It was “precancerous” cells and then they did what is called a LEEP procedure to remove the cells that were abnormal.

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Don’t panic. A lot of women in pregnancy or post pregnancy come up positive for abnormal cells, as long as it’s not one of the big 4 types they will just monitor you.

This happens to me annoyingly often and everytime they re-check everything is fine. So many things can factor into them being weird I wouldn’t stress out to much :relaxed:. Have them do another test and go from there


Mine came back abnormal as well at about 13 weeks pregnant. My ob was not concerned as my bloodwork came back showing no HPV on my tests and she said that would be the main indication. I told her that for as long as I can remember mine have come back abnormal but I do not have cancer and abnormal does not necessarily mean cancer. So, please do not stress. Your ob should be doing a lot of bloodwork that would raise flags if it is. In the meantime do not stress yourself because it’s not good for you or the baby and take care of yourself and just follow up. Congratulations on the pregnancy

I had that happen with my last pregnancy and then had test done and came back all negative 🤷 It’s been almost three years and still nothing. Some tests can be wrong .

I had this happen and it turned into cancer. My Dr was able to cut it out and I had more frequent check ups to make sure it wasn’t back. So far it hasn’t come back

I’ve had that said to me as well and they kept checking. Turned out I was fine, they check so may times and if it stays the same then something is wrong

My check up after my 1st came back abnormal, went back and had it scraped and tested. Came back normal and never had another abnormal since. I have had 3 other kids and this all happened about 11 years ago!

They will do a biopsy and possible leep surgery. I had one after my daughter was born due to abnormal cells. Its an outpatient procedure which means you’re in and out and moving around in a few hours after surgery.

Good grief. My Drs office told me I had cancer and the lady in the front office told me I had cancer because of the abnormal cells. I was going crazy with worry. I got a second opinion, no cancer. So now I have a new obgyn dr. He explain that they should have said it’s abnormal cells mot anything to worry about but we definitely need to do a biopsy of the cervix.

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I went to a obgyn who said there was abnormal cells every time I had a pap so I would have go in for another test. When I started going to a different doctor, I never had abnormal cells again. Weird.


I had the same thing around the same weeks prego…they did nothing but kept and eye on it while prego…after they did the biopsy it was pre cancerous they did a leep procedure the check after that was fine the first yr after I had a pap at 3 mos 6 mos and 1 yr after they said I can go back to once a yr everything’s been fine since and that was 13 yrs ago and 2 more babies

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I had that happen to me during pregnancy I also had placenta previa. That did a biopsy after pregnancy and kept doing freezing and scraping finally then 3 months later cancer cells came back . Dr was monitoring vary carefully. Finally she sent me to a surgeon cells came back 5 severe and I had to have a hysterectomy but they left my ovaries since I was only 33 yrs

Sony first ever pregnancy when I was 16 was a moleculer pregnancy and I didn’t know till I had a miscarriage and had to have it removed I’ve had to have regular pap smears since then, but I have had a healthy boy years down the road after the fact

I did with my 1st pregnancy. I was 4 weeks when the cells were discovered. I miscarried at 12 weeks and 1 month later had a LEEP to scrape the cells from my cervix. I have been clear since.

Yes, HPV positive one time but every test after came back negative. I’ve had lots of tests and my body got rid of the virus itself. Most of the time it’s nothing. Try not to worry!


That happened to me when I was pregnant with my first kid. They did a biopsy at my 6 week post partum check up and found out I had HPV. The HPV turned into cancerous cells during the pregnancy, so I had a piece of my cervix frozen off. There’s was only a 5 % chance of the cancer coming back after that. After nothing for 10 years, they diagnosed me as cancer free and that was 5 years ago.

I had the exact same thing happen when pregnant with BOTH of my daughters. (Had my first at age 24 and second at 34) Normal paps before pregnancy, abnormal at first OB appointment, normal again at 6 week postpartum checkup. For me, it was nothing more than an irritating experience.

Depends what stage it is chick! When I was 19 I had stage 3 and had a letz procedure which removed part of my cervix. I have had normal smears since :slightly_smiling_face: the surgery is pretty straight forward with little recovery time. Pm
Me if you want to talk about it x

My pap was abnormal, so I went back for a colposcopy and mine came back as atypical squamous cells. Which is hi grade. So after I had my babies, we did a leep procedure. At my last check up a couple of months ago everything was back to normal :raised_hands:

My first ever pap was when I got pregnant with my son and I also had abnormal cells. They had me do another pap last year a few months after I delivered, which also had abnormal cells. I go back for a 3rd one in august and if this one is also abnormal they’ll do a scrape to test the cells. My doctor explained it pretty in depth to me and diagnosed it as ASCUS (abnormal squamous cells of undetermined significance). It’s the most common abnormality in pap smears and said it isn’t anything to “worry” about until a scrape is done after my 3rd abnormal pap to determine the cause. Definitely don’t take it lightly and keep up with your doctor regarding it, but don’t stress until you absolutely have to!

I have abnormal cells on my cervix’s but mine was noticed after having my daughter. However because of my age (20) when they were found they refuse to give me a smear test as law states 25 years and older. They recently did another scan to see the cells and any other abnormalities (as i have suspected endometriosis as well) and have booked me into a laser procedure to remove them.

I had abnormal cells when pregnant and when I went for colposcopy ten weeks after baby the cells were away and I was pregnant again and I haven’t had them since

I had the same thing with me. They did a biopsy of my cervix which hurt like hell. Mine was not cancer put positive for HPV

After your baby theyl further investigate can lead to day surgeries to cut out and remove the area up inside ur uterus and cervix I’ve had it done 3times

Mine came back abnormal after getting mine done at my 6 week post delivery check up! Came back to be nothing. Had another one done since then and it was normal. Don’t panic it seems to be a common thing. Sending love and positivity :heart:

I had abnormal cells and found out a few days later I was pregnant they monitored me during my pregnancy and after my daughter was born the abnormal cells had disappeared

I had that years ago but I was not pregnant but wanted another child Dr said no a good plan I had the surgery and nothing developed any further that was about 50 years ago but medicine has changed since then After surgery Ewert thing was sent for test and it showed bothering so the dr must have got it all in the scraping he first sent in Just don’t worry have your dr check every time you see him

I had this happen when I was about that far along with my first. Nothing serious. They waited until after I delivered to do a LEEP procedure to get rid of the abnormal cells. All is well, haven’t had anything abnormal since.

I had this. Have they done a biopsy yet? They cut a small piece and tested it. After the results from that I then had surgery to have them scraped off my cervix. And so far I’ve had no more abnormal results.

I had from my last 3 pregnancies , scraped it and then it came back very abnormal so they decided It was best needed to get surgery cause as much scrape they do and testing it was spreading slowly but the surgery is called cold knife cone to take out the abnormal cells …

Yes, they wanted to do a colpo I refused. Everything came back normal after. Don’t stress about it :heart:

I had an abnormal pap and they did a test on me where they sprayed my cervix with this stuff. If it lite up it was pre cancer cells. It turned out to be nothing. I hope you’ll be okay and I’m sure it’s nothing. If anything whatever it could be is caught before it turns into something

It meant absolutely nothing or the beginning of something. But sometimes they come back with those results and it’s just your cervix during pregnancy. I know you’re afraid, but try really hard to calm yourself while you wait… baby feels everything you do.

Mine used to show the abnormal cells so they would order the colposcopy with biopsy results were always non cancerous and i had so many done I quit getting paps. It wasn’t worth it. I haven’t had one in 18 years now and to the best of my knowledge I don’t have cancer yet.

I’ve had friends have it, and they just needed a short procedure in office to take care of it.