What could cause a 9 month olds cheeks to be red?

Today my nine-month old cheeks are really red. I’m an FTM, I’m not sure of what to do? He has an appt for his shots Tomorrow. I’ll deff ask. But does anyone have any idea? It doesn’t seem to irritate him

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Could easily be chapped and dry due to cold weather. Lotion or something like coconut oil will help.

My son overheats easily & that’s the 1st sign

It’s usually due to the weather. The air being very cold dries out the skin, much like having chapped lips.


Can you poast pik , couldv bean hot , bit untill I see it I wouldn’t know

Could be from teething, wind burn, extreme temps, a skin reaction to fragrance in the home/laundry soap, or a food allergy. I wouldn’t be too concerned as long as your little one is acting normal, just bring it up at the doctors :grinning:


My daughters cheeks turn read when she’s teething

My sons cheeks turn red when he’s teething or when he’s too warm

  1. Chapped from the cold/weather.

  2. Too much sugar. I know you said they were only 9 months old but are you giving them apple juice?? If so, do half juice/half water.

  3. Teething.

Teething most likely :slight_smile:

Teething, fever, ear infection, so many reasons. Check for a temp,if none and it doesn’t bother him just ask the doctor tomorrow

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Teething or just chapped from the cold! My son always had red cheeks when he was teething

Could be a anything but rest assured it’s 99% probably something simple I know my son did and he had eczema which was his cause use lotion that’s is eczema formed or just plain Vaseline a couple times a day

Fifth’s disease also known as slapped cheek syndrome. Both my kids had it when they were little. It’s a virus

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Or are you starting him on baby food or trying people food yet. My daughters cheeks were red when she tried tomatoes and she’s not allergic. She’s 4 years old now and loves them. She eats them all the time and it doesn’t happen anymore but when she was a baby it would happen. Oh and strawberries too.

Weather, allergies, my daughter would get her cheeks red from eating certain food would irritate her skin or ezcema.

Could be hot,could have a fever,could just be windburn if outside and windy
,teething, or sunburn. Start by checking temperature. Go from there. Feel if cheeks feel dry or hot.

Probably teething!!!

Something called slapped cheeks it’s a thing causes red rosey cheeks

It’ the name of the diagnoses friend of minds child had it it’s red cheeks

Anything acidic like ketchup or sauce will burn my son’s face and turns it red. Also like alot of people r saying teething or a cold/flu type thing or being out in the cold.

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Teething, allergies, weather, eczema

-crying, like tantrum type crying will turn cheeks red for a bit if your child is fair skinned (my 3 year olds cheeks still turn red)
-being cold
-being hot
-wind burn or chapped
-rubbing thier face against something

Teething, slapped cheek virus, eczema, allergy. Only your dr can tell you.

My kids always got red rosey cheeks when they had a new tooth getting ready to pop through.

Could be eczema from his diet.
I actually have been reading up on the eczema diet.
I am healing my own eczema.
There is a section on infants eczema.

Both my little one’s cheeks used to turn red from teething. :heart:

Could be as simple as teething. Food allergy. Over heated. Fever caused by teething or virus.

Depending on where you live they could be chapped

Could be rosiola :-/

My son has this. It’s from the cold his cheeks are just really dry. All I did was use Vanicream on them for a couple weeks and it’s cleared up.

Teething, cold air. Baby acne. A virus. It’s a variety of things.

Could be a fever? Or reaction to something. Could also be wind burn if he was outside at all in the cold

Some foods can cause it too. Tomatoes have always done it to me personally.

could be from citrus juice as well

My 1 year olds cheeks turn red when she is teething

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My kid gets red cheeks in the winter because he has dry skin. It comes and goes.

Teething or dry skin but most likely teething at 9 months is when some of the more painful teeth come in

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Try aquaphor in his face. My baby cousin always always had red and chapped cheeks, even in the summer. I’m a huge fan of aquaphor for all kinds of skin stuff and this is where it came from. My aunt used it on her until she was like 3 lol

My daughter has it since she was born.it is called rosecia

She is now 37 years and she is still the same.Still has been confirmed by different doctors as Rosecia.No worry.

It could be a lot of things. It’s best to just wait until u go to the doctor

My son gets red cheeks from two things… teething or ear infection

Do they have a lacy flat rash? If so, could be 5ths disease. It usually has a “slapped check” effect.

My son always got that especially after sucking on a pacifier for long periods of time. Cold weather and constant wetness can cause chapped cheeks. Or it could just be normal for your baby.