What could cause a 9 year old to have accidents?

what could causde my 9 year old to all of a sudden be peeing her pants…even at school…she is so embarrassed but said she literally cant handle it or stop it…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could cause a 9 year old to have accidents?

UTI, puberty/growth spike, stress, anxiety, sexual assault, etc. get her to the doctor asap.


I don’t want to alarm you but sudden bedwetting in children can be a symptom of sexual abuse/molestation


Rule out physical causes such as diabetes, uti, kidney issues. If all no then consider mental health reasons including trauma.


Sounds like she may have a uti or bladder infection. Has she mentioned having discomfort or pain when urinating?


Could be medical anxiety etc. someone could be touching her inappropriately and she doesn’t know who to tell. You should sit her down and talk to her and tell her it’s okay to tell you anything no matter what it is and that you’ll never get mad then slowly ease into the good touch bad touch subject and ask her if someone has ever touches her where they shouldn’t and watch her cues when she answers cause most kids are very scared due to them being threatened by the abuser or they’ll be told by the abuser that it’s their fault etc.


I wet the bed until 13 because of sexual abuse. Cover all bases. It’s often who you least expect. Often a family member.


All the above but another thing is undiagnosed diabetes. This has happened in older kids and that was the only sign was all the sudden bed wetting and accidents.


I find my daughter does this when she is to carried away with playing or gets to distracted she forgets she needed to go then it gets to late.


Is she drinking more. This was one of the first signs before my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. If this is left untreated it could be a very bad outcome. Please seek medical advice to rule it out.


Constipation, anxiety, chiropractic adjustment helped my son alot. His brain wasn’t getting the “I have to pee” message from his bladder so he would pee when he laughed or not make it to the toilet in time, and night time bed wetting on occasion


I would get her checked for a uti or a bladder infection that’s what it sounds like to me.


My 5 year old started doing this, took her to the doctors said she had yeast infection. WTF SMH Asked if I had a pool I said yes said it’s from moister down there alot. I had no clue as I’ve never had 1 myself


If it’s not anything medically wrong it could be stress my daughter went through that at the age of 7 or her body just growing faster than her bladder growth spurts


Being bullied? Or mental health issues, covid lockdowns really affected many kids in a very negative way. Could be abuse as well, unfortunately… that is one of the first tell tale signs.
Could also be a bladder infection or uti.
Lots of different things could be going on, I would see a doctor.


UTI, trauma, anxiety, diabetes, weakened bladder just to name a few things.
Take her to a doctor and have her assessed. Start there if you can.


It can be 100s of reasons. She needs to see a doctor asap. Could even be a uterus issue also. Hopefully its something easy!

I keep seeing some really positive things on what to do. First rule out any medical issues like uti’s and bladder infections. Second (only if medical has been ruled out) see if someone is sexually abusing/molesting her. Sometimes it’s a family friend and/or family member that’s doing it. Like others said, don’t get mad. Follow your mama insticts when you get it all figured out. You are her voice and biggest advocate when she needs it.


It could be a sign of something serious. Take her on a night out and talk to her in the car, there’s no distractions. I feel so bad for her. Please let us know how this works out.

Bladder infection maybe, I had the same issue when I was a kid

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my 6 yr old had some symptoms of a uti over and over but it never was and they couldn’t figure out why he was having accidents but turns out he’s chronically constipated and his poo had been pushing on his bladder and he doesn’t feel the sensation leading up to having to use the bathroom just goes from doesn’t have to go, to have to go so bad here can’t hold it …I’m no dr but maybe just maybe you could look into that…sometimes kids aren’t open and honest about bowl movements … best of luck :hugs:


Get her to a doctor asap. It could be a UTI or extreme anxiety, or someone might have touched her!! Just comfort her and keep reminding her it’s not her fault and you’re going to do everything in your power to help her.


Anxiety, stress, a physical medical condition, how forbid but possibly some sort of trauma


Please please please go to the doctor like ASAP! If you can’t get into the doctor then go to ER. My daughters first symptoms of Type 1 diabetes were accidents that weren’t able to be controlled. Her blood sugar was over 900 and she almost died. Please please please get checked ASAP.

So one of our friends son comes to my house after school because my daughter’s go to the same school and the school is literally in our backyard so it’s just easier for them to meet at my house when picking him up or I give him a ride home. School has only been back about 2 weeks and he has peed his pants 3 times now at my house after school. With him part of it is he waits wayyyyy to long to ask to go to the bathroom and then he can’t get buttons done in time, and also he doesn’t realize just how bad he really needs to go until it’s too late and then he can’t help it and it just comes out. He is also about the same age, he’s 10. I’ve never had the conversation with his mom about this ever happening before but also he was homeschooled the last almost 3 years because of COVID so at home he could go whenever he wanted. I think it sounds like he’s also afraid to ask about going in school and afraid of using the school restrooms. I would have a talk with her about all that stuff. Also see a Dr about any infections, or prolapsed bladder I believe it’s called. Rule out anything sexual. There also is medication that kids could take for that too.

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Is she being bullied


Could be UTI, could be something that has happened to her (trauma). At that age I would definitely have that looked into

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Sounds like a uti or kidney infection.

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Go seek medical attention frm a Dr. Could be physiological or psychological.


Uti or bladder infection

Why you asking us and not taking her to get checked out by a DOCTOR?


Seek Dr and counselor ASAP.

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UTI, undiagnosed diabetes, sexual abuse, constipation, stress, anxiety… There’s too many possibilities so I would be asking her pediatrician right away.


I knew a girl who had accidents up until she was 12. She stopped having accidents right after she got her first period.

No matter thr opinions… doctor is required!
Asap mama.


Bladder infection. My daughter had one a few years ago


UTI, bladder infection, kidney infection. She needs to see a Dr ASAP.


Have you ever gotten her checked for neurogenic bladder or tethered cord?

take her to her pediatrician

Take her to the doctors she might have an UTI


I’d take her to a doctor she might have something like a UTI or a bladder issue if it’s uncontrollable

take her to Dr. & get her checked out NOW!

Take her to the doctor. Could be a problem with her kidneys.

I’m going to say wiping the wrong way has given her a uti that’s probably made it’s way to her bladder. Mine was 8 when this happened. Ended up in the ER on antibiotics

Take her to a Dr asap.

Drs visit for a check up

Has she been sexually abused? That can be one of the first signs.,

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What is he afraid of missing that causes him to maybe skip bathroom break?

Possible sexual abuse, hope not !

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Also, this happened to my daughter’s friend. She had strep. That was the only symptom, and her Dr said it was an odd symptom, but still.

Type 1 diabetes get checked asap to rule it out

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This is a move away from Facebook and book urgent appointments with your doctor and a child psychologist situation.This could be a minor thing or a horrific one. Get evaluation by professionals. I would .

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Take her to the doctor! That will rule out lots things

When a infection, uti. Being scared a lot of things. You should talk to her doctor and get to the bottom of it.

Take her to doc…sounds like an infection…and then if it’s nit an infection let your doctor rule out other things

Uti or food allergy. Acidic food can cause utis I KNOW !!!1

She has an infection if she can’t stop

Stress, nerves, scared of change and settings. Best to get checked for uti or any bladder changes. Maybe her bladder didn’t grow along with her last growth spurt.

Sexual abuse can be a cause. Get her to a doctor to rule out physical possibilities


Always rule out medical issues first. Take her to her doctor to make sure she doesn’t have a uti or any other bladder/kidney/etc issues. If all of that is fine, then the next step is therapy. For my child, we ruled out medical, and then discovered it was anxiety related. We fixed what was causing that particular anxiety, and it solved the problem.

Good luck momma. :purple_heart:


Ugh… Momma…
I hope this isn’t the same for you, but my daughter did this, other bazaar things… she’d been touched by a trusted fam member… I as Mommy will go to my grave… Regretting literally killing this nasty man… But her behavior was indeed explained


Same thing happened to me when I was about that age, turned out to be uti

Along with all of the above mentioned I have heard that a chiropractic adjustment may help. I really hope that it all gets sorted out for her.

Get her checked by a general practitioner. Also talk to her and get a child psychologist. This could be child molestation.

She might have a urine infection

Take her to the Dr & get a referral to a Urologist !!

She could have a UTI or bladder infection

Haven’t you taken her to the doctor yet? That should be the first thing you do

Talk to her pediatrician.

Uti, kidneys, or diabetes? Have her checked out by a physician.


Uti… take her to the pediatrician

Make sure she doesn’t have a UTI or any other health issues. If there is nothing there could be something that has happened to her.


Take her to the doctor and find out

Could be a possible UTI. Have you asked her if it hurts when she pees? Definitely take her to the pediatrician

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take her to the doctor and find out for sure before you scare her to death

Definitely speak to a doctor and rule out all possibilities before assuming the worst. However I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and I wet the bed until I hit puberty. I had a few accidents in public places where I didn’t feel comfortable going to the bathroom alone but most of it was at night (night terror flashbacks)

It’s not a definite sign but it is common amongst children who have experienced trauma (whether that be mental or physical)

I wish you the best of luck and hope it’s just a UTI or her being too busy to remember to go


Possibly a medical issue?

Veronica Gomez, why do you laugh every single time someone says sexual abuse? I’m just curious because you’re making an azz out of yourself

Uti or another kidney and/ or bladder issue

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Take that child to a doctor.

My daughter had an overactive bladder for a few years when she was younger. I would ask your doctor about that.

Bring her to the doctor it could be any number of things

Some bubble baths can cause bladder infections &uti’s as can excessive sweating and wearing tights, any clothing that prevents the skin from breathing. Could be anxiety related. Best bet is to have her dr run some tests to determine if any infection is present. There is not always pain present. With school just starting it could be anxiety related as well.

Have you asked her as anyone touch her inappropriately? Any recent trauma?

Take her to the doctors so they can do a dipstick urinalysis. She’ll have to pee in a cup and they’ll test it. A urinary tract infection, diabetes, overactive bladder, and overflow incontinence can all be to blame. Take her to the doctors as soon as possible, the sooner the better. Ask her if she’s having a burning sensation or discomfort when urinating. If she’s been increasing her fluids that could be an indication of diabetes. Before you jump to any conclusions, it’s best to go get a professional opinion and if her doctor thinks it’s something more, you may be referred to a gynaecologist.

If your 9yo is suddenly having multiple uncontrollable accidents, you need to make an immediate appointment with their pediatrician.


Maybe the teacher doesn’t let her go to Bathroom when she needs to

Go ahead and grab her some %100 cranberry juice to drink until you get her to the doctor and lots of water :relaxed:

Could be a paramount of issues. UTI, issues with kidneys or her endocrine system such as diabetes, could be hormonal, or even something with her reproductive system. Best to have her seen by her doctor. Cannot also rule out trauma, some sort of PTSD, anxiety or sexual assault. Hope you get the answers and your girl is okay :heart: sending love

Diabetes, uti, bladder infection, stress, hormones… Many things… Even a misalignment in her back can cause it. Dr ASAP.

I would talk to a doctor. The first sign of my daughters Type 1 diabetes was accidents that she couldn’t control.

He probably has a urethra track infection caused by to much ask in the cat food

Could be a UTI or a kidney/bladder infection.

Take her to the doctor , she can have an infection, maybe a change in her routine is causing her anxiety , maybe she is scared of something.
A lot of thing can be causing it

possibly trauma i’ve heard.

take her to a specialest

I’d go to the er have her test for all even sexual abuse

Uti or type1 diabetes or perhaps some sort of emotional trauma

UTI/kidney infections, anxiety,it can also be an indicator of abuse or SA in kids. Is she possibly just waiting too long do go?