What could cause my daughters head to be measuring bigger than her body?

I need comfort or advice or assurance, something. I am 34 weeks. I had an ultrasound on Wednesday. My daughter’s weight is in the 50th percentile at 4lbs 8oz, and her head circumference is in the 90th percentile. Today I tried to call my OB to ask for more details about that because I have read everything from an internal brain bleed, tumor, syndromes, and infections (I had surgery at 20 weeks to remove my gallbladder, so that could be a possibility) to she’s going to be the next Einstein… I called them at 2:13 pm, and they said they would speak to my doctor and have his nurse call me back. They didn’t close until 5 pm, so I called back at 4:30 pm, and they had already left the office, and calls were forwarded to the answering service! I’m so frustrated with them because I can’t wait all weekend for an answer; I’ve already been waiting two days! I am extremely upset and distraught right now, plus I’m at work. I get off at 9 pm, and I’m going straight to L&D, so hopefully, they can ease my worrying. So many possibilities and no answers! I may be overreacting, but I’d rather be doing that than underreacting.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could cause my daughters head to be measuring bigger than her body?

I wouldn’t worry TOO much about it…ultrasounds are never 100%…more like an estimate…part of my daughters head consistently measured like in the 13th-15th percentile and the rest of her was 50th-70th percentile…I worried for sooo long and everything about her is perfect…I guess some angles and things skew the measurements…I know it’s impossible to NOT worry and I would absolutely address it with the doctor but most times it’s the ultrasound and not necessarily the baby

Im so sorry you’re going thru this right now dont worry everything is gonna be alright don’t panic because you’re gonna make things worse and put things in ur head that aren’t there. Change your doctor .

My daughter’s first born. Which was my first grandson, had a big head. They literally had to use forceps to get his head out. But he was perfectly healthy. Just had a big head. And honestly, he is like a sponge. A miniature Einstein. One smart child. He gets straight A’s and gets on the Honor roll every single time WITHOUT EFFORT. So hun don’t worry. Every child develops differently. If there was something to be concerned about, I would think they would have tried to contact you. Good luck hun.

It’s is Extremely hard to accurately estimate a baby’s weight through ultrasound, they are rarely ever close to accurate. I know it’s impossible not to worry, and I’ll pray everything is okay!


Every kid in my family had huge heads. The first 2 got tested for water on the brain but he they were both just fine. By the time the third came along they wanted to test but my sis was like nope, she is fine. We just have big heads. It’s totally normal. Of course it doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong, but also please don’t panic. It will be ok

My daughter’s head was the same way. After she was born, we did have testing done. Thankfully, she just had a big head… her body grew into it … I wouldn’t worry too much until after delivery

We had same issue. She just had a big ol head

My last son’s head measured big like this. His head was always in the 99th percentile until the age of 2 while his weight had been around 50%. He just has a big noggin and he needed some time to “grow into it” so to speak. He never had any underlying issues at all. He is healthy as can be. If he had any of those things you mentioned they would be looking further into the measurement I would think. I’m sure everything will be okay :slight_smile: hang in there.

My son’s head measured 2 weeks ahead and his legs 2 weeks behind. We couldn’t tell exactly how far along I was due to this. He was born completely fine and just had a big noggin. He’s 3 now and has evened out :rofl:
It could be nothing sweetie. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Both of my boys heads were big throughout the pregnancies and they finally have grew into the size of their heads about a year old. Never google anything, it will just worry you.

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I had the same thing happen with my ultrasound & was so worried, but when I gave birth to my son he was 100% perfect!! His head was a normal size & proportionate with his body. I have no idea what was up with that ultrasound. Try not to worry momma, prayers that everything is ok!!

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My sons head has been in the 99th percentile since he was born and he’s 8 months old. Body is in the 60th and he’s perfectly fine. Some heads are just bigger than others!!

Granddaughter has large head 60th. No issues.

Best person to talk to is your OB doc and get your abswers but my experience is below. Wishing you all of the best. Had a similar issue with my 1st at about 7 1/2 months. Head too big for the body. Doctors told me it was stress related and put me on bed rest. He was born a little early and a little light (21.5" , 6lbs 3.5oz) but healthy. He is 34 years old now.

Don’t freak out too bad! I had an ultrasound at 34 weeks with my son, and his body was measuring also around 50th percentile. His head was 94th percentile , measuring in at a whopping 40 weeks and 2 day. At just 34 weeks. He was around 5.5-6 lbs and was born 2 weeks later at 7lb1oz and his head circumference was 36cm at birth. He had and has nothing wrong, big heads just kinda run in the family. Just keep in mind, that not all measurements are correct. They are wrong all the time, really.

Same thing with my daughter. Took her to a pediatric specialist. She had numerous tests and the dr said it just meant she would need a bigger bonnet.

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My almost 8 month old daughters head was in the 44th % and her weight like 2 % at her 6 month check up. She is perfectly fine, the base measurements off what kids their age generally are, that’s where they get the percentage from.

I was born with a swollen head. But mine turned out to be a serious brain issue.

God Bless you and He will be there for you and your child. Don’t stress. Prayers for you :heart:

First don’t google it. Google will make you think the worst things possible. It could just be something minor to not even worry about. Just wait for the doctor to call back. If they aren’t worried it’s nothing bad.


I feel like that’s a question for your doctor? 🤷

My sons head was large like that at his birth. Now at 16 months old he’s smart as shit. Knows how to do things NO ONE has ever taught him. And does things like second nature though no one has ever showed him or taught him how to do. I was worried in the beginning but his pediatrician never seemed concerned and watching how fast he’s learned and how smart he is I realized I was worried for nothing.

If the docs didn’t call you right back then it’s not important or anything that needs to be worried about. My doc always told me not to look at my results for any tests because they’ll scare me and think somethings wrong. If something is off or they want to discuss they’ll call. So I see a no call back as a good thing. (Even though I’d be mad too)

Please don’t Google anything. My son’s head was in the 90 when he was born. No worries.

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Ultrasounds are never accurate when predicting weight. My baby was weighing in at 8lbs 10oz at 36 weeks, I was freaking out thinking I’d have a 10lb baby. But nope, she weighted a perfect 7/11 at 41 weeks (I went 10 days over, almost 42 :scream:)

All 3 of my kids heads measured bigger than their bodies pretty much my whole pregnancy. All 3 were born perfectly healthy and proportionate. Don’t stress, it’s all just an estimation until baby is born.

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My son was exactly the same, 50th percentile in height and weight and 95th for the circumference of his head. There was literally nothing wrong with him. Our pediatrician said they would only be concerned if his head was growing at an abnormal rate

Your family has big heads

They tried to get me to have a c-section with my 2nd daughter. They said her head was so big they couldn’t measure it and that she was “well over 10lbs”. She came out 8lbs 13oz, 21 inches long, and had a perfectly normal sized head. Sometimes technology is wrong.

My son had a big head… Still hasn’t grown into it

If it was something to worry about wouldn’t they have said something when they saw it on the ultrasound

Please don’t Google symptoms. It always comes out with the worst. Please talk to your doctor before you get excited

Don’t call again just go to his office

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could cause my daughters head to be measuring bigger than her body?

My experience with doctors is, if nothing is wrong they make you wait and if something is wrong they contact you immediately. So take a deep breath stop looking online for answers and know deep down baby is healthy, you are healthy. Focus on getting enough sleep cause you will need it. Your due date is coming up so fast, soon baby will be in your arms :heart:

That’s not uncommon. All my kids were, and still are, melon heads.
If they saw a problem, they would have informed you by now because tumors, water, etc can easily be seen right away.
I mean, taking up a delivery room cuz yr kid has a big head?

Ehh I had the same thing happen but my son just has a big head LOL

My sons measurements for his legs dropped around that time also, turns out he got my short genetics. They also addressed it at the time of the scan, and told me it could have been dwarfism or just short stature.

Ultrasound measurements can be off by a lot. They told my sister that her son had hydrocephalus but when he was born he was perfectly fine. He was a big headed baby I guess. I personally would NOT worry unless the doctor seemed worried and it doesn’t sound like he is.

Some kids have big heads. Why not ask when they told you?


L&D don’t typically do ultrasounds… maybe where you live they do though… after you had your ultrasound didn’t you see your doctor? And if not did the ultrasound tech mention anything. After each of my ultrasounds I have seen my doctor, but they tech also answers any questions I have had… my daughter weighed the same around 34 weeks… she’s just a big baby…

Also I understand your saying you can’t wait all weekend, but today is Monday. This was posted 20min ago. So you wouldn’t be waiting the weekend at sll


Large baby head circumference runs in our family. Could be genetics in your family also. I personally feel if there was a concern at this stage of pregnancy they would have alerted you. I understand your frustration and concern (hormones) but try to quiet your mind by taking a walk. Stressing the baby and yourself about something that may not even be is draining your energy. Energy you need in the last trimester. May you have a healthy and smooth delivery :pray:t3::baby:t3::sparkles:


My son was born with a 14.5" diameter head. Emergency c section because he wouldn’t fit through my hips. He is one of the healthiest people ever. He grew into it and has no issues.

Some babies do have bigger heads. Had a frien that’s baby did but she grew into it.

My son has the same measurements. Just breathe. Some babies just have big heads and there’s nothing they can do until the baby is born anyways, and there’s nothing they can do about disproportionate bodies

Have they checked for hydrocephalus?


My son is now a year old. He’s always been In the 99th percentile for head size. The 20th for weight. And the 80th for height. My son is perfectly healthy and meeting all his milestones early. Some babies just have big heads. Means they’re smarter. :wink:

I’m sure if it was something serious they would have told you. If this wasn’t an issue before and suddenly the circumference has gone extreme that’s different. My child’s head circumference has been in the 90th and height and weight in the low teens. She’s healthy with a big ass head just like her daddy. If there was any major concern they would have brought it to your attention.

My daughters head was the same way. And she came out healthy and happy and is now 10

Sounds like she is in the upper part of the percent of development which is good

I understand being concerned however the baby grows from their head down. So their head will always be bigger as long as they are growing.


The last trimester is when the baby gains all it true weight. As a mother of 5 - I know this can be scary. But it sounds like the little tyke just needs to gain the weight. I agree with the above - take a walk. BREATH. Stressing over it will only make it worse on you and for Gods sake- PLEASE stay off the internet for now! :heart: Much love to you both from a mom who’s been there!


The greatest stressor is going online and looking for what could be wrong. There is a very good possibility that there is nothing wrong and you are making yourself anxious for no reason. Go do things you enjoy and that are calming to you and stop ruminating and making yourself more and more anxious.

Both my boys hard decent sized heads

The Internet makes it worse, everyone is a damn doctor. What does worry do? Cause more stress! Stop it. Talk to your doctor, YOUR DOCTOR!

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Don’t worry until
U have something to worry about !!

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You need to calm down! YOUR doctor is the person to read those results AND that information cannot be shared until that happens. IF it was dangerous , you would be notified immediately. So, chill out!

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Stop going on Google. Seriously. You’re causing yourself a ton of panic for something that is relatively normal. Their heads are bigger at this point. There was a suspected problem with my 3rd child and they told me right at the appointment to follow up with a specialist. So please, sit back, watch a movie, and just talk with the doctor tomorrow.

Means epidural and lots of pain.meds!!


If your doctor was truly concerned something was not correct they would of been in touch and not left it to you to worry hope all goes well for you

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I was told I was having a big baby ad she was measuring big turns out she was fine just her position on that day

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What… Im sure its fine… some kids just have big heads… like all babies…

Never over reacting but good to check…, good luck :+1:t4:!!!:heart::heart:

Babies heads are the biggest part of them …
Baby is still putting on the weight . Brown fat is what babies put on in the last 2 months…
Sound like you have a normal baby… some first babies are a bit smaller…
Stressing over this won’t help you… if there was an issue the doctor would have told you when they gave you the estimated weight and head size,. So just settle down and enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy,. Baby will be here soon enough.
Stop reading crap on the internet…

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could cause my daughters head to be measuring bigger than her body?

All my kids have big ass heads :woman_shrugging:t3::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::joy: it’s normal I guess if their parent has a big head or family

Did your doctor tell you about a possible brain bleed and/or hydrocephalus?


Just ask your doctor!

My baby was opposite. 99th percentile in weight and 1st percentile in head size. He’s 1 now and healthy and happy and thriving.

If your doctor didnt mention anything at the day the scan you probanly dont have much to worry about and google is not always your friend.


I don’t know anything about this, but sending positive vibes your way and prayers for your baby.

Girl my sons height and weight have been steadily in the 50s and 60s since the womb and still are to this day, and his head has always been big, 97% +, and still is. Some babies are just big headed! Still perfectly healthy, as long as the dr didnt say otherwise of course :slightly_smiling_face: only downside is vaginal delivery bc those big heads do damage :woozy_face:


My son’s head was bigger then his length and he is perfect

Any possibility of dwarfism? My son was born with achondroplasia. He had a larger head size but weighed 7-12 at

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If they didn’t address it with you then I wouldn’t worry. My daughter’s head measured on the bigger side as well and it was simply genetics. As far as percentiles it doesn’t mean her head is bigger than her body. The percentile is how she compares to other babies in her age group/gestational stage. So she’s right in the middle of the median for her weight and towards the top of the tier for her head size. My daughter was on the lower end compared to kids her age for her height and upper end for her weight and head size. They’re just averages. If you’re overly worried talk to your doctor but it’s probably nothing to worry about.


If there was a problem, the dr would have told u.

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Could also be that that the weight is off… I was told I was having a 6lb baby and 2 weeks later she popped out at 9lbs…


Both my kids were in the 99% for there head. It’s usually just genetics! Don’t worry to much mama


If your doctor did not address this as a concern to you or say that further testing was needed, I don’t think it would be a cause of concern. If something was wrong, I don’t think any doctor would keep that from you… I know it’s hard not to worry, but if something was wrong, you would know! :slightly_smiling_face:


Later ultrasounds can be off in measurements. But do you or the father have big heads? My 9 year old has always had a big head.

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My boys were that way. By time I had them everything was normal. Just ask your doctor. Unless they have worries about the brain, tumor, or anything like that, it’s probably normal.

had your dr. told you anything to be concerned about at the last visit? you have already said it could be any possibility which (hopefully is this— nothing is wrong with your baby. don’t know what L&D is(assume some medical type treatment place) is, but since you plan to go there after work–perhaps they can give you reassurance. if not, then make certain you address this issue with your ob dr. would hate to offer suggestions on why–other than get yourself calmed and address these concerns with dr.

My babies head was in the 99th percentile. He’s almost 9. He just has a big ol noggin like his daddy. It wasn’t a concern. I did have a c section. If your Dr didn’t mention anything I wouldn’t stress it.

My twins were premies and their heads always measured bigger. They are perfectly fine now. It just takes a while for everything to become proportionate.

Don’t stress probably just a big head both my kids got big heads but stress isn’t good for the baby…if they haven’t called they aren’t worried

Maybe ask for a level 2 ultrasound. Unless your ob says something im sure baby is fine. My daughter was “normal” size and she came out 2 weeks later almost 10 lbs and 98 percentile size head she’s 6 and happy healthy and big headed lol… don’t stress your self mama

My daughter was 99% for the head and she weighed 7 pounds . The drs said its a goooood chance a parent got a big ass head … daughter lucked out both parents heads big af :joy::joy::joy:. Hopefully all is good and baby just got a big head :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sounds like your baby is just going to have a big head. My daughter’s head measured bigger & she’s perfectly fine.

The head is always the biggest part. I promise you that is what you want. My kids body was as big as his head. It took 2 doctors and a set of forceps to get him out.

My son’s head measured weeks ahead of the rest of his body my entire pregnancy. Doesn’t mean anything. He is a 30 year old with his own baby now and neither of them have ‘big heads’

I had been told the same thing with my son. But they sent the measurements and ultrasounds off to somewhere else to double check. My little man in 6 months old now, my son was just moving too much, I would ask for another opinion :heart:

I had placenta abnormality, and my son wasn’t growing at the rate he was supposed too. His head was growing quicker and he was diagnosed with IUGR while I was pregnant. Which basically means his head is growing quicker. He came really early and only weighed 1 pound 13 ounces. He’s almost 8 now, and super healthy with no abnormalities. In the case of our IUGR baby, he grew much better outside of the womb.

I would try not to worry…I was a big headed baby and so were my babies

My babies head was always off the charts. At my 33 week scan her head was measuring 39 weeks, and I had her 8 weeks later lol her head has always been large, she just turned 5 and it’s always been fine, never an issue… we just have big heads in our families lol

You need to stop worrying because all you’re doing is causing yourself unneeded stress. The measurements in utero aren’t always accurate. Take them with a grain of salt unless there is a legitimate cause for worry.

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It’s different for everyone. Coming on here may make the anxiety worse for you as then”what if’s”. I would keep in touch with drs and get the information from them.

Ny daughter was the same. She just has a big head.

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My sons head was huge… and honestly still is (he’s 14 months now) during my pregnancy they measured him at being in the 99th percentile. We all expected him to be very huge. He came out at 8lbs 6oz big but not overly. It turned out his measurements were thrown up because of how large his head was. On his fathers side of the family everyone has a big head. I’m wishing you the best mama.