What could cause my son to be scared of loud noises?

I’ve noticed my son is very afraid of loud noises. He literally freaks out when he hears a drill, blender, hair clippers, lawn mower, even some toys that are loud such as a bubble blower, he gets very upset.He just turned 2 and is not very vocal due to a speech delay. So, he basically just cries it out and looks for comfort from me.Has anyone else experienced this with their child? Any suggestions on how to take his fears away?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What could cause my son to be scared of loud noises?

my son is almost 5 and still this way

Sounds like a sensory thing. That’s something your doctor shpild know. 

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He might have have a sensory issue and be sensitive to loud noises. It’s worth asking your pediatrician about!


Sensory issues my had those

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Mine was like this at 2. She is almost 6 and still is noise reactive at times.

He could be on the spectrum. And maybe he just don’t like loud noises. I don’t. But as an adult I don’t have to cry I can talk

Sign of Either anxiety or Autism

Some kids are just sensitive to noises. My daughter is 10 and still hates loud noise. Especially if she wasn’t expecting it. She has been like that as long as I can remember. I’ve brought it up to the dr and they said some kids just don’t like loud.


It could be a sensory thing, feeling overstimulated. My daughter is 5 and doesn’t like loud noises, like when her tablet is too loud or if music is up too high. The smoke detector used to make her cry, and cover her ears. It could be the sudden loud sound that scares him, or it could just be he has sensitive hears. May be something to talk to his dr about.

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Take him to the doctor my baby just turned 3 and still scared of loud noises n barely actually speaking… Doctor said he was perfectly fine, just a really long phase. If its a sensory issue or even autism there will be other red flags and signs. Don’t freak out

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Growing up I was super sensitive to loud nosies…Even to this day I do not like loud noises.

Sounds like a sensory thing. My kid is 9 and still has issues with loud noises. Its worth discussing with your doctor.

it could be a sensory thing. i believe my son has SPD (sensory processing disorder) among many other signs… he has recently started covering his ears a lot and saying a lot of things are too loud, even very quiet things like the buzz noise from the fridge. you can get headphones that drown those irritating noises out. go see his pediatrician and mention it to them.

Do you do those things? Maybe he sees you doing them so now he does it too.

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My daughter was born 6 weeks early and has always had sound sensitivities, she is 9 now. I have gun shot ear muffs for her to use during fireworks etc and when she was a toddler I taught her how to cover her ears when it’s bothersome. We can’t avoid sounds but we can teach them how to cope with it.


My youngest is 8 still doesn’t like loud noise. Hates lawn mower drills

They are sensitive to loud noise. See if ear protection helps

Sensory thing. My nephew has autism and sensory issue is one of his problems

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My son was the same till about 6 he has grown out of it the last year doesn’t bother him at all

Autism sensory overload. My son was diagnosed nonverbal with autism and some loud noises scare him or bother him


Get the book The Out of Sync Child. It’s the sensory processing disorder bible. It has tons of quizzes to identify sensitivities and activities to help.

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My daughter is the exact same way. She is now 6.
Diagnosed with autism at 2.

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Possibly upon the spectrum. May need assesment

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Get his hearing checked

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Go get tested for autism this is one of the signs I noticed with my little boy I didn’t think he was autistic the doctors went ahead and test today and I was wrong

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My son has autism and is scared of loud noises…

My son had issues when he was younger. We talked to his physician and ended up doing OT. He’ll be 9 soon and is fine now.

My daughter has sensory processing disorder

My son turned 2 Janurary, I just used the blender earlier on Ice and usually he’s not near it to where it’s so loud. He got scared and ran away, I brought him to the blender and explained to him that “it’s loud but it’s okay, it’s going to chop up the ice for us to eat, I’m going to turn it on now for a second, are you ready?” He said yeah and I pressed the button for a second. He got startled but I asked him if he wanted to try, he did and thought it was funny.
If talking him through it doesn’t help he might be getting sensory overload. Since my heart attack I can’t cope or deal with too many loud noises for long it overwhelmes me terribly

Could be sensory processing disorder and or autism. Have him evaluated by his pediatrician. The sooner the better.


Could be many things. I’d suggest getting his hearing tested though. If he has any type of hearing loss loud noises can be startling and with the a speech delay this also may be a possibility.

Definitely sounds like autism get him tested x

At this age hearing becomes clearer so toddlers can hear better than before and that can be an issue. They grow out of it. It could be he’s on the Autism spectrum somewhere or even as simple as he’s just had a fright.

My son was exactly the same until being about 3, and now my daughter who is 2 is the same x it’s just an age thing and they do grow out of it x if he’s having a lot of colds etc his ear canals could be blocked which makes loud noise echo - try olbas oil under his pillow on a night for a few weeks and see if that helps x but it could also just be his age and he’s decided he doesn’t like loud noises x like I say they do grow out of it

Get his hearing checked! My youngest has the same issue. Not on the spectrum but hearing was an issue and needed ear tubes

He could have sensory overload

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With that and the speech delay, I’d have an assessment done to see if he’s on the spectrum. No worries mama. It’s a super power.

My son was like this. Worked out the skin over his ear drums they have when they are a fetus had not gone away and it vibrated with loud noises …

Sensory processing disorder. Have an OT evaluate him.

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Headphones :headphones:. Sounds like you might want to have this checked out.

My daughter was the same exact way she turned 3 in March and she does a lot better with loud sounds now I also bought her noise cancelling headphones so if we go somewhere that’s going to be really loud we bring those along

My son is turning 13 in July and has autism sensory processing disorder odd ocd he was like this was diagnosed around age 2 he was speech delayed we used sign language and picture boards to help him interact he would tell me sometimes till he got a hang of it what was wrong. He hated loud noises to to the point i used headphones or earmuffs to help him handle the sounds that overwhelmed him.

Let’s go simple to start with getting his hearing checked

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Supernormal I have learned. My daughter was neck and neck with exactly what you are describing so we got her checked out at two and everything was absolutely fine. And then at three she got checked out again and still fine and finally her speech is coming better 

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Sensory issues. Talk to his pediatrician. Could be autism.

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I do too :tipping_hand_woman: some ppl are just sensitive to noise. My son is the same way and he’s autisti.

I’m 32 and still don’t like loads noises. Guns, fireworks, things like that still bother me! My mom was told that I had sensitive ears!

My soon to be 4yr old is the same way woth load noises. He covers his ears. Was at his sister’s graduation a couple wks ago and just people clapping made him hurry and cover his ears. Scared and saying loud

My son has similar issues and we found out that he has some severe sensory processing issues along with Aspergers. I would definitely make an appointment with your doctor :slight_smile:

You are not alone :purple_heart:


Sensory processing disorder…? My son has it

Look into Sensory processing disorder.

sensory processing disorder or autism seems likely

I’m not saying he has autism but it sounds like a sign. Perhaps he has sensitive hearing.

Possibly sensory issues or on the autism spectrum…

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We are born with 2 fears. 1) falling 2) loud noises.
SPD sensory possessing disorder, affects a lot of children with autism.

My autistic daughter has issues with loud noises. We got earphones to muffle loud sounds. Good luck

It could be his hearing making things seem they are louder and more piercing sounds

I provide childcare and I always thought it was just my kids that were very afraid of loud noises. Nope! All young kids hate loud noises. Public bathrooms are the worst! The loud toilet flushing randomly and the hand dryers. It’s totally normal!

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Prepare him… In the public bathroom “ok bud momma is going to turn on the hand dryer cover your ears” at home “hey momma is going to vacuum so you can either go in your room and play for a min or cover your ears” yes at 2 they should be able to understand these things. This is what i did with my youngest. She’s 11 now and can handle normal loud noises. She still gets a little scared when it’s unexpected.

My son, had a thing for loud noises, they hurt his ears, but he also had a ton of ear infections with his ears, he has had three sets of tubes in his ears. But now it doesn’t really bother him, but when you go to cut his hair, he doesn’t like the sound the clippers make. He is still scared of it.

All y’all getting “autism” from 1 post and one “symptom” of autism are nuts. My 11 year old hated loud noises until she was about 5. Most of the kids I’ve had in my care over the years have been scared of loud noises. Stop trying to diagnose this child. Y’all are not drs


My daughter is 6 I wouldn’t say she is scared but she does cover her ears all the time there is a condition for it but the doctors can’t do nothing until she is 7 for a proper diagnosis

I have a sensory processing disorder and can’t handle loud noises or a lot of noises at one time. I have been that way ever since I can remember. I absolutely hate thunder and fireworks. And no, having a sensory processing disorder does not automatically mean autism.


Sensory. I just plug my sons ears or downplay and say see not that loud. He’s 3 1/2 and I still plug his ears in restrooms. Movie theater he wears ear plugs. The little swimming wax ones. I just keep them in my baby bag.

Autism, sensory processing disorder, or both


My daughter is like that…she always has been, she’ll be 4 this month. Dr just thinks it’s how she deals and not to be too worried about it. I think it’s a sensory issue. On my own, I’ve found that explaining to her what might happen in a public setting beforehand helps her prepare mentally for it. She’s learned how to adjust it in public, so she doesn’t scream nowadays. That was absolutely awful😂
You just have to learn to help them understand what’s going on and catch it ahead of time if at all possible. At 2, although he’s not talking alot, he understands much more than he’s communicating…so if he is having a moment of panic, simply remove him from the situation and explain to him what is or might be happening, so he has time to process and find a suitable reaction. He just needs guidance. If he has a sensory issue, loud noises are magnified by 100 to them. It literally hurts them. If he’s overstimulated, he needs to feel calm and sometimes that’s simply removing him from all the things slamming into him all at once and giving him space to come down…calm down…or even have a melt down.

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My son who is autistic, had the same overstimulation as well! He is 9 and still hates loud noises but as long as we warn him before hand he does well!

Young kids also have more sensitive ears than we do

You should get him seen it possiblity autism hung in there mom

Maybe Autism my son is the same way

My grandson is autistic non-verbal he doesn’t like loud noise either

Sensory Processing Disorder and/or Auditory Processing Disorder. He needs an evaluation and therapy. There is help out there.

Possibly a sensory issue. My son is on the spectrum and is like this. Noise canceling headphones is a must have. Your son is too young to be diagnosed but keep a log of quirks you see.

My grandson has very sensitive hearing and responded like that when he was little. And I have an adult friend the same way. She covers her ears because it actually hurts.

Possible autism check for that .


Firstly I’d check if he was on the spectrum for autism/aspergers or any other sensory disorder… However my daugher was terrified of everything. We couldn’t go into any public toilets because she was scared of the hand dryer noise, we couldn’t go on escalators, she was scared to touch the grass and the sand, she wouldn’t go on any rides at the fair etc we couldn’t go to the fireworks and even the noise of a loud truck going by would send her into a panic she had no underlying medical conditions she was just a fearful child… She’s almost 20 now and is fine, she simply just grew out of it

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At 2 years old this is perfectly normal…

Currently what my 3yo is going through. Going to be taking her to the Dr next week

My son was like that as well. He’s just fine. No autism of any kind

Let him turn the things on to see that nothing bad is going to happen. Anxiety stinks in littles. Its more the unknown then anything

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My 10 year old daughter hates loud noises. Her hands immediately cover her ears. She has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder.

My son was not quite that sensative but he was afraid of the “magic potties”. I had to cover the sensor to make sure it didn’t flush while he was on there. He was also afraid of elevators. You never know what goes through their little minds. The whole world is new to them. It’s not bad advice to talk to the doctor about it, though. You never know.

It may just be a sensory issue. It wouldn’t hurt to get your child checked out just to be sure. I have hearing loss but I’m also very sensitive to loud noises. It sets my anxiety off

Ear infection
Sensory processing disorder
Sensitive ears

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My son was like that at that same age. Hes gotten better about it. We were going through a hard time & some traumatic stiff had happened so i think it played a role in it.

Lots of children are scared by loud noise around that age. Mostly it passes in time.
Personally I have above average hearing and always hated loud noise of any kind when I was younger…I still do
My grandson is autistic and my granddaughters are not…they all went through the noise hating stage. Grandson continued …grandaughters grew past it.
All you can do is reassure him

My son was like that and still doesn’t like very loud noises and will cover his ears (hes 5 now) I bought him some headphones for when I’m using the chainsaw or anything and it’s not so bad anymore.

He may have a hearing issue, since you’re saying he has a speech delay also, so when he does hear a noise, he freaks out.

Well childrens ear canals are very slender and small. Loud noises reverberate more than for them and might hurt him if he has sensitive ear drums. Is he prone to ear infections? That can make it worse as well. My oldest son still covers his ears for loud “white noise” sounds. Hes turning 10 soon. And hes perfectly fine. Just doesn’t like the way it sounds.

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My daughter was on max dose of baby aspirin when she was 3 after being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. Toilet flushing, fireworks, any loud noise upset her. Maybe he should see an ear doctor.

My daughter is the exact same way. Ever since she was born, she’d always cry over loud noises. We even mimicked the sound of a blender in the kitchen when she was a couple months old, and she screamed bloody murder. She turns 4 in July, and she’s being tested for any form of autism.

I agree with a couple others. Look into sensory processing disorder. My son has it. He is 10 and still freaks out over loud noises. He was also speech delayed.

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Have you had him evaluated for his hearing or by a neurologist

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It is completely normal for young kids!