What could cause pain in the public area?

I am 38 weeks pregnant; um have experiencing severe pains on my pubic bone going down to my anus for the past six days. But when I tough or massage my pubic bone, there is no pain at all. The moment I try to walk or stand up, the pain strikes. I do exercise(take a walk). Um a first-time mum, please advise on what to do. If you know whats causes the pain kindly explain


It’s your stuff stretching girl. It’s normal.

It sounds to me like “lightning crotch” as they call it. I’ve had it with all 3 of my pregnancies and it hurts like hell! Unfortunately there’s not much you can do to prevent it :roll_eyes: Your almost there so hang in there! :heart:


pubis symphysis disfunction maybe?


Pressure from baby. Bones are widening to get ready for birth.


Also could be baby flipped and face is sticking into spine

Lightening crotch.
Babys putting pressure on nerves.

It is normal because babe is lowering and getting in position to come out. Try rolling hips on a yoga ball and massaging area. You got this mama. Home stretch!

Yoga ball is a life saver, you’re almost at the end!


My doctor called it “lightning crotch”, its where the baby is bouncing off of your cervix and getting into position. Its also where your stretching and getting ready to have the baby.

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Get ready you will be having the baby soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Braxton Hicks contractions.

Pressure from baby. I’m 38 weeks too and same thing happens to me. You don’t have much longer :heart:

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Lightning crotch but it’s fiod to test for uti because you don’t want to deal with that at birth and it’s common

The asshole pain. I got it when my crotch goblin engaged. WHY DOES NO ONE WARN YOU OF THE ASSHOLE PAIN

These pains are completely normal at this stage , just take it easy were u can and put Ur feet up as much as u can u will meet Ur baby soon ! X

Lightning crotch. That’s the worst

Your body is getting ready.

Omg girl I don’t miss that feeling! It’s perfectly normal your baby is dropping into the birthing position which is definitely putting a lot of pressure down there. Your ligaments and stuff are stretching due to a hormone which is preparing you for the birth as well.

Spd or now it’s called pgp (pelvic gurdle pain) it’s just your pelvis stretching to allow baby more room, if your in too much pain ask your midwife for the physios number xx

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I was the same for the last 4 days yoga ball was the only thing I could sit on xx

Sounds like the pressure from the baby unfortunately it probably won’t get better until you deliver. Take Tylenol for the pain and try a pregnancy support belt


My pain was constant when I walked, so mine wasn’t just lightning crotch even though that’s what my doctor boiled it down to. It wasn’t a sudden pain. It was constant. If yours is sudden when you stand up/do exercise, it’s lightning crotch which is just pressure really. If it’s more constant, it’s something else.

Be grateful it’s just now happening ! I had It with my first organdy very early and I’m having it again with this pregnancy at 32 weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:nothing you can do about it !

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I’m on my 4th and having it so bad. And it started at 34 weeks

I had this with my second pregnancy, literally almost the whole time. It went away right after I had her

Try a warm heat pad! I think it’s spd I have the same

I think it’s just your bones moving in position ready for baby to come out.

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I have this and it is SPD. Get a support belt and avoid any movements that have you using only one leg. When you get out of bed put a pillow between your legs to keep your legs together. you want to avoid any activity where you are opening your legs wide. The trick is to try and keep them as together as possible. Unfortunately this doesn’t go away until after the baby is born.

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Your body is preparing to give birth. That area has to dilate 10cm to deliver vaginally. It hurts like hell. Hang in there. You’re almost there.

The person growing inside you…

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Symphysis pubic dysfunction. The joint has loosened in preparation for birth. I’m 35 weeks with my third and I’ve had it all three times. The only things that I think help is soaking in a warm bath and trying to keep your legs together. When you roll over in bed, make sure they’re together. Sit down to put pants on etc. It really does hurt! I groan so much from the pain when I move that my five year old has started copying me every tine he get up from sitting. :roll_eyes:

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I am 21 weeks pregnant and I have this pains now, it’s the baby and how low it is completely normal everything is also stretching out

Lightning crotch or round ligament pains

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Sounds like lightning. It’s pressure from the baby.

You’re body is preparing for labor.

I’d say lighting crotch. Not much of anything you can do to help it

It’s from the pressure from the baby’s head. I had it too,it sucks

Google lightning crotch. Literally.

Warm baths help a bit but that pressure will likely be there until you give birth. I remember being in tears with the pain and my doc said my body was preparing as it should. It can get really uncomfortable.

I’m not trying to be rude but wouldn’t it me better to ask a medical professional rather than the internet?

Sciatic nerve can start in your back and go down to your ankles or round ligament pain where your ligaments in your pubic area start to stretch to prepare for baby coming through

Its your body getting ready for baby to come an putting a crap ton of pressure an ligament pain get a belly belt that will help support the baby off the pelvis area If u can’t get one asap u can use kt tape an you tube the videos that will show u how to use the kt tape I personally have the belly belt an kt tape an I like the kt tape better than the belt

It happens especially if you are petite and gain alot…

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If the baby is already head done it puts alot more pressure down there too. Just talk to your doctor,getting your questions answered will help! Just remember not much longer. Its worth it!!

Your body is preparing for birth


May be baby pressure. Try kegel exercises

Your pelvis separating and baby moving down lower

Just keep your dr informed,he can give you the advice you need

Body adjusting for birth

Growing pains. Just growing and expanding and baby dropping.


Things getting ready for baby.


See your OB. Most likely it’s just the baby pressing on a nerve. Although unlikely it could be some serious conditions that are risky to you and your baby.


I had pelvic pain when my son was really low and getting ready to go into labor

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I agree with everyone about nerve pain or way baby is laying. If it hasn’t even mentioned yet…use a heated rice bag/sock. They are a lifesaver for pregnant moms. I experienced this pain with my second child and they said it was because he was so big

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Pelvic girdle pain. You’ll know it’s that if it hurts for you to spread your legs apart in the way you do when getting off a bed. Or if you feel/hear clicking in your tailbone area while you walk. It’s just ligaments loosening up sooner than they need to. You just have to deal until baby is born. Been there done that. Mine started at like 22 weeks if I remember correctly :sweat_smile:. It was miserable. Good luck :frowning:


Mostly likely round ligament strain. If you are concerned give your doctor a call. Look for regular cramping as your indicator that labor is imminent. Can be either in your lower back or your belly. If you have a high pain tolerance you’ll feel muscle tightening rather than pain. I had no pain til the end. Others have excruciating pain. Congratulations on the baby


I had varicose veins of the vaginal area it was the pressure from the baby it was painful not sure if you have this but a warm washcloth helped


Does no one on here know how to spell or read? Really! I could barely figure out what you really were meaning to type!


This can also be the beginning of labor. I had bad back pain with my second. My water never broke. But he was born 46 minutes after I got to the hospital. So be prepared. You will be ok. Good Luck :pray:


It’s called lightning crotch if ya wanna giggle it. It’s from your the baby being low and your pelvic area open big and getting ready for baby to come. I’m 35 weeks and suffering with it myself too. I haven’t gotten one but they say a belly band helps, lots of water and not sitting or standing too long. Keego exercises as well is suppose to help.


It might be a nerve. I had it and it was awful. Check with your doctor though. You never know

Probably just how the baby is sitting and striking a nerve. I remember getting some shooting pains in that region. Probably is fine but give your dr a call.


Contact your obgyn. Most likely if your 38 weeks you might be starting to go into dilation. I had that on both pregnancies. First baby was at born exactly 40 weeks and the second time I started to have the same pain at 37 weeks and I was admitted to the hospital. Not trying to scare you but it’s a possibility of early labor

I just had my daughter earlier this week and had this exact pain! Your little one may be moving into position and pressing on nerves. Talk to your doc and make sure :slight_smile:


Its the baby sitting low. I had the same problem. She wasnt on my sciatic nerve, just extremely low and it was putting pressure on my vagina and anus. They told me to rest more and it might help, it didn’t lol.

It’s part of your pregnancy… stretching of ligaments and muscles… could be the positioning of your baby. If it continues I would ask your Dr instead of Facebook…


Always consult your doctor first…but we all sympathsize…babies find a position they like and stay there cause there’s no more room to move. One of mine liked standing straight up with his big head under my breast bone and his feet in my pelvis. The doctor would attempt to move him and he would go right back to standing up. I was 55 inches tall and he was 19, do the math.

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It is the softening of all your ligaments getting ready to open up your pelvis for delivery… and it’s not just pelvic ligaments so be careful where you are walking or reaching etc . I ended up with plantar fasciitis after the ligament in my right foot failed…flat foot and pain for almost two years after my first baby. It’s from pregnancy hormones.

it may be that your hips may be getting ready to birth, but my advice is to speak to your Doctor and get checked… just to make sure that all is well before the baby comes.


I have had that with my pregnancy’s too…stops you in your tracks…It always went away so I wouldn’t worry to much

Your ligaments and joints soften so they can push that baby through a bony pelvic cage. That can cause pain. The doc will tell you use Tylenol. Wasn’t very helpful for me because Tylenol is like taking water for me. However I did find sleeping with a pillow between my legs helped some.Also I had a wonderful Sheperd mutt that never left my side when I had my last kid and helped me get up and start walking by letting me lean on him. Just get up slow and take baby steps those first few steps. You are almost there hang in there.


With one of my pregnancies I only experienced labor pains in my pelvic region.

Chances are you have a yeast infection. Learn to spell and try to ask again.

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First the baby is getting positioned in yr birth canal. Unless yr still having sex which some can do. Yr close to due date but check with doctor. Maybe it’s the pressure of the baby getting ready

It’s the baby pushing down in that area since you are already 38 weeks.Getting in position to be born.

That’s baby making their way down :upside_down_face:. I remember walking around at work and getting zingers like that down into my vajay that would literally stop me dead cold in my tracks. :zap:. It felt like a sharp needle stabbing me down there. It’ll get better, just a bummer in the meantime :heart: call your provider for some reassurance . Hang in there momma!

I strained the ligament that connects the pelvis in the front - the pain was unbearable! - Good luck!!

i had that at about 36wks went to the hosp and they said the baby was fine just moving into the position for delivery. and yep water broke, little miss was in a hurry

Sounds like Braxton Hicks pain to me this usually happens when the baby is low pressing on the pelvic

My daughter had baby Tuesday… she kept saying same thing. He’s was riping her abdomen muscles

Your body is getting ready for arrival. Your pelvic bone is opening.

See your ob I had that same thing happen with my youngest… come to find out he was breach and his foot was caught in my pelvic area…

My son sat on my nerves too its was so little painful you should get checked

The baby could be getting into position for when it’s time to give birth soon. Good luck.

Sounds like lightning Crotch. Baby is getting ready! Always check with your doctor to be sure though!

That baby is down there wanting out, I spent six weeks wondering if I was going to see a foot when I went to bathroom

Guessing the baby is pushing on a nerve in the area. Thinking delivery is only fix

It’s your pelvis expanding to allow the baby to grow, I remember getting those pains


Just probably the way the baby is situated. Best if you visit your Doctor. Being you are considered full term, best to be sure.

First time mom? Talk to your doctor now.

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My son was born breached and the last month I was miserable. Have your doctor to check you.

Baby is sitting on something like a nerve maybe the doctor can give you toys on how to alleviate the pain.

Pubic symphysis? I had this during my last pregnancy and it was awful.

Separation of pelvic bones to prepare for birth. Just your body getting ready.

Its the bones stretching to accommodate birth. Totally normal.

Are you drinking enough water? I found that many of my pains were due to dehydration and the doctor told me to drink more water

Try sitting on the floor on your hands and knees…and rocking may move the baby up its it because of pressure.

Could also be dehydration.

Call your OB. Most of them have nurses that can answer questions such as this.