What do Braxton hicks feel like?

At how many weeks. Did you start to feel Braxton Hicks? I’m 31 weeks, and I think I might be feeling them. I kinda didn’t feel them with my first pregnancy. Because, my son was a really chill child and just didn’t want to come out yet till I got induced. But with baby#2. I have been feeling pain.


They can feel different for people. They can range from a tightness in your belly, to contraction like pains that don’t create cervical change

I was put on bedrest with my last at 32 weeks, had Braxton Hicks contractions the whole time until 40 weeks. Baby boy came on his due date

I’m currently having them too I am also 31 weeks. For me it’s like tightness mixed with cramps.

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Usually my belly would go hard and tight. Would last for maybe 30 to 40 seconds. Not regular in terms of time but have had an irritable uterus.

It felt like cramping in my abdomen.

Braxton Hicks are the tightening of your uterus muscles. It’s just preparing your body for the real deal. Unless they’re unbearable and not able to be spoken through, I would not worry.

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It’s like period cramps… some people say they don’t hurt but mine do with my current pregnancy (29 weeks with baby #3) and the only thing that helps is to drink cold water or take a bath.

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I’m 35 weeks and my Braxton Hicks has gotten painful, but she has dropped and the doc say she is coming early they just aren’t regular yet

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Like bad period cramps. U know the difference in real contractions if u cant walk it off or take a warm bath and it stops. If they get closer together and tougher 2 breath through its actual labor.

Mine started 33 weeks & he was born 37 weeks

I had them for about a week before my first was born. They felt like mild period cramps and I even googled what I was feeling because it was strange… Currently at 33 weeks with #2 and my midwife told me they can start around 32 weeks and even be painful. The only thing to note is that contractions starting this early should not be longer than 40 seconds, progress or become closer together. If they do, you could be looking at preterm labor but otherwise it’s just part of the pregnancy struggle.

I had like period cramping for a solid 2 days and I don’t know if it was Braxton hicks or like early labor. But they weren’t strong mostly.

Braxton Hicks are usually low and mainly the front of your belly. Active labor generally feels like tightening around your how torso from your back to the front of your abdomen.

Your stomach with tighten and it will be stronger than period cramps.

Tightening and cramping with no pattern.

This sounds crazy…but when you experience it start drinking water. It will make them go away. It worked for me

Like super strong cramps. Mine would radiate down my legs. Also, you can feel your stomach muscles tightening which was always how I knew for sure I was having them. Drinking water and walking around helps relieve the tension

Mine were consistent tightening of my belly. It was painless!

To me they felt like period like cramps, that would get more intense

Yeah theyre like period cramps. If you are worried always consult your dr

Mine were so bad that I didn’t know it was real labor until I got to the hospital already at 8 cm. I had them for the last 3 months of my pregnancy.

To me they felt like my stomach muscles got tight. Contractions without the pain.


I stared to feel them around 18 weeks usually in the second or third trimester

They were a lil more painful than cramps. Felt like mini contractions. Which is what they are. Their getting you prepared for delivering your bundle of joy!!!

This is why you have a doctor!!!

I had them with my first around the time and they felt like tightening in my stomach especially when I was walking a lot, i would not describe them as painful though, if you are feeling pain you should consult with your OB but as long as you aren’t bleeding everything is most likely normal. Good luck!

I’ve had them since 17w (25w today). Pregnant with baby 3. Just feels like tightening, sometimes with mild discomfort. Never felt them with my first 2!

Its a tightening, the severity of it varies person to person. I,didnt feel them with my 1st either. im 35 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and OH MAN do I feel em. Some take my breath away a bit. They apparently get stronger the further along you are but I definitely felt them since week 30

I’ll be 39 weeks with my 3rd, and never felt them till this time round and they started about 30 weeks and definitely get more intense

BH typically feel like a tightening then releasing of your belly. With my first I never really noticed them till the end of the pregnancy. With my second they showed up around 21/22 weeks and got vicious towards the end. I’m pregnant with number 3 now and currently 24 weeks. I started feeling them at 23/24 weeks. The more kiddos you have, the worse they get lol. That’s what my midwife told me.

I was 25 weeks when I started to feel them. Braxton Hick feels like tightening in your stomach and possible cramping down below. Drs say you will usually feel more with multiple pregnancies… sometimes they can be strong and make you feel like the real thing.

They can feel like menstrual cramps. You know the difference, because labor usually starts in the back and wraps around to the front. More important thou, they get longer, stronger, and closer together. None of my children wanted to leave home. All ended up being induced.

To me they feel like regular contractions but worse. When I went into actual labor I was in no pain for hours after my water broke. The Braxton Hicks are the worst cramps you have ever felt. If they get down to three mins apart then get checked but if they are inconsistent they are definitely Braxton Hicks.

A tight feelings… may be slightly painful. Varies woman to woman. Mine started around 18 weeks with my last, and about 22 weeks this go around, and never felt them with my first. So each pregnancy is different.
Make sure you stay very hydrated. That is usually the cause for continual Braxton Hicks!