What do I do now?

I’m in desperate need of advice right now,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 9 years, we have 4 kids together.
We just moved out of our home town a few months ago and since then my boyfriend has been very manipulative to me & mentally abusing me and our children.
I really want to leave but I wouldn’t have a place to go unless it was to a homeless shelter and that’s not a place where I would want my kids to live.
I am currently a stay at home mom so he pays for all the rent and supports me in my children so I have no idea what to do at this point.

Your children safety is the number one concern. At a homeless shelter they will help you find the resources you need to such as housing, food, career training, and more.They will even help with getting you legal services to such neighborhoods legal services to help you obtain child support, and get legal documents so that visitation had to be monitored for the children. This is an important move, some times we have to go backwards to go forwards.

Well, you can decide to stay and let your kids grow up abused, or you can go where you need to to keep them safe and show them you put them above yourself. A women’s shelter would help you get a job and a place to live and get you on your feet. There’s never an excuse to stay where someone is mistreating your children.