What do I need for my baby?

Hey y’all first time mom here due in 2 months. I still have nothing for her arrival… I’m at a loss. I dont know exactly what I need no one is helping me everyone saying " dont get anything till she arrives" but I want to have stuff ready for her. cant really buy new as money is an issue for me.
please help a new momma out. what are must have and needs for a newborn! thank you


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do I need for my baby?

Swaddles and sleep wraps for sure! A baby swing has been a lifesaver for me. I don’t know if you plan on babywearing or not but a baby carrier is always nice when you are trying to get stuff done and baby doesn’t want to get put down. Best of luck to you! Hugs mama

Cot and bassinet a pram bottles and sterilized or breast pump few boxes of newborn nappies they grow very quickly into the next size dummies if you using them some mittens to help from scratching themselves can pick up things at op shops and marketplace they grow so quickly don’t need all new I say best of luck welcome to the mummy club!!

Mittens (they will scratch their face to pieces), have a couple premie outfits in case, a swing is a huge help, bath stuff (it helps to have a few different kinds incase baby breaks out from one) my youngest couldn’t use the lavender. Gas drops is one thing new mom’s don’t usually think about. Hope this helps :heart:

Onesies, blankets, diapers, wipes

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Carseat nappies Wipes bath products clothes wraps bassinet pram bottles blankets a clean house lol

Bear basics to have: cot, pram, rocker/bouncer of some description, at least 4 blankets and sheets, 4 musslin wraps/sleep wraps, 5 singlets, 5 jumpsuits/wondersuits, if possible some mittens, 3 packets of newborn nappies and wipes, 5 bottles, a microwave steriliser, get a tin of formula (the bottles and formula are just incase you choose not to breast feed or have trouble). A baby bath and bath stuff, hooded towels are awesome but any towl can work. A car seat. Everything else can wait but you’ll need at least these things in the first cupple of days.

Safe sleeping space- such as a crib, pack and play or bassinet, a carseat to take baby home, bottles if you don’t plan to breast feed, a blanket, a few jammies/outfits, a pack of diapers and wipes. This is the true basics. The rest can come later on


I be get big thing like car seat pram and cot ,sheet, nappies wips bag bottles :baby_bottle: and othere thing that cost so much . I get 6 bags of nappies because there can be sleep :sleeping: night . My first baby I luck my borther inlaw got me 100 boxs of nappies and wips I live on the farm :tractor: so I made my dad sheld in to my babies things I need . Hospital bag done
I only got some new clothes bec my sister had 3 girls and I get 9 bags of clothers. it work out good :+1: .

Car seat, Diapers, and one piece pjs are the easiest til have more money for clothes… go to Once Upon a Child or other 2nd hand store. They have sales all the time.
You can use socks on their hands … work like mittens.
Bottles or pump
Pacifier( hospital usually gives you one) baby bath, baby grooming and butt cream.

Make sure you check marketplace…people will sell cheap especially if you are willing to luck it up (of course never go alone bring a friend). Also look into a local group that is like a “buy nothing sell nothing”, people are willing to give things away because they are still good/usable but they no longer need them and don’t want to throw it away or wait for some PTO pay…they want it gone now. Good luck Mama and congratulations.

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Sound machine! Life saver when it comes to helping baby stay asleep and you could start a routine and implement it to help baby start realizing when it’s nap and bed time

I’m going to be honest with you all the fancy stuff can be great to have on hand but in the beginning all you truly need is a carseat, a safe place for baby to sleep, bottles, a couple of pacis, diapers, wipes, and some blankets… do not wait until she us here the last thing you want to do is be going to the store straight out the hospital.


Car seat and stroller, somewhere for baby to sleep - pack n plays are great to start, sleep sacks, onesies and sleepers with zippers, swaddle blankets and blankets, diapers and wipes, mittens and a few bottles. Done.

Newborn and size 1 diapers, wipes, sleepers, onsies, swaddles, crib or bassinet, baby laundry detergent, baby bath, baby bath soap, towels, pacifiers, scratch mittens, hats, socks, diaper bag, butt cream, lotion

Clothes blankets carseat hats mittens socks. U can swaddle with recieving blankets (i wouldnt get the swaddle wraps incase babe hates to be swaddled ny first had to be swaddled and my new babe hates it) and a bed a swing and bouncer again baby may hate them my new baby wont sit in either

Diapers, wipes, formula if not breastfeeding but still should have a can in case baby isn’t getting enough breast milk. 6 sleepers, 6-9 onesies, winter clothing - not a bunting because they can slip out of them in a car accident. 2 blankets and receiving blankets. Pacifiers if you are going to use them. Penaten cream for diaper rashes and cornstarch.
I just had a baby 2 wks ago :slightly_smiling_face:


Formula,diapers,wipes, rash cream, car seat, bassinet or crib, bottles, pacifier, baby wash soap, baby clothes,

Get a crib, car seat, a swaddle, diapers and wipes, and a big pack of white onesies and a few footie pajamas. Some burp cloths could help too. We like the mam pacifiers. We used Johnson’s newborn wash soap which can be used both in hair and on skin.

It’s a good idea to have at least a small amount of formula and a bottle to start with just in case you have difficulties breastfeeding, or if you’re not planning to breastfeed you should get that stuff too. Start with the smallest sized bottle nipple.

Baby carrier (for Baby wearing)
Baby shampoo
Crib/pack n play

That’s really it, you can get everything used off Facebook market place. EXCEPT a carseat! Never get a carsest used!! That’s my rule for my house, you never know if the carsear got into any accidents, or what’s really happened to it.
Best of luck!! If you have a Costco membership, their off brand diapers are Huggies brand, Sam’s club off brand is Pampers brand. Saves money! :heart:

Swaddles. Diapers. Whipes. Pacifier. Bottles even if your going to breast feed if you are you will need a pump. Blankets carseat cloths.

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Need diaper pajamas blankets and lots lots of love

Check local kids resale stores and thrift shops. Online sites like Facebook Market Place, OfferUp, Mercari are also good ones. Though if you use local sites choose a public place to meet for safety reasons. You can usually find great deals on second hand items. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Good luck!

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I have a bassinet you can have. Not sure where you live. I’m in Toronto. I bought it used and decided not to use it. It was used maybe 1 month from the previous owners and in amazing condition


if you are struggling financially I highly suggest you consider breastfeeding as it will save you bundles in formula. I’m old school, and washed,dried and folded their diapers. Babies can sleep anywhere, my mom actually lined a pulled out dresser drawer for me to sleep in… it all works out honey. just use your imagination and love with all your heart! God Bless :heart:


Start with a car-seat to bring baby home and a safe sleeping space for baby.

Carseat, safe sleep area, diapers, a few sleepers and shirts

They really don’t need a lot :slight_smile:

A big pack of newborn diapers, they grow out of them quickly so you might want to grab 1’s too. No scent/fragrance wipes, petroleum jelly if you are having a boy and plan on circumcision, no scent/fragrance free diaper rash paste, bassinet/or crib, carseat blankets (remember to not use blankets in the crib for the first few months- I’m not sure exactly how long), a sensitive fragrance free baby wash (like Burts bees or aveeno. Johnson and Johnson is popular, but not one of my favorites due to so many recalls) I would get plain corn starch over baby powder, as there is recalls to baby powder and the fragrance isn’t really good for anyone. Baby nail clippers and/or files, hand gloves, a bouncer or glider. Onesie pajamas in sizes newborn and 0-3 months (if your baby is big they won’t fit into newborn for long). You can really get most stuff after the baby is born, but it is nice to have some stuff so you don’t feel so overwhelmed :heart: good luck mama. You got this.

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A infant first-aid kit

In Canada, the hospital will give you formula if needed and don’t buy diapers til baby is here (you won’t know what size). Lots of pyjamas and T-shirts, baby soap and bum cream, delicate laundry soap. If you need a breast pump you can rent one at a pharmacy. Babies really do need very little at first. Board books from the public library (and free story times). Lots of love.

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Where are you at ? If you happen to be in Indiana I have some baby stuff you could have it is for boys though I have 3 sons and each time before I knew what I was having someone bought girl stuff too I have a few outfits I don’t need and a few things (for a boy ) that is barely used !

Swaddle blankets, burp cloths, diapers (just don’t get too many newborn), wipes, and butt cream! You’ll also want a few bottles in case breastfeeding doesn’t work out. Pacifiers are nice too if that’s something you want.

Carseat, stroller, baby carrier, bassinet/crib, packs of nb & 0-3mo basic onesies

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Dont listen to anyone, I was the same and had nothing prepared and wanted to wait until a month before she was born and little did I know I had her a month early and WISHed I prepared before because it was a hassle getting everything ready last min

You won’t have time once the baby is here, best to do it before

Check your local area for Crisis Pregnancy Centers sometimes they will help you with a care package of the essentials I would buy diapers wipes and at least 12-15 onesies (long sleeved sleepers) You will also need either a pack and play (playpen) or a bassinet if you dont have at least that already. You can also check with local Fire Dept or health Dept because they sometimes offer Car Seats to those in need if money is tight

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A safe space to sleep, diapers, some clothes, formula if not breast feeding. Babies don’t need a lot.

Try church charities, most of the time they will bring out the necessities for free.

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Carseat. Clothes (including hats n socks) and crib. Diapers and wipes. Bottles if you’re formula feeding. Everything else is just so extra n unnecessary


Check resources in your area that may help. Don’t buy a lot of clothes, they grow so fast. Don’t buy diapers in bulk in case of growth spurt. Diapers, wipes, car seat, receiving blankets, sheets for whatever baby’s sleeping in. Burp rags, baby wash/shampoo. Onesies and sleepers, a few outfits. Bottles/nipples if using that. Something to sleep in. Depending on you, our babies lived in sleepers as newborns. No socks needed then. If your limited on cash, start with 10 sleepers and 10 onesies.

You’re never truly prepared. Lol. My third baby, we were expecting her in February. Stomach bug caused her to come early, and hubby was at Walmart for 3 hours trying to get clothes, wipes, etc. She’s 9 months, and we still aren’t prepared. :joy:

Don’t get anything til baby gets here? Are they dumb??? You need a carseat for sure that’s the main thing. Diapers size newborn and size 1. As for clothes you can go to thrift stores, ask on facebook if anyone has any they’re giving away. Yard sales etc. Bottles if your planning on bottle feeding (get a couple reguardless even if breastfeeding your nipples will thank you for the break), wipes, receiving blankets, fluffy soft blankets, toys for tummy time, teethers, and binkies if you plan on using them.

Where are u located and what are u having? I have tons of baby boy clothes and items that my son no longer can use… Size newborn to 12 months

So yeah you don’t really need much at all. I’m having my 4th in 2 months.

You don’t need jumpers or swings or equipment of any kind honestly. Don’t pre buy clothes or diapers because you don’t know the size of your baby until he/she is born and you will come home from the hospital with diapers,wipes, and formula and postpartum care for yourself (you can even ask for more!) then just order or look for the right size clothes afterwards. I’ve only had one fit in newborn where my sil has used premie. You just don’t know.

If you do a target, Walmart, and buy buy baby registry you can get a registry gift bag for free without making a purchase. Amazon has one too but you have to spend $10 to get it. Those tend to have maybe a blanket, bodysuit, paci, bottle, and free samples of diapers and wipes.

You actually need very little for quite a while. People just think all the things are needed or convenient.

You do need a car seat unless you are walking or taking the bus home.

I can’t stand people who say don’t get anything until the baby gets here…:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::roll_eyes: You at least need a car seat, a place for baby to sleep (bassinet, crib, pack and play) some clothing, diapers and wipes. At the minimum, your basics.


The hospital will probably ask where you plan on having her sleep, how she’s getting home etc. At the very least you need a carseat and a bassinet (baby will most likely sleep by your bed for the first few months so no need to worry about a crib yet). Tons of receiving blankets to use for swaddling/burp cloths. Diapers and wipes. Zip up onesies are the best, lots of those…bath stuff/bathtub. Like everyone said you really don’t need much but I definitely wouldn’t wait for baby to come to get started. That’s stressful

You dont need much really the first month or two. Something for baby to sleep in. My son hated sleeping in a baby bed, so he slept in a pack and play until he was a year old. Bottles, clothes, diapers, wipes, car seat and maybe a bouncer or baby swing is all you really need for first 3 months. Wait for when the baby comes to go all out on diapers and clothes because you wont know what size. My son out grew newborn diapers in 2 weeks and I was stuck with a few packs I got from my baby shower. And he could not fit in any of the newborn clothes he had after 2 weeks lol so it was a lot of wasted money.

Crib…clothes…formula, bottles,
diapers…wipes…basics for now

You really don’t need anything but a car seat and I would wait like a month more to get it . Lol I didn’t have anything for my daughter because in our home it’s bad luck to start buying things before the baby is born. Anything else I’d just say society is conditioning you to buy and spend money.

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Oh and don’t do diapers use cloth diapers much for friendly for the ecosystem and your pocket

Have a few outfits in 0000 and 000 a place to sleep a place to change. Nappies wipes thermometer and a car seat and some where to bathe

Have a look on market place or notice boards

Boppy, diapers, onesies, wipes.

Once upon a child or second hand shops are a godsend.

Don’t wait until baby comes. my ex tried that. Then he got mad when I sent him to buy the car seat so we could bring her home. Luckily I bought most things before. You don’t need much. Don’t fall for all the cutest stuff in stores. Pretty much all you need is a car seat, something for her to sleep in (crib, basinet, co-sleeper), bottles/formula (if that’s your choice), blankets, diapers, wipes, clippers, lotion (mine had crazy dry skin for some reason hospitals don’t provide it any more), a thermometer, clothes. I bought most of my kids things at thrift stores. The most money I spent was a pack n play. It had the changing table (barely used), basinet & co-sleeper. I used it for 2 babies then turned it into a “stuffy pit” for stuffed animals until they were like 5&6. Don’t buy much of the same sizes. My oldest was my only baby that wire nb clothes, for maybe 2 weeks. Take NB or size 1 diapers from the hospital then go from there what size you need.

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Go to once apon a child you can get like 15 sleepers for about 20 dollars they also have baby beds playpen and all kinds of stuff trust me cheap and in great condition

Get a carseat to bring her home diapers and I would check the thrift stores or mommas to mommas they have a lot of stuff for free or cheap

Crib or bassinet, diapers size newborn just a few, get more size 1, newborn size clothes don’t last get 3 months, carseat and stroller if you plan on walking, bottles, so many blankets and burp rags,

Some clothes in different sizes, some sleepers/pajamas in different sizes, a car seat if you drive, a baby wrap or carrier (trust me they help so much even just around the house), diapers, wipes, a small blanket bc babies don’t retain heat well, a bassinet (or like I used a pack n play with a newborn top thing), bottles if you’re going to bottle feed, and breast pads if you breastfeed bc once your milk comes in it’ll leak for a while lol…you really don’t need a ton of stuff, and you can totally get stuff after baby’s here. But like if you’re in the US you can’t leave the hospital without a car seat. And you won’t wanna go shopping as soon as you get home. So it’s nice to have some things ready and waiting :slightly_smiling_face:

Pamper, blankets, bottles, car seat, onesies, wipes, baby wash, lotion, baby medicine kit