What do period cramps mean while pregnant?

I’ve been getting cramps that feel like I’m on my period but I’m 30 weeks pregnant. They don’t feel like Braxton Hicks or regular contractions. there’s no tightening in my stomach or anything when it happens. Is this normal?


Could be stretching/growth but cramps are usually associated with contractions. Try to relax and drink a TON of hydrating liquids. Even if you think youre hydrated, drink drink drink! I had this before and i was dehydrated.
If any other signs show up or they become debilitating, give your doctor or L&D a call. The hospital usually has nurses on hand who can answer any and all questions or concerns you may have.

Get to doctor better safe than sorry I lost a twin almost lost both…

Could be many different things but call your dr.

I don’t think it’s normal never happened to me , go to doctor