What do SAHMs do?

Read a book…volunteer some where…go on little hikes

I’ve been a mom for 2 years…I think I still have chores that are expired…but they never get done

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Im hardly ever done but when it does happen relax and watch a old movie

Read a book on my book app, or workout lol

Haha chores done?! Never! Poor momma’s! I take a lot of quiet restful time as I have a newborn as well now, try to be productive but restful


Go out for a bit. Join baby groups. Do some activities. Don’t stay in the house. It gets lonely x

I didn’t realize that getting the chores done was possible lol


Lol done I don’t get done


I’m never done and I also work from home as a blog owner… I don’t have time to find things to keep me busy as I am always literally busy.

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… what does that mean?


Relax and watch TV. Or go to the store and wonder around. Lol


Look into mommy baby groups in your area, or parenting classes. Always a good time killer

Your chores get done? Holy shit

Shit ain’t nothing ever done but after ive finished what I do in the mornings I play with kids and whatever else I feel like doin

:rofl:when chores are done… your funny…lol…

But i do cheat and say im being lazy today or for a little while and watch tv …
Would depend on how old your kids are also to what you could do.

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Does done chores actually really happen!? I’m seriously doing something really wrong if that’s a thing!:rofl:


Wait, we are supposed to be doing chores?!?

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Smoke another blunt although I dont let chores stop that I smoke during the chores too lol um I watch movies, favorite tv shows, or get any errands u can’t do with kiddos around… grocery shop, visit friends, family, cook u something u dont get to eat often … I could go on and on lol

… uh, done? That isnt possible for me. I have 3 daughters, an almost 5yr old, 3yr old and an almost 2mth old… lol. But once the kids are in bed I stop the chores and attempt to watch a show but end up passing out instead. :joy:

Do more chores because the kids made it a mess again, and I had to cook more food so there is more dishes! Oh and one kid Peed her pants and the other blew out his diaper so let’s do some more laundry!

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My youngest is 3, so we stay busy outside.

When he naps I usually nap, or catch up on some dr Phil :woman_shrugging:t2:

Wait!!! Chores get DONE? Like you are actually done with them? I don’t know what kind of mystical magic you have but my laundry is seriously never ending.


I went back to work. Staying home was too much work.


Are all your kids in school? Cuz my chores never get done. No matter what I do


Uhhhhh…:eyes: I live with a tornado, my chores are never finished…


Hahahahahahahahahahahaha she lost me at “once all the chores are done” :wink: I’m 11 weeks pregnant (so obviously sick and tired from the moment I wake up) and I just started bawling yesterday when my husband walked in and he’s like “omg hun what’s wrong?” And I said “it seems like no matter how much I clean the house stays a shithole” :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:


Wait?! The chores are done?! How do you accomplish this?! It’s never ending for me :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I go to my sisters house just about every day lol

I dont. Haha its never done

I do crafts with the kids i take a shower n do my hair n make up during naptime i cook i read theres tons to do.

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Cyber school. So we do school, assignments, after all is done I clean, cook and play with my son. We have playdates, visit friends, go outside

Umm its mostly taking care of kids n babies and trying to get housework done lol that’s funny. :joy: i wish i could get all my housework done and have time to relax!

How did you get chores done?

Haha well there is always stuff to clean for me my chores are never done lol but I make baby hats, mittens and blankets and I donate them to NICU’S in my area :slight_smile:

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I want to know how you get all your chores done. I get one mess picked up just to have 3 new messes to clean up. I feel like I’m constantly running circles my kids are 6,4,4,2, and almost 6 months. My husband swings a hammer all day and there’s days I’m more exhausted then him at bed time

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Nap. Play games on my phone. Sit outside with beverages. Watch TV. Knit. Craft.

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Work on your hobbies! Dont have one? Find one! Get in touch with nature and gardening! Paint! Read, watch movies, play video games

The chores are never done :joy::sob:

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Wait what? How are the chores ever done?

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Crochet, yoga, teach(3yo & 8mo), give nutritional/general wellness advice…but there’s ALWAYS something to do around the house lol.

Chores are done? What is this thing you speak of? LOL when you have a 4 yr old there is always something to pick up, put away, or clean. :joy: we cook, clean, teach, clean, play, clean, help with homework, clean, get kids to activities, baths, book, bed. Get up and do it all over again.

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Who wants to bet this was asked by a young non-mom. :joy: Even working moms know chores are never Done.

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My chores are never done

Ummm its never ending. Something always needs to be done and someone always needs something…husband and dogs included

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Same thing week after week.cook clean wash and exc.

I’m never done from 6am10pm 7 days aweek

Nap! Please for me!:heart::heart:

Done all chores? This is a new term to me. Could you explain its meaning please :joy:


I just cleaned my house and I already need to clean it again sooooooo it’s never done lol

I just clicked on this to see how people were getting all the “chores” done!


Play with my 3 year old pretty much. Parks ect otherwise if its gloomy or raining, we have a tea party. :smiley:

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Gym and Hang with other moms. Join Moms Club. It’s a national club for stay at home mother. And girl you must only have one kid if your laundry is completely done lol

How do you get done? It’s never ending until I pass out.

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I go 4 wheeling with my local 4x4 group usually on Saturdays. I work full time as does my husband and between me, my husband, and the person I pay to clean my house. It gives me time to take my kids if they wanna go or spend alone time with my husband if the kids wanna stay at a friends. My house may not be 100% spotless 24/7 but I refuse to spend all my time working/doing chores. My kids however are older (10 and 11) they dont need me constantly like mothers with babies and younger children.

Hahahahaha chores done?!.. :joy::joy::joy::joy: What’s that?!


Exercise. Workout at home or find a local gym.

The Crossfit gym is my go to place. It’s also nice to meet with like minded adults

3yr old twins. Always something to do and chores are never done when they tear it up right behind u.


They’re never done. Not with our 4 kids. But I watch Netflix lol

I make cards, or bake… always have to reclean so its never fully done

Haha I wish the chores were ever done!

The chores are never done… I’m not a stay at home mom and I know this lol

If you don’t have a great metabolism exercise! Find a buddy it’s more fun. I also like to coupon. I would some times get free stuff. That would make it more fun for me.