What do stay at home moms do?

What do you stay at home moms do besides the normal cleaning, cooking, taking care of pets and taking the kids to school and picking them up? All of my friends have moved away and my parents have also moved away recently as well so there really isn’t anyone that I can go hang out with once my daily chores are done. Life calls for me to be a stay at home mom for now, so today- I will be turning in my resignation letter.


Join a gym! I used to love going everyday just to do some different classes

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You get your chores done? Dang mama good job! Join a gym maybe get a small part time job or volunteer somewhere. You can do some dyi home improvement projects.

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First, and foremost, stop calling them your daily chores. LoL

Secondly, do whatever the hell you want girl! Go places with the kiddos. Parks, malls with indoor play places, zoos, etc. Join some online mom groups that meet up weekly, monthly etc.

Enjoy being at home. Don’t look at it as a job because let’s be honest here, SAHM’s “work” 24/7.


I watched a lot of Netflix :joy: I’ve been a sahm since Jan and dont have any friends so I dont go out much

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Unwind for awhile, go shopping or a little pampering

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I taught myself to crochet a year and a half ago. It’s now my hobby. Keeps me busy and brings in a little extra cash here and there.


Wish I could say, but my daily chores are never done. I have this 2 year old Master of Disaster that follows behind me like a tiny tornado and destroys everything I’ve just cleaned every minute of the day


Nap😂 Watch tv😂 occasionally take the kids out😂

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I clean in the mornings before they get up , make them breakfast , they do their chores , we go to the zoo , bowling , we also habe a trampoline outside and getting a pool , we have lunch they clean up have a hour of quiet time , make it fun ! I work part time so , i work just to habe some identity ! Staying home full time is not my personal preference

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Dreaming of the day I can do this.


This is my hobby, just one out of the 4 tanks we have.

Our local library has summer programs each day of the week is something different and they have different things for different age groups and the other moms there are great. Also see if there is a local mommy and me group near.

Take some college courses online

Trying to get your daily chores done will likely take all day sometimes :rofl::sob:


I personally live in a small town where there really isn’t much of anything, closest mall is an hour away. So I’ll just load my son up and ho walk around walmart or walk around the block i live on if I have absolutely nothing else to do…especially since my fiance works at walmart we get to see him and makes our day a little better. But mostly I stay home or I go to my one friend that is also a stay at home mom, or go to my parents, but that’s all I do if I’m not home.

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That’s about all I can accomplish in a day, sometimes I get to shower…


You could join a book club, volunteer at the children’s school, join the PTA, take college courses, learn something you’ve always wanted to learn like an instrument, write a book about your skills and talents anything…this is your time too mama…take advantage of this blessing and totally enjoy it…best of luck my friend…you will be a great SAHM!!


When I was sahm, I used to hit the gym.

When I was sahm, I used to hit the gym.

I started going to school part time online.

You mean that isn’t enough? I develop hobbies.

Summer is the best time to do it.
Winter is exhausting lol

Literally nothing and bore myself to death.
Play guitar and paint occasionally but it takes free time from the kid to do that.

Paint… walls, floors, canvas, chairs…learn to sew, bake, gardening…

I’m doing good to do all of those things and have some time for myself🤷🏻‍♀️even just watching one of my shows I like. My sons school is 30 minutes away so I spend 2 hours a day driving him and I have a newborn. I’ve been a sahm now on and off for over 4 years and I’ve never had anyone to hang out with. I honestly just am always with my kids and hubby when he’s not at work. It does get lonely sometimes. I’m considering joining a local mop group and going to baby wearing meetups but that’s still only like 2 events a month

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Take your kids out and do stuff. I used to take mine to parks, pools, walks, depending on their age. But I had my twins in pool by 6 months old

Houseplants great obsession and you won’t time or money for anything else haha. My baby is crawling now so i have to rearrange them before she can get to em haha but she loves looking at them!

We planted a garden and find new things to bake. We also rearrange the house a Lot lol

Read, take my daughter to the library, or playground. My mother in law owns a salon so if I need adult conversations I got sit up there for a couple of hours and then I’m back to not needing to be around people for like a week. Lol

Are you any good at baking? If so, why not start a small business from home, you will be classed as self employed, and universal credit will make up the rest you need each month, if you do need any help. It can be as big or small as you want. Do it at fetes at school, the tables are cheap, and a great way of having some cheap business cards, even homemade ones, on it. You can also do this with various hobbies, of talents you may have. Read, write, dance, exercise. Go to slimming world, even if you don’t need it, you will get to meet people. Parenting groups, may not be that fun, but you get to meet people. Start up a community ladies book club, as a excuse for a drink, and gossip, that does seem to happen ore at them than any reading😂. Anything that you loved to do, before becoming a mum, could be good to start up again. Volunteering at charity shops will help past the time, help to gift something back to the community and make friends, with others volunteering.

All of that if possible except all my kids are too young for school. I would love to have any kind of me time for the gym or anything but I’m also pregnant so im too exahusted to even try to ask my husband to watch the kids for me.

I have 9 kids, caregiver to his gma and a sahm …i usually do the house work lol im lucky to get all that done.

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Read books play games on phone and maybe go to socail events like church places where there are a lit.of.people around

Can you imagine how many mothers would love that life?? Be grateful, do something for someone else. You can always find something to do!!!

Wish you lived close to,me. I would be your substitute mom and grandma to you and youre kids.

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Play groups. Mom groups.

Read, paint, I don’t have kids in school yet so im not able to do these but I will once I have time away from my little ones

I pretty much clean all day long. My kids eat alot so im always cooking and prepping snacks, laundry seems to take forever, we’re about to move so im packing, im a pastry chef so I bake constantly. Some days I take them to the park or i go run errands and pack them up to go to the grocery store​:weary::weary::joy::joy:. Mine are 3 and 5 and they both start school in august. So my days of being home are almost up. I love my children dearly but I’m ready to go back to work lol

I’ve always wanted to be a stay at home mom… just not in the cards for us unfortunately… but I did have an idea when we looked into it. Find a craft or hobby, maybe even open an Etsy store. At least that’s what I wanted to do.


Find a good coffee shop and run with it.

My kids are homeschooled so I’m constantly busy lol. I do take the kids to the park, zoo or wherever else to get out and burn energy or to help our sanity.

I was lucky enough to have a full school year where both my babies were in school and I didnt work. I just relaxed. I had spent 7 years at the time doing nithing but raising children and it was nice to have a few hours a day to get to remember who I am besides mom. I read a ton of books. Watched Netflix. Joined the PTA and volunteered at school. Had school lunch with my babies. Took walks. Went to the library. Crafted (poorly).

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I took the kids to the park library storytimes (met alot of moms to hang around and play dates. Even as a grandma FT that is I was included with my grands for playdates and parties). Crafts I always did crafts and stores can have lessons.

I’m a part time sahm and work pt. Plus a board member of a veteran charity, am involved with my community and politics, a part of a historical society and do the housework.

Nothing as l don’t have many friends either my boys are grown up so I lost touch with some friends when they left school :school: would love to have more friends if anyone is interested would love to go to cinema but not on my own :heart_eyes:

I’m a SAHM and take my son to baby groups every day except Tuesdays and Sundays. Sometimes we meet up with friends for coffee/lunch, take the kids to the park, local woods for nature walks, feed the ducks at a nearby pond, local events and do activities at home such as sponge painting, messy play, making sensory bottles, crafting and music.

I’m one as well and try doing different things to keep busy . I know alot of stay at home moms get into “it works”, they start getting crafty and selling their projects which turns into a small business, some do alot of the online surveys which you get paid.

I go with my kids to the zoo, got a membership and go once a week. The zoo near us is only across town. I’ve seen that some moms blog about being home with their kids. If you’re feeling lonely and like you have no one to really talk to, there are mom groups that have different activities and even recommendations. I’ve worked on crafts like crocheting and even looked into quilting(can be turned into a little side gig too!). There’s the option if you feel like continuing your education there’s online courses you can take on you’re own time. Also, Pinterest is great for inspirations too.

Not gunna lie to you. Between all of my daily duties my kids take up the rest of the time. And thats IF I can get them done. My kids arent in school yet. Ones about to be 3 and the other is 2 months. So I’m constantly busy. My down time is nap time and thats when i watch tv or read.

I crochet and occasionally breed rats and bunnies, have a lot of houseplants and we do a lot of small outdoor trips and activities when the weather permits. I stopped trying to have friends around all the time, people usually complicate things and cause problems. Focus on your family, what you do have. All depends how you look at everything.

Sweetheart trust me, those activities sound little when u are listing them down but when u get down to doing them by the time u are done u will be too tired to open a book or paint or etc! Maybe it will be easier for coz your kids go to school.

I make time to volunteer at an animal shelter, and take time for hobbies. Biggest lesson I had to learn was not to forget about self-care

I do projects and self care when the kids are at school and the work is done, which is rare with older kids, the laundry alone never seems to end. Running errands and stuff like that is best done when alone.

Go to the library…go to a mom/baby group. Hit up the gym and put the kids in the little daycare area for an 30 mins to an hour. Go to your community center and see what they have going on. Dont slam all chores into one day either…let go a little so you can have some fun, and so you dont feel stuck in a tight routine.

I’m a Sahm too but literally don’t stay home. im too busy for that… I am single and have 5 kids. oldest 21 (still home 2nd oldest 20 moved out with partner and had a bub younger 3… 16, 13 and 12. ) all in school but i study 2 days a week, i gave work experience plus apts for them all, i sometimes babysit twin 10 month old boys to help the grandmother, and my grandson i usually only have a weekend available, but don’t have friends to see cause i don’t like people so I’m either doing home work, house work, or craft as i make handmade cards… I can only do 25 hrs a week in study and work experience as I’m on carers pension for my asd kiddo…

Babies aren’t in school yet. Wouldn’t be staying home if they were.