What do you do when your mucus plug starts coming out?

Is it tinged with blood? Could be the early starts of labor or not. Just pay attention to your body. Mucus plugs can come out when the cervix is softening. There isn’t really anything to do but mention it to your OB at your next appointment.

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Literally nothing lol. Mucus plug can come out long before labour starts.


I went to the hospital, after that my contractions started, at two minutes apart. Had a baby five hours later.


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Don’t know what to do…. You do nothing. Like what? lol


Leave it. Mine came out at 34 weeks and didn’t have baby until 40+2. They regenerate just do not pull it out x


Your wait. Do nothing


Ya mine came out 2 weeks ago lol unfortunately no baby yet, I’m due in 2 more days. Unless you have bright red bleeding or are under 37 weeks pregnant it’s normal to lose your plug a few weeks before birth. With my first I lost it at 40 weeks and had contractions instantly after then had her the next night.


it’s the waiting game. i’d contact your doctor & let them know though. just make sure your hospital bag is ready!


Nothing. Let nature run its course. Ive had three babies. Mine always came out 2-3 weeks before. If water breaks then call dr


You will be okay you’re considered full term :heart:

It could still be another 2 weeks…r u dilated at all?

At 38 wks you are still good to deliver. If mucus plug is out and was slightly pink the labor usually starts the next day.

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Wait for the onset of labor…

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You’re good just watch for the water I break and let you’re Dr know it came out so they can have things ready for you.
Mine feel out 33 weeks pregnant

Do nothing… U’re fine… It’ll come out and that’s it

It’s normal just keep waiting

With my last daughter I started losing it a month before I had it. It regenerates :slightly_smiling_face:

Instead of Facebook call your Dr and speak with a nurse


With my last two pregnancies when I lost mine I had my babies 2 weeks later.

Mucus plug coming out dose not mean labor is near it can come out and grow back I started losing mine at 30 weeks.

You’re technically considered full term at this point so just wait and see, sometimes this means labor will start soon but it could also partially re-form and still be awhile before you go into full labor. Def no reason to rush to the hospital at this stage in your pregnancy if there are no other concerning symptoms and baby is moving like normal. But never hurts to give your ob/midwife a call for peace of mind if you want


My daughter was born 28 hours after losing my mucous plug.

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You don’t do anything unless your water breaks or start having regular contractions 5min apart. Your supposed to loose it around that time

Both my daughters I went into labor immediately after losing my mucus plug

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For everyone saying to wait for your water to break… that is not the best information to give. Alot of mom’s water doesn’t break until they are pushing.


Call your doctor and get off social media :wink:


Its normal… it can come out and grow back… you’re full term anyways.

Let it, you’re probably ready to deliver and the last 3 weeks (I delivered at 41w3d) was HELL for me anyways. 38 weeks is considered full term and you don’t want to endure those last couple weeks if you don’t have to.

Just wait for water to break

Was in active labor as soon as I lost mine. Had small contractions all throughout the day. I lost mine at 11am and had my little boy the same night at 11:44pm.

Are you kidding me? I don’t know… maybe call your effing Dr??? :roll_eyes::persevere:


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Call your doctor! Wth is wrong with some people? Let me ask the face book experts!:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:


Be happy you’ll have your baby soon. :slight_smile:

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You do nothing. I lost mine months before delivery

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Nothing. Maybe call your drs office and let them know if you want. Might go into labor soon, might not, you’re far enough along that it’s totally normal though

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:thinking: uummm maybe first call your Dr, not Facebook :rofl:

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It’s normal, it doesn’t decide if your gonna be in labor or not just know your right around the corner tho! It’s actually a film that makes sure no bacteria or infection goes into your uterus while pregnant. It falls because your cervix is thinning and preparing for labor.

It’s nothing at all.
It’s not a sign of anything or a sign labor is near. You can lose them many times… it’s no big deal.

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nothing. you’ll be fine, plus it’s not really a sign of oncoming labor or anything.