What do you feed a picky eater?

My son is 18 months, aka officially becoming a picky eater. In need of meal ideas because I feel like I’m feeding him the same things over and over again…
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For the longest time my child survived off of chicken nuggets and french fries unfortunately it’s a phase

Still there!! Almost two. The Dr told me it’s a “grazing faze” to just offer things to him all through out the day so he can pick. I make sure to not give him anything an hour before mealtime so he has an apetite. Sometimes if he isn’t eating much his father and I will make sounds when we’re eating like “mhmm” or “so good” lol and it usually gets him curious to try it if we do that and sit down to eat with him. He’s really into those jello fruit cups, veggie straws (for snack) also pretzel rods when he’s teething. For meals he usually eats what were eating or for breakfast maybe scrambled eggs and toast. Loves any kind of bread lol

Cauliflower can be fun lots of different ways to cook it to use it like rice or potatoes

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They all have that phase. At least he’s eating tho lol

Same boat here except my 3 year old never got out of it and my 18 month old eats twice as much as my 3 year old. We just give her nutra shakes and vitamins

It’s a phase. My 2 year old only would eat McDonald’s fries at 12-18 months I thought she’d be over weight by now but she’s actually tiny for her age. Then it turned onto just tuna day and night. Now it’s cheese and nuggets. I try to give her vitamins though to help her

My son survived on a steady diet of pop tarts for two years because he absolutely refused to ear anything else. His doc told me not to worry, he would grow out of it.

Pasta. All of my kids went through a phase where all they would eat is pasta. I would make up a batch of sauce and use the blender to hide all of the nutrient dense meats and veggies that their little bodies need, then just cook up a fresh cup of pasta each day and heat up a bit of the sauce. Then I would put that on the plate with whatever I cooked for everyone else that day, and if they touched nothing but the pasta at least I knew nutritional needs were still being met.


My kid is 5 and is still picky. A lot less picky then the 2 year old phase but still picky lol only other thing mine liked other than chicken nuggets, mac n cheese or pb&j was spaghetti, ravioli, and sometimes bbq chicken

Join the group my 19 year old has always been picky. Then she up and quit eating totally in March 2018 ended up with Feeding tube at which they found out she can’t digest proteins. So we became Vegan gluten free, dairy free, oat free, soy free, lower sugar intake. I spend hours reading labels. But she is eating and not sick any more but I tell you it was H. Trying to find things to get her to eat. I worried because all I saw was weight dropping all doctors would say is she will not stave. If I found something she would eat it was the same thing every day lunch dinner she would never eat breakfast. She was over 18 and I was told over and over you can’t force her to eat. I could only offer. So she eats only what she wants not much drinking. But like you say it is same thing over and over but I have learned the hard way if I force her she will STOP totally. Drinks go down the Tube. I just go with her. I provided foods that she can disgust have a 50/50 chance it is something she will eat. Only thing expensive is if she doesn’t eat it. So I don’t worry about if I repeat meals anymore it is finding new things on her restricted diet she will eat. So God bless you all for trying. I have people who tell me I am crazy for going through this with her she would get what she gets and that is it. They would have stopped way before the feeding tube.

My daughter is super picky but she get offered what everyone else is eating, if she doesn’t eat it, it will sit at the table and she will eat when she is hungry. Don’t give into there picky habits

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