What do you get an older child for Easter?

What do you get an 11 year old boy who honestly don’t need toys for easter… I’m drawing blanks.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What do you get an older child for Easter?

I gave mine money then they could choose

Money in a card with a chocolate bunny!

I asked my 11 yo girl what she wanted and if she just wanted me to take her out and about and just pick some stuffs that cost the same as what I would have spent on surprise stuff…she chose going with and picking her own stuff out

Outdoor things, summer toys like squirt guns, water balloons, a cool new shirt, etc


I just got mine stress balls, kites, and snacks

I do x box cards, flip flops, artsy thing and new football, stuff like that.

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My parents used to put money inside of the eggs

Bike scooter skateboard

Gift cards, Apple gift card or Google play card, game system cash card, movie tickets, stuff like that…

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Mine are getting electric toothbrushes

I got ours a chocolate Easter bunny, Robin egg candy and a plushy.

Whole ps5 setup and he will love you forever :joy:. But seriously maybe a cool shirt or shoes he gets to choose.

T-shirts, basketball shorts, socks, ear buds, pens/pencils, soaps/cologne, water balloons, sprinkler, sports equipment, lip balm, gum…

Fav candy with a golden egg with $ inside

Gift cards, but maybe in smaller increments so they can get more from diff places like 5-10 McDonald’s
Burger King
Taco Bell
Dairy Queen
And or maybe like 10, 15-25 Amazon Walmart, sporting goods store and etc. also could just do money but make it fun and do a silly scavenger hunt to find clues that lead to the bunny treat💋 aka CASH!!!

A book, a game, gift card?

I bought my boys nice thermal water cups they could take to school, whoopie cushions, flarp, and soccer balls last year. And just stuffed the rest with candy.

Why do they need toys , it’s easter


Shoes , outfit,basket with candy and girly things that she like or could use!

I always used Easter to buy the summer stuff! Sandals, flip flops, sunglasses, swimsuit, goggles, beach towel, frisbee, sunscreen, stuff like that!.


Snacks- last year we did things like beef jerky, corn nuts, roasted peanuts, takis

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A pair of winter pj’s and ugg boots with chocolate bunnies inside

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Clothes, shoes, sports stuff, swimming or movie passes, money, a game if he plays games or video games, slime , science type kits, Zoo passes/Waterpark passes

My 14 yr old is getting gift cards.

Wait, we’re supposed to buy them gifts? My kid is 16 and I’ve never bought an Easter gift


I got my 11 yr old boy a new basketball, hat, slides, and some weird sushi candy off Amazon. I’m sure I’ll find some smaller items to fill it up as well.

Easter is all about Easter eggs not more toys or money x


Mine are 13 & 14, I get them like a upholstered organizer basket and fill it with their favorite snacks and a gift card for a new video game.

Wow! It’s Easter people - NOT Birthday or Christmas!!
Doesn’t matter how old a child gets (even adults) Easter is for giving Easter Eggs and Chocolate! Not toys or clothes or giftcards!! Get back to basics people!! :woman_facepalming:


We get him gift cards for games. Then he gets shorts and tee shirts… new shoes and Sandler’s for summer. Then he gets like Pringles, roman noodles… Pop corn Reece cups. Gatorade cause he has his own little fridge. Body washes and shampoo. Cause there order over internet. Nephew is into :bow_and_arrow: so stuff for that. Air buds.

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Presents at Easter? Good Lord (literally)

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Mine get stuff that coordinate with our summer vacation plans. This year we’re going to the lake. So they’re getting fishing poles, tackle boxes, beach towels, swim suits, goggles and snorkel sets, sun block, life jackets, etc

Chocolate eggs :egg:, I don’t treat it as a gift holiday, baskets for 12 and under

Gift card for Steam or some other video game platform might be appreciated, a cool shirt or hat, art supplies if he’s into art, some of his favorite candy still of course, don’t be afraid to throw in non-easter snacks too, etc. You can also hide dollar bills in eggs all over the house for him to hunt for lol.

I’ve got kids pretty spread out age wise, 13, 6 and almost 6 year old “twins” and 6 week old, I plan to do the same thing I’ve always done since only having one child and it’s pretty basic, baskets have the same things for all of them, a new spring outfit, a chocolate bunny, a craft (dollar store usually) a Easter themed stuffy and some chocolate eggs and of course marshmallow peeps, the night before we will do the usual planting of jellybeans around the garden so the Easter bunny can sprinkle his magic over them and turn them into lollipops for the kids to “pick” before the egg hunt, and for the egg hunt the Easter bunny leaves a short note saying which colour plastic eggs are for which child to find (hidden based on age/difficulty) and that’s all she wrote

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Their favorite snacks! Nifty school supplies!
Trading cards (like those old school Garbage Pail Kids ones)

A sketch book and some nice markers and colored pencils

When did we start doing presents lol ?

Slippers pjs and a chocolate egg

Tickets to the movies for a date night.

I love the “it’s not christmas” comments, NO SHIT ITS NOT CHRISTMAS, but first off easter isn’t about anything but Jesus rising again, however no 2 people celebrate any holiday the same, give what you can afford to your child!

you can make a homemade Easter basket with candy like tape it like a basket and some outside stuff

I do a new winter pjs a chocolate Easter egg or bunny and then and art and craft activity to do on the day but that’s gift from mum and dad easter bunny just brings chocolate eggs that are hidden in the garden.

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My girls have a dress each. An egg each, flashy pen thingy, what’s he in to? Would he like a day out? A gaming gift card? A funny t-shirt? A basket with his fav snacks in maybes

An Easter egg. Easter.

My boy is 11 aswell and I just do new Pajama’s each year (I swear this last year he has had that many growth spurts than he ever has 🤦) and some chocolate. My 8 year old daughter gets the same. It’s Easter not their birthday or Christmas.

Basket full of cleaning supplies :rofl::rofl:

From a young age I started putting less candy in my daughter’s basket (still some, ofc), and would fill it with new art/craft supplies, sidewalk chalk, little toys, sensory stuff like silly putty, slime, a little Easter stuffed animal, etc, and she always loved it. And it didn’t have to be expensive, I often only spent around $20-$30 on everything.

So, for the people saying “it’s not Christmas, they aren’t supposed to get toys!” and whatnot, it’s definitely not on the same scale as Christmas! Just a few little somethings to make her smile. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Egg hunts with little toys or candy in them.

Last year we did fishing equipment and beef jerky and Xbox stuff for him. This year it’s camping stuff

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Money. Gift cards to favorite places to eat or shop.

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Just get a cool chocolate bunny resees or something cute and simple :slightly_smiling_face: f these haters btw you give as much as u want to your kids whether it’s Christmas or not


Does he like to read? We always get our kids a book or the start of a series they might like.


A chocolate bunny. Its easter.

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Toys? Easter???

Chocolate :joy:

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I did crawfish nets one year.


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Last year I did something for their body (an outfit), something for their head (a hat for my boys and headbands for my girls), something for their feet (a new pair of sandals for summer), and something fun (a fidget for each). Then they got a little bit of candy and a couple snacks. They loved it! (Ages ranged from just under 1 up to almost 11)


Winter pjs, activity book, reading book and Easter choccies

Gift cards, maybe a shirt, water bottle, hygiene things, cash, a book, chocolates.

I got asmall amount of chocolate for my kids, partner and inlaws and a book each, I also got myself 2 books as I’m not big on junk

I remember years ago, my brother got a chocolate bunny, some jelly beans etc. and some new underwear in his Easter Basket. I always thought that was kind of funny…underwear! But my Mom, l mean the Easter Bunny was very practical. And so was Santa! Lol

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We get ours a stuffed animal usually and candy. Ours range from 5 to 13 so the older ones may get a play card in their golden egg. Lol. Just a 10.00 one but we try and keep it simple. Honestly their favorite thing are the boiled colored eggs lol.

I get my 4 year old and my 13 year old the same thing a basket of candy.

:face_with_monocle: It’s easter? Not Christmas…
PJ’s, Easter book and some chocolate :rabbit:


Summer PJ’S. A little basket of course. Dollar tree has great stuff. Maybe a new game if he has a game system. Movie tickets.

Books, outside stuff, gift cards to movies, anything sports related, money/coins in eggs, his favorite snacks, socks or any clothing items, Cologne, any basics he needs.

Easter candy for sure. I found other treats like bunny cheese crackers, pretzels to avoid too much sugar! If he likes to collect something like card packs, little cars, bubbles-just little odds and ends. Happy Easter :rabbit:

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Gift card to Amazon!

My kids say they are too old for eggs, and I prefer to get them stuff to use. One year I bought them a cheap little tent each and a sleeping bag. They would go camping in the backyard.

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Chocolate? Candy? Isn’t that what every kid gets? Why does he need anything else?


My mum always gave us new pyjamas. I might re-start that tradition for myself and my 24yo daughter instead of tooth decay lol

We don’t celebrate Easter. There’s no point in it.

I’m in Australia :australia:

For my lot they get there first set of winter pyjamas and slippers as the weather is starting to get cold, along with a few Easter chocolate treats


Slides, Outfit, PJ’s, Sports stuff, Gift cards, some candy, drawing pad/pens/markers/colored pencils, Baseball cards, Necklace/watch…

Video game…Action figures…A movie…cinema tickets…tickets to a favorite event

We always bought the kids/ grandkids a new winter dressing gown or a set of pyjamas , and a small chocolate egg.

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Shitload of chocolate eggs like every year

A Model kit that he can build n learn Some Thing !

Erm…an Easter Egg maybe. Never too old for chocolate.

It’s Easter. You get them some chocolate

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Easter eggs and money

A book tickets to a movie

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A girl or a boy?
Make them a basket with their favorite candies. Maybe video game for a boy, bath and bodyworks for a girl. A couple plastic eggs with cash in them. Easter egg hunts are always fun. Coloring eggs is fun if your kiddo still wants to do that. Cool thing for you is that they aren’t going to wake you up at 6am like they used too. I saw my daughter today and she told me she doesn’t want to be too old for Easter yet cuz it’s fun. She just turned 20
And guess what? I got her the cutest bunny the other day and some good chocolates so I’ve started her Easter basket already :wink:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, I get them a $10 gift card to iTunes or Xbox, flip flops or sandal for summer, my 14 yo is getting a gaming mouse pad, an inexpensive set of Bluetooth ear buds since he can’t keep AirPods… my older two are getting car wash stuff for their cars. I do spend a little more on them for Easter then my younger 3 but the older 3 all work so they usually buy what they want so I don’t buy them a ton of stuff besides birthdays, Christmas, and Easter.

Outfits, dad’s, cinema vouchers, chocolate, a book

Easter eggs :raised_hands: if not wanting chocolate ideas possibly a gaming voucher or clothing :thinking:

My tween and teen sons get their first spring items. Like: slides, sandals, shorts, hat, balls, skateboard along with their favorite candy, a book and gift card

Pair of pjs an slippers. Or outfit
A few chocolates.

Or drawing set - pencils colour books.

Cleaning supplies and I’m not even JOKING


Ask him what he wants ? Talk to him spend time with him.

Maybe a personalized Bible is a beautiful gift since that is the thought behind Easter. Just a suggestion not judging anyone or their religion or non- religion

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Most kids nowdays like money so,they can save for something they really want

Art kits science kits models

Snacks and chocolate

Basket with cleaning products. Lpl

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Mine always get a small egg and either books or clothes. Usually something hobby related or that years new swim stuff if they need it. My 10yo has lost her riding socks so sil is getting her more

Waterballoons, super soaker, new swimsuit and sandals, board game, card game, gift card, candy, favorite snacks, fidgeting toys, money, camping gear, roller blades, skateboard, madlib fill in the blank books or puzzles.