What does a bleeding placenta mean?

I am wondering if anyone else has been told they had bleeding in the placenta (which means a low lying placenta) and had it resolved as you got further along in your pregnancy. This is my second baby and was hoping for vbac but the risks of a placenta lying low at full term, is another c section. I’m freaking out.

About 22 weeks along right now and the last time they noticed the bleeding was at 17 weeks. My midwife did say it was very common in the beginning. But I can’t help but stress.


A low lying placenta yes, but not bleeding. If it’s just low that isn’t a problem for a vbac. It moved higher by 24 weeks.


Mine was low lying but went up on its own (which is common). They will recheck you and watch u. Dont stess.most go up on their own.

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Mine was low then I got rechecked and it went up!

I had placenta previa which is a form of low lying placenta but in my case my placenta was completely covering my cervix at 27 weeks it started to give out an I had to be rushed to emergency c section… mine was low lying but instead of moving up it moved further down… because of how early I was when I had her they had to cut my uterus up an down now if I get pregnant again I can only have c sections no chance for a vaginal birth… It was a scary experience all around… I wish u luck an I hope things look better for u

My 1st it didnt, i carried my baby to term but it ruptured and i almost died, the 2nd it resolved itself, currently 14 weeks waiting to find out if the 3rd will resolve as well, to my understanding most do

Mine is low lying, but not bleeding. It’ll be rechecked at 32w.

I fail to understand why having another c-section is such a big deal if that’s what’s needed to have a baby born alive and safely.

Let me tell you something. There’s no reward for pushing a baby out of your vagina. I’ve done it 9 times. It hurts like you can’t believe. Birth is dirty and messy and poopy and beautiful, but so is a c-section. The point is to deliver a healthy baby and have a healthy mom too.