What does an abnormal pap smear mean?

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Has anyone ever had an abnormal pap!? My first ob appt they did a pap and the nurse said something on it came back abnormal, and we would redo the pap at my 6 week check up, well my 6 week check up is Wednesday and im very scared thst something is wrong! Has anyone ever had an abnormal one? What was the cause?


The last time mine was about was.cause I was pregnant… hope everything turns out ok with yours

Last time that happened to me, I had to have a colposcopy done to remove precancerous cells. I hope its nothing serious.

my dr called me and told me that my pap came back abnormal and is wanting to retest after I have the baby. I am so worried

I had an abnormal pap that a certain type of cell not sure which one it was but they automatically run an HPV test which was negative. Said it’s common to have blood in a Pap smear too that triggers it to be abnormal


I had an abnormal one, they retested at 28weeks and I haven’t recieved the results yet but I did show cancerous cells. And they will retest at my 6 week check up…

Everytime after I had a baby.it was abnormal

I had one when I found out I was pregnant came back “slightly adnormal” I have no clue if it was cause I was pregnant or not :woman_shrugging: gadda wait tell after baby born to find out :woman_shrugging: pray it’s nothing with yours

Sometimes false positive, wait for second one. If positive prob. Pre cancerous cells that they watch and poss need treatment on. Not to worry at this point hon. Stress not helpful to You. God bless. :full_moon_with_face::tulip::sunflower:

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Had an abnormal cell turned out to be HPV.