What does birth control do?

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Prevent them chaps , it don’t save you from all of them but most :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s a preventative measure but does not 100% guarantee you will not get pregnant, there’s always a chance you can. Always use protection as well. It can also help regulate menstrual cycles if you’re irregular and have something like PCOS.


It can also screw up your hormones


birth control is TRASH


controls birth but not necessarily 100%. only thing 100% is taxes and death


What’s with these questions lately…

Last night it was “does pre cum get you pregnant” now this.

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Sounds like a child/teen is asking this question.

Birth control is the act of preventing pregnancy. Methods include medications, procedures, devices, and behaviors. It’s not 100% effective.


It can also be used to help regulate cycles , helps with hormone In balance , some take it to help with endo pain. As well as prevent pregnancy (although you may want to use other methods as well as it’s not 100% effective)


Prevents kids, in my case it prevents periods and causes mood swings and irritability and changes my personality

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It depends on the type. All have different ways of preventing pregnancy


its used for many of reasons. it can be good and it can be bad depending on your body. talk to your dr bc theyre all kinds of birth control also research

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I refuse to be on it. It is horrible for your body and isn’t natural but here is an actual explanation of how it works. The birth control pill works by stopping sperm from joining with an egg. When sperm joins with an egg it’s called fertilization.

The hormones in the pill safely stop ovulation. No ovulation means there’s no egg for sperm to fertilize, so pregnancy can’t happen.

The pill’s hormones also thicken the mucus on the cervix. This thicker cervical mucus blocks sperm so it can’t swim to an egg — kind of like a sticky security guard.


It stop ovulation witch means that you can’t get pregnant

I can’t believe some of these ignorant comments! Especially coming from fellow ladies!


Birth control is not 100% effective

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For me the pill form does nothing … it didn’t help my period and I got pregnant on 3 different brands

I know a few who have the iud and they haven’t had their period in years and have had 0 pregnancy scares. I know other girls who had to have it removed because it poked a hole and they ended up with more issues

Thins out the uteran lining so an egg cant attach itself to the wall. And can help stop your period too. It adds a bunch of hormones to your system to help your body not ovulate either however that can still happen as its only 99% effective. So thats why you should also double up and use condoms as well those are 98% effect. Also even used together isnt 100% effective but you have a higher chance of not getting pregnant when using both. Condoms also help prevent stds/stis. Also everytime after sex make sure to go pee. It helps prevent a uti which is a biiiiitch to deal with.

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I still got pregnant on the pill. It is not 100%. I had to finally go to the Paragaurd IUD that has no hormones in it.

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Thank you to those who answered with INFORMATIVE responses instead of being some grouchy stuck up know it all, as we know birth control has many uses and your personal insights might just help someone out. Thank youu


Y’all need to be nice. This might be a young girl looking for advice. Sheesh.

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That would greatly depend on what form of BC you’re talking about.

Google is a resource.

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birth control is prescribed for several different reasons, not limited to controlling when a girl or woman can become pregnant.

Wreak havoc on your body.


It can be helpful for preventing pregnancy, not 100% effective though, always double up with condoms, or it can be used for other issues too. I have some health issues in that area and the hormones from my birth control help regulate my body with ones that it doesn’t makes itself. Google or your primary doctor is a good resource too if you need more specific information. Hope that helps you :heart:

For me it prevented pregnancy
…but I also had severe mood swings…hair loss and hyper anxiety among other things.
But it also regulated my period which kinda was cool.

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However it doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant on birth control though as no BC is 100%. Just make sure you use it correctly etc but it’s doesn’t stop pregnancy completely, it’s only a small chance of getting pregnant on BC so it can still happen just bear that in mind x

Fails. Been pregnant 3 times on it. And it wrecks havoc on youb

Not work. Had a kid on the implant and using a condom.

Everyone is different and every birth control method is different. It is commonly used for other things than just preventing pregnancy. Honestly it’s a trial and error for everyone. Discuss reasons and options with your doctor. Tell them your concerns. What works for some or doesnt work for some may pr may not be right for you individually.

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It’s used for several things. I have ovarian cyst and it was used to regulate my hormones to prevent more from occurring as a teenager. Also pregnancy prevention. To regulate menstrual cycles… There’s probably more but that’s just a few off the top of my head


Hormonal birth control essentially makes your ovaries think you’re pregnant already, so they stops producing eggs. (Ideally, when it works properly). Non-hormonal IUDs prevent implantation of a fertilized egg (ideally). Diaphragms with spermicidal jelly prevent the sperm from getting to the egg, similar to a condom plus spermicide, but without diminishing sensation to the penis. Properly fitted, a diaphragm isn’t felt by either partner.


Y’all what if this is kid asking who doesn’t have a woman in her life to answer the question? Not everyone has the same life as yours so be respectful


Make you get blood clots,might help with acne, might make you infertile and gain weight

Depends which one your taking

Well I cut my tunes cut, burned, and tied and got pregnant with my now 20 year old…I thought that was the ultimate birth control.

no no I’m joking. Lol. Really it should be called pregnancy control I suppose.

It varies on which type of birth control and person to person.

I was bleeding too much when i have my period and made me tired all the time so she gave me birth control to slow down the flow

What someone else said. Sounds like a child/teen asking so y’all judgmental comments should stop.

To the person asking, it’s to prevent pregnancy from occurring during sex. It’s not 100% effective and there’s many different types of birth control out there. NO form of birth control protects you against any type of STD. Same with condoms. You’re never 100% protected unless you know you and your partner are only having sex with each other.


Honestly alot of women use it to regulate their periods and hormones in the body. And as well for helping prevent pregnancy. But not all birth control is 100% effective even using 2 forms isn’t always effective. And if not taken. Correctly(such as pills daily) you can become pregnant. There are side effects but not all side effects every person. So not all these “scary” comments im seeing happen to everyone. It’s all about your body. I was told to take my BC for 3 months and if there’s major issues within that time frame or im not comfortable with it then to switch. Just talk to your doctor about it all and see what’s best for you

Helps prevent (not a 100% effective) pregnancy and can regulate your flow depending on the type of birth control you get.

…it controls birth

It helps prevent you from getting pregnant it can also help regulate your periods

I get the depo shot every 3 months in my arm or hip. I am not sexually active but it stops my horrible periods. You can also use it for other things as well. Even if I do get sexually active…I still make the man wear protection. Birth control is not 100% effective.

Serves a lot of purposes. Depends on what you might need it for. I use it to control how heavy my periods were. I also use it as birth control too. My suggestion would be to look up whatever BC you are thinking of using and see if it would work for you. Look at side affects, mixing medications, effectiveness, etc.

Many things for different women… but main purposes is to prevent pregnancy…

Honestly, this sounds like a child or teen. My parents never educated me on BC (or sex because saving yourself for marriage is what you have to do) :unamused:
Birth control prevents pregnancy, helps control bleeding and possibly other things.

Basically u take a pill a shot a patch that has specific hormones in it that controls ur body’s release of a egg…there’s A LOT more that goes into to it but that’s the basic jist of it.

Saves your bank account


Some people didn’t pay attention in school and it shows :rofl::rofl:

Controls birth rates

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Stop posting these stupid ass questions. Google is much faster.

I guess it would depend on which type of bc

Lately been wondering if these questions have been coming from sheltered youth or from an actual expert trying to see what facts have actually been taught either way these comments show who the ignorant bigots are … Its quite entertaining

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Maybe they are asking specifically how it manipulates the body to not be able to conceive. I’m sure they know it keeps you from getting pregnant (most of the time) so maybe they want to know the science

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Depends on what you are using for birth control.

Birth control helps prevent pregnancy, but doesn’t protect against std or sti, and it’s never 100% effective. Some people use it to help prevent pregnancy and others take it to help regulate periods or reduce cramping if it’s recommended to them.

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I mean what does it sound like it does just by the name of it? Self explanatory.

It reduces the chances of pregnancy, by about 98%

Through either a hormone fluctuation or a chemical reaction it makes your womb a less desirable place to host a fetus. But nothing is 100% besides abstinence.

Do questions not get checked 1st b4 getting put up wtf l8ly seriously these questions r getting more ridiculous

For you women having children you’re awfully ignorant people…

Anyone ever considered that this isn’t a stupid question? Maybe their asking what it does in terms of your body and how it prevents it? Like does is affect Ph levels to be unfavorable to sperm or does it prevent egg release? Honestly the comments on here🤢 trash. Also the one from yesterday about pre-cum I literally didn’t know about that until after my first child at 20 and I started having sex at 14. So quit being so damn judgey. Answer the question or move on. Sheesh.

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Makes you gain weight rapidly