What does having a short umbilical cord mean?

Was anyone ever told that they had a short umbilical cord? If so, can someone plz explain it to me because my dr told me this but really didn’t explain what that could mean. I’m 25 weeks pregnant

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Call them back and ask they will give you clearness about it

It just means the length from placenta to baby is shorter than normal. Shouldn’t be much to be concerned about, my little man had a short cord but is perfectly healthy

I was never told anything about a short cord but when my second was born he couldnt be placed on me because it was so short. All was well with baby tho.

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My first born had this… We didn’t know until it was time to deliver and had to have a c section bc it wouldn’t allow him to reach the birth canal. All in all he is healthy just entered the world a little different.

My daughters was only 12inches long, she is now 36 the mother of 6

My umbilical cord was short. It didn’t mean anything during pregnancy. However, my son did pull my placenta off when he came out because of the short cord which caused a hemorrhage. Just something to be aware of when delivery comes. It was fine though. My midwife stopped the hemorrhage and I was home a couple hours after birth.

My daughter had a short cord and as someone else said it wouldn’t allow my grandson to descend fully into the birth canal and she ended up with an emergency c-section.

Both my daughter and son had short umbilical cords but we didn’t know with either until birth. There was just enough to deliver vaginally, but they couldn’t be placed on my chest.

Even though I was having weekly ultrasounds it was never caught my 7th (my rainbow) had a short cord. I had a repeat csection and during that is when the surgeon exclaimed how short my baby’s cord was. It really put into prospective why it was really hard every ultrasound to find the sweet spot on the umbilical cord to monitor. There was even a point in which they thought something was really wrong and almost took baby early. My only fear is if I tried for thr vbac I wanted there could have been a higher risk of placenta abruption during labor had it been tugged on too hard. Placenta abruption is what killed my 6th baby and I almost died so it can be very serious.

As far as I know and understand Nothing… my baby’s had extra long ones… I asked my doc and she said it doesn’t mean anything significant…

It means hes on a short leash

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Talk to your doctor if your worried, she will tell you.

Ild definitely ask the dr for more info. My kids were always ex.long which caused it to wrap the necks on the way out🙄

My baby was breech and wouldn’t turn to vertex position during a failed ECV. The doctors doing the procedure said she might have a short cord and could be the reason she didn’t turn, but at birth (c-section bc she never turned on her own), the surgeon said cord was average length.

It could mean baby won’t have enough slack on the cord to turn if they are breech (and depending on position of the placenta), but it could also mean nothing. Definitely ask for clarification at your next appt or call.

Why didn’t you ask then dr when he told you? I mean wouldn’t that make sense instead of asking random people without the title “doctor.”


What if your scared of both?