What does it mean to have a hole in the kidney?

Hey ladies i have a question my son he was a hole in his kidney and next friday we have to go to the hospital and they gonna do a test where they put a catheter in him and put some fluids in him. He’s 5 weeks old. Has anyone gone through this and if yall have do they put them to sleep or no? Im a first time mom!


Is the test called VCUG?

Victoria Dustin didn’t Bella get something like this done?!

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My son has done this at 2.
They do not put them to sleep. They fill their bladder up and then get them to urinate to see if the urine is refluxing back into the kidneys when they urinate.
He wasn’t in pain but he was very mad he had to lay down but he was also a toddler.
When he had it done at 1 week old I didn’t go with him.

My son has kidney reflux (right kidney). He had the same testing. Catheter and ultrasound. He was just a few weeks old. They did not put him to sleep. The catheter didn’t seem to bother him at all. It was when they started to put the fluid in. He cried. A lot. I cried. A lot. The test wasnt painful. Just uncomfortable. I will say the doctors and nurses throughout that testing were very supportive. Made sure that I was ok. I was allowed to be right there with him. They never made me feel like I was in the way.

As an adult I have to have this procedure every 6 months. Without anesthetic and it is a little uncomfortable for 5 minutes but not painful not something I would schedule for fun for vacation

My daughter Bella had this done at 5 or 6 weeks old and she did fine so they didn’t have to put her to sleep! They make it seem worse then it really was honestly. She fell asleep through it. She wasn’t in any pain, I cried more then she did because of my nerves!