What does it mean to leak fluid while pregnant?

looking for women with this/similar experience. to be clear i am under midwives care-went to ER Sunday and last night. going into my office shortly. But my provider is kind of perplexed so I figured I’d ask other women their experience…
Sunday and last night I have been leaking/gushing clear, odorless fluid, even shortly after making sure bladder is empty. filling a pad within an hour while just relaxing around house. Sunday I was positive for pooling in cervix, on nitrazine paper test, but negative on amnisure swab for amniotic fluid and was not contracting. being I was 36,6 they would not give me pitocin with the one negative test. now I’m 37,4 and last night was negative on amnisure. the specimen was collected in cup and tested- creatin levels were pretty low to be urine. I have no STDs, infections, or other symptoms minus mild cramping and fluid loss. baby is healthy in weight heart rate, and movement. any experience??? anyone ever heard of this??? anyone have an inaccurate amnisure and still have ruptured membranes??


No definitely not. I was in pre labour for 6 weeks and 5 cm dilated from a cm a week till I went into labour . I had creamy discharge and fish’s but no fluid loss. That is weird huh. Every preagnancy is different that’s for sure .

I am not going to much help but I can tell you that this happened to me as well I forget what they called it considering it’s been 11 almost 12 years

I was told by my midwife that the amnisure can be finicky and inaccurate. I had to do all sorts of other tests, just to have my daughter the next day. But I was 39 and 5& 6days

I wouldn’t freak out any

My baby girls is a 11year old Happy and healthy

That happened to me multiple times…it was just watery discharge…like alot! Even my Dr thought my water broke 2 separate times…I went to hospital both times during my Dr appointment I was positive on test strip…had more tests done at hospital which it was negitive each time for amniotic fluid. My water eventually broke at 38 weeks 6 days. I couldn’t believe there could be THAT much fluid and not be my water breaking lolol but it’s true! Lol goodluck w everything

Have you had a scan? I’d request one to check fluid levels.

My best friend was at the hospital almost every week close to the end of het pregnancy for this. She thought her water had broke because there was so much in her pants, but each time the test came back negative. She ended up having him right around her due date

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I did this with my son for 7 weeks and it was crazy all my test came back negative and 7 weeks from whe. It started i finally got a doctor to listen sure enough it was my water I had a hole in my sac and when my son would move I gush water and when he moved back over it it sealed it completely I had him at 36 weeks. It started at 29 weeks

Test strips are not accurent. I’ve never had a correct reading. My waters from my 3rd pregnancy was leaking for a week only after I went the bathroom, didnt know until I went to the hospital 4 days after my appointment. Hospital did a sonogram and rushed me to a bigger hospital by helicopter and she was born 11 weeks early. There was complications that caused it, but people can have slow leaks and not have any changes.

Hey ladies, thanks for all your insight I did get a scan from a high risk specialist. Fluid is at 14 or 15, he is practice breathing, and over 7lbs. They say like some women above its very thin clear discharge. As of now they would like to induce at 39 weeks exactly. We will schedule and make decision Thursday at end of 38 weeks :slightly_smiling_face: just relieved I’m not involuntarily peeing my pants multiple times a night at 29 years old :blush::joy: