What does it mean to measure ahead while pregnant?

Just had my 32 week appt… Today they just measured my belly. I’ve always measured about a week ahead. But today she said I’m measuring two weeks ahead. So I’m exactly 32+2 and I’m measuring 34… What does this mean?? How did I jump another whole week? Does it mean shes a bigger baby, or that I’ll deliver early?? Someone told me once that it could be bad to measure too far ahead because it could mean too much fluid. Ugh any advice or experience would be helpful please!!


Last pregnancy I measured a week ahead the whole time and they said he may just be a bigger baby. He was 6.14 so he wasn’t…and I went into labor 5 days before due date.

I’m tiny and was always tiny with my daughter. My doctor still swore up and down she would be 8 to 9 lbs. she came out at 6.1 💁🏻

In my experience, all 3 of my successful pregnancies I’ve measured 2-3 weeks ahead and haven’t had any extra fluid but my boys have been considered bigger. First was 8 pounds 5 ounces and 40+ second was 7 pounds 12 ounces at exactly 37 weeks (was told he could’ve easily been 9+ if he could’ve stayed inside) and this little guy that’s cooking was already almost 2 pounds at 24 weeks wont have a birth weight until September

Baby is just measuring bigger but honestly ultrasounds are off quite a bit !

It just means you have a bigger baby. My baby measured in the 70th or higher percentile all while she was inside.
No need to worry! Fat babies are happy babies!!!

Bigger baby they will monitor it I was induced a few days before my due date because my son was measuring 10lbs

I measured bigger with my daughter. I was always 2 weeks ahead. I just had a lot of extra fluid. I was induced due to hypertension and she came out weighing 5 pounds 1oz at 38+3

It could also be the baby’s position. For a little while I was measuring 6 weeks ahead. Eventually it evened out to one or 2 weeks off and she was 7 lbs 2oz when she was born at a little more than 41 weeks

At my 18 week ultrasound I measured 2 days ahead of where I was it could just be fluid try not to worry too much

Means nothing for sure

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It does not mean you will deliver early

Probably just a measurement mess up on the previous visit

I measured ahead & had “too much fluid” with both babies. They both came out perfectly healthy & happy. My daughter is 3 1/2 & my son is 3 weeks.

They said my 3rd baby was small n he turned out to be my biggest baby by almost a pound! They can’t tell exact size n 2 wks really isn’t that much. U could be gaining the Xtra or maybe Xtra fluid but u n baby should be fine!

I was measuring 4 1/2 weeks ahead one week and now ultrasound shows just two days ahead. 2 ish weeks is normal and sometimes more depending. If it’s quite far off they will do an ultrasound to check. Position and if you ate before can effect the tape measurement.

Relax and don’t worry unless the doctor tells you to. He is the one to talk to about this.

What did your dr say when you asked her?

My baby has been in the 90th percentile since i was 15 weeks. Rather have a bigger baby than a smaller baby is what my specialist said

First off, please do not worry! It is bad for the both of you and there is nothing you can do about it. I would suggest you calling and speaking to the docs. On social media you cannot trust the advice…jmho

I just went over this with my obgyn today. I’m measuring a week and a half ahead but it doesn’t mean much. They go mainly by the ultrasounds, not the stomach measurement when it comes to determining anything birth wise.

My baby is right on schedule even though my stomach is measuring bigger.

It just means your uterus is bigger, not necessarily that you have a huge baby or that you’ll go into labor early

Fundal height measurements aren’t accurate. During my last pregnancy I measured fine every appointment until one appointment I measured 2 weeks behind :thinking: ultrasound the next week measured me one week ahead. All fundal height measurements after that were right. Had my baby on his due date, labored & delivered naturally. He was 9lbs 4oz & I’m a smaller framed person.
A lot of it has to do with how the baby is positioned/laying at the time of the measurement. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a big baby.

I measured 9 weeks ahead with my daughter, she was 10lb 5oz 5 days early. My son before her didn’t measure that far ahead and was 10lbs 12oz

I always measured ahead with my 4th baby. I was induced at 37 weeks due to fluid and he weighed 8lbs 12oz.

Both my babies measured big. My son was above above average. And the FIRST thing they askrd mr this time was " was your son a big baby? Because she is big " lol

Whoever is making you worry shouldn’t be giving advice! Your fine. My baby is measuring ahead too. He’s in the 80th percentile for weight right now. If it’s your first baby you will prob make it to 40 weeks. Also if your fluid was a concern they would’ve told you.

The way my dr explained it to me… Its in the beginning you’re about 1 week ahead… And then as the baby grows .from about 25-35weeks hes so big the measurements are jard tl get.exact that it.changes to 2.weems… And then from 35-40 it goes to be about 3 weeks ahead… Its just the babies growth and belly room that makes them think.that… The measurements and all dont get close till about 37-40 of what the baby will most likely come out… For me my son at atpund 34-38 the whole time o was told hes gonna be a huge baby close to like 9-10lbs cause he was measuring ahead… Then at my 39 week appt hes like… Hes an avager baby measuring close to 7lbs and 19in long… I had my son at 39 and 3days and he came out 7lbs 7oz and 20inches long

As long as your dr isn’t concerned I wouldn’t stress much on that

I measured 4 weeks ahead. My fluid levels were fine. I had mine on my due date by c section. She was just a big baby.