What does the placenta being attached to the uterus mean?

Has anyone had the placenta attached to the front of the uterus? Were you able to have a natural delivery? I’ve never had my placenta in the front like it is and hoping I don’t need a c-section


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What does the placenta being attached to the uterus mean?

I had that with my first and it can move naturally and u had a natural birth x

I had in issues, delivered vaginally. Just couldnt feel the baby kick from the outside as much as my others.


Being attached to the front just means you have an anterior placenta and likely won’t feel baby move as soon as you would if it had attached in the back. You won’t need a C-section for it. If the placenta was covering the cervix (placenta previa) then there would be a chance of needing a C-section if it didn’t move enough by the end of the pregnancy.


Why aren’t you asking your dr. this? You’re situation is significant to you. You may be high risk, you should only consult with a professional


Anterior placenta means you won’t feel the baby as much or as soon.

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I had natural and the second pregnant it is like that. It just makes it harder to see them for ultrasounds and stuff

I have an anterior placenta. Didn’t feel babe as early and when I did it was lower in my belly.

I had a c section for other reasons, but I would of been able to deliver naturally if the other issues hadn’t been a factor

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Half of pregnancies have a placenta attached to the front. Just means you’re likely to not notice as much movement. My second’s placenta moved around everywhere but eventually settled for front and center, I never felt him move.

I had it, I just didn’t feel as many baby kicks until the end of my pregnancy. I had an uneventful natural delivery.

I had this with my son. Had to be bed rest for the last couple months. No sex, no running a vacuum, sweeping, etc. I was scheduled for c-section anyways ,so did that. However the placenta did end up moving higher on the uterus before birth

Anterior placentas provide a much higher risk of hemorrhaging during C-section

I had this with my kids but didn’t need a c section. Just couldn’t feel the baby like most woman can.

Those saying she should consult her doctor. I’m sure she has but sometimes it’s nice to hear from others how they felt when something happens


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I had this with my first pregnancy. If the placenta is in the front then it’s the thicker part of the sack in the front. There’s a chance it’ll be harder to feel babies movements. I felt my son just fine and delivered vaginally. I do feel like with my other pregnancies my babies could poke a whole elbow or knee out and you could see and feel it more from the outside.

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I had this. I was able to deliver naturally but had intense back labor. I also had an issue with the placenta not coming out on its own so the dr had to reach in twice ro try and remove it. After he couldn’t get it all out, he decided to give me an epidural and have a D/C done to remove the rest of it without me losing anymore blood

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I had an anterior placenta and had her vaginally 16 days ago :slightly_smiling_face: it doesn’t cause issues


Well what did your doctor say?

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It’s normal! Just means you may not feel the baby move as much


I had a full-blown placenta previa and My placenta was towards the front of my stomach and I needed to have a C-section.


Every woman’s body is different I had a very rough pregnancy with my last one I was initially pregnant with twins miscarriaged one but my daughter survived because she implanted very very low in my uterus but my placenta was also attached in the front of my uterus and baby was right behind my previous c sections scar so I knew from my very first appointment that my chance of hemorrhage was 95% which it did end up happening when they cut me to deliver there was no way to miss the placenta and I hemmoraged twice end up with a blood transfusion and about 6ths of recovery because my body rejected to blood but it really just depends honestly on your body your dr should be able to tell you what your risks may be praying for you and the little one and a fast recovery and no complications

Takes longer to feel bub kick

Yes but the back labor was torturous! My placenta also tried to detach before he was born.

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I had anterior placenta. I just didn’t feel or see movements until later in the pregnancy. I think it makes ultrasounds a tad more difficult at times as well. I had a c-section but not because of my anterior placenta.

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I had an anterior placenta with my daughter and was able to have a vaginal delivery. The only difference it made was it took longer to feel my daughter move and kick - but they just weren’t strong ones when I did feel them! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are concerned, definitely talk to your doctor/midwife :heart:

I just had my placenta like this and everything was fine. I felt my baby kick a lot but I don’t have much body fat.

Currently pregnant with my first and have this also (anterior placenta)

Was told I’d just not feel kicks yet (21 weeks) I wasn’t told anymore. It actually hasn’t stopped me feeling movement, but the baby is measuring big. Maybe that’s why.:woman_shrugging:

I’m high risk also-but for other reasons.

I had placenta previa and the more I grow it moved, they said either the front or back and mine went to the back. As for my friend hers was at the front and she just couldn’t feel baby move alot and delivered naturally.

I had this condition
Placenta accreta is a serious pregnancy condition that occurs when the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall. Typically, the placenta detaches from the uterine wall after childbirth. With placenta accreta, part or all of the placenta remains attached. This can cause severe blood loss after delivery.

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Low lying placenta or placenta previa will call for a c-section. An anterior placenta shouldn’t in most cases, just means for many with AP will feel baby movement later in pregnancy compared to others.

Had it with both my children I had a normal vaginal delivery with both


The placenta attaches in different areas of the uterus, having a placenta attached to the front of the uterus is normal. The only downside is it will take longer to feel baby kicks…


I did with my daughter. Most often the placenta is attached to the inside back of the uterus. Sometimes, as in my case, it’s attached to the front inside of the uterus. I had a normal pregnancy and vaginally delivery. Talk with your doctor about your concerns and I’m certain your Dr will explain everything to you. Good luck😊

My last pregnancy and my current one or both at the front and both have been completely fine

My daughter had that

Yes. The only time you would be forced is if the placenta is covering the cervix.

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I had a partial previa and was basically told at 20 weeks to expect a c section. The previa corrected itself but then my daughter was breech then she moved but was up in my ribs for 2 months and my belly never dropped so I had to have a scheduled c section

It supposed to be attached. It’s just anterior placenta, which means you may not feel as strong movements or it may take later to feel them. I had it with 2 kids. You won’t need a c-section for anterior placenta unless it’s low enough to be covering the cervix.


Same momma you will.be fine had my girl 4 months ago and no difference and this was the first time anyone had said anything about it and it’s my 4th

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I had this and yes you can have a normal delivery

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Yes. It just means its harder to feel baby kicking and for me it was harder to hear heartbeat on doppler but no issues for baby.

I had an anterior placenta with my 4th child and the only difference was i didnt feel any kicks till 26-27 weeks.

I had an anterior placenta (front uterus attachment) with my last two pregnancies. Had no difficulty with labor and deliver. No issues related to placement whatsoever. The only thing is, I couldn’t feel my babies kick till closer to 28 weeks. I was able to pick up their heartbeats on a fetal Doppler just fine.

I had twins. Old wives tale says girls attach to the front right and boys to the back left. It was true for me. I carried normal, vaginally delivery. Baby A on the left front, girl. Baby B on the back right, boy.
Took me a few extra weeks to feel her kick. The placenta was in the way.

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I had placenta Previa with my third and that they thought would move but at my 32 week scan it didn’t so ended up needing a C-Section that was scheduled at 36 weeks and 6 days. It was upsetting to hear, especially since my first two were natural, but once that baby is in your arms none of it matters anymore :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and recovering from the C-Section wasn’t as horrifying as I thought it would be

I did with my daughter. It took longer to feel her move and kick. I had her naturally at 40 weeks. She was healthy and all.

It depends on the position if it’s high up the uterus wall it will be fine you just may find it harder to feel babys kicks. If it’s low on the uterus wall it can cause complications in delivery. Speak to your midwife and ask her to confirm.

Mine is attached in the front this pregnancy and they said I can still have a vbac my last was a c section but the only difference this pregnancy is when she was smaller I couldn’t feel her kick as much because of the placenta being attached in the front and her positioning but I’m 33 weeks tomorrow and since she’s bigger now I feel her with no problems it’s getting pretty tight in there. Enjoy pregnancy and don’t stress over the placement of the placenta you can still deliver naturally.

Mine was also in the front. I did not need to have a C section because of that reason.

I had placenta previa with my youngest and it fixed itself by the 3rd trimester thank goodness.