What food can you not eat while breastfeeding?

hi mamas, just wondering what kind of food should i be avoiding that would upset my one month old baby stomach when breastfeeding?!! thanks


I stay away from spicy foods.
But also you can learn what foods upset your little ones stomach. With my first i couldnt eat eggs or steak. It took me awhile to figure out but once i stopped eating everything i ate the previous day i would eat one thing at a time again & figure out what upset his stomach & what didnt…

I had to stay away from dairy with my first and caffeine products with my second

Diary is a big one. I lucked out with my first & nothing ever upset her. She’s still like that. But, with my 4 month old who’s EBF I can’t eat gluten or dairy & I have to be very cautious with caffeine & sugar. I also stay away from any spicy foods or sauces.

I mostly eat whatever. But I try to moderate caffeine and spicy food.
So far no issues. L

Anything that gives adults gas or heartburn.
I avoided dairy the first month as well.
If you’re taking laxatives or a stool softener that could also contribute to tummy aches in babies

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Caffeine is the only thing I stayed away from and I nursed for 16 months.

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Dairy,caffeine,basically Imagine being pregnant with severe heart burn and edema. No spicy overly salty items…not too much dairy. Avoid foods that cause gas. Keep it simple And no over seasoning. I’m not saying this is fact for everyone I’m saying that’s what worked for me :joy:

Ham and beans real hot and spicy.

I had to stay away from dairy with both my girls

I cannot eat beans, and I cannot have caffeine after my morning coffee or it seems to mess with him sleeping at night

I eat whatever until there’s a sign my baby has a bad reaction to it, then i cut it out

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Spinach and brocolli…

I ate/eat whatever but also give probiotics to keep her regular. Before I started the probiotics, EVERYTHING messed her up.

I’m hearing dairy is a common one as well as caffeine and spicy foods.

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Every baby is different. I suggest keeping a food diary to keep track of what upsets her tummy

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I’d just say Spicy foods, and be cautious of caffeine u have in a day. Like no more then 2 cups of coffee a day.

Spicy food and chocolate (due to the caffeine)

Everyone is saying certain foods but that’s because they had trouble with that. That doesn’t mean your baby will. I was lucky and able to eat whatever I wanted and my baby never had any issues and both of my kids were EBF for up to 5-6 months until they started baby food. It all just depends on how your baby digests everything that is in your breastmilk. If you notice your baby to seem fussy shortly after eating then look back at the things you ate and try to figure out what it is weither you get heartburn or gas from something you ate!

If baby shows signs of gas and discomfort cut out what you ate. For mine if I ate greasy or spicy stuff she had a lot of discomfort. I would lay a warm wash cloth on her belly or rub it clockwise.