What gift should I get my sons godmother for her gender reveal?

My son’s godmother is having her Gender Reveal this Saturday online. I want to purchase her and her boyfriend a gift. I thought about a baby book or parent mugs with mom and dad written on them. Any suggestions?

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In my opinion, you don’t give gifts for a gender reveal. Gifts are for baby showers.


Gender reveals are no gifts, but the kindness of you wanting to gift them something should be just that, a thoughtful gesture of congrats.

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I always take diapers to the gender reveal and an actual gift to the baby shower.

Generally gifts are saved for baby showers and not gender reveals.

Diapers and wipes they will need a lot of those can’t go wrong with those 2 items!

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We had people bring gifts to our gender reveal, because they weren’t going to make it to the baby shower. And the people who did show up to our baby shower brought our “essentials”, and we got our “cute stuff” at our gender reveal. We heard all kinds of remarks, and I’m sure I’ll hear more when I host my own baby shower again. (I find it to be thrilling and exciting, and I want everything to be perfect.) Bring whatever you want honestly. Baby essentials are always much needed items. So, you could always hold off on outfits and everything like that and focus more on bottles, diapers, wipes, etc.

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I say a small gift for the reveal. Its a small gesture for a special occasion! Maybe a giftcard for her to order curbside(feeding baby at the same time🤣) or pedicure for soon to be mamas feet. I loved that! Lol

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Generally gifts are reserved for baby showers and not gender reveals. Heart felt congratulations is usually enough for a gender reveal.

As for a future baby shower, the mugs would be cute. Or get them a subscription to the app Qeepsake. It’s a virtual baby book with daily entry questions that are texted to mom or dads phone. Regular baby books can be hard to remember to fill out with the chaos of a new baby.