What happens if you fail the 1 hour glucose test?

Did anyone else fail the one-hour glucose test? I am pregnant with my first, and I just got a call saying I have to take the three-hour test.


You just take the 3 hour test and go from there. Sometimes, you fail for no reason.

The second one is to make sure. I failed both and had gestational diabetes. Seems like many pass the second one though. We had a lot of support and help though.

I always fail the one hour and have never failed the 3 hour. My body just metabolizes more slowly. Take the 3 hour and you’ll go from there.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What happens if you fail the 1 hour glucose test?

Possible Gestational diabetes.

I failed the one hour and had to do the 3 hour and it came back fine


I failed the 1 hour and 3 hour. Had diet controlled gestational diabetes

You do a 3 hr test. If you fail that then you get monitored for gestational diabetes. I had it with my first but not my other 2. I was lucky, I really only had to monitor my diet and carb intake.

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Have to do a 3 hour test and then go from there

I’m 33 weeks and I currently have diet controlled diabetes after failing my 1 hour and 3 hour glucose test.

Youll have to do the 3 hour test. With my 2nd I passed. 3rd I failed. Had to test my blood sugar twice a day and went on a low carb diet and no sugar.

I failed my 1hr and 3hr with my first. Failed the 1 hr with my second and refused the 3 hr. Just went straight to gestational diabetes diet, kept a food journal, and took my sugar 6 times a day

You have to take the 3 hour test. I failed both 1 hour tests but passed both 3 hour tests.

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Failed the 1 hr test. Took the 3hour test on my birthday no less. 3hr came back good. Dont be discourage my niece had gestational diabetes with all three pregnancies and everyone if happy and healthy.

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I failed the one hour with my last pregnancy and passed my 3 hour.

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I failed both tests and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It was monitored with diet. The 2nd test they made me drink a whole one of those glucose drinks instead of half. Then I got my blood taken a few times over 3 hours. I felt so terrible with the 2nd one. You can’t eat for 12 hours and then they dumb all this sugar in you. I ended up just laying on the floor. And if you throw up you have to do it all over again. Then because i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes i had to test my blood before and after eating twice a day.

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Yes I did and I passed the 3 hour. 1 hour can have alot of false positives


You take it again. Either a 2hr or 3hr

I failed my first one as well. You go back and do the same thing except they take it every hour for 3 hours. Its not bad

I had to do the 3 hr test and passed.

take it again but luckly i didnt have to and gave me decent flavor glucose to drink like orange or like a 7 up and i chugged and breathed

The drink they give to you can make you feel sick but try not be sick or you will fail the test have to do it again take nice cold bottle of water with you just keep taking drinks of water x

You will have to go back drink the stuff again and every hour for three hours get blood drawn, if you pass that one nothing if you fail and sugars are high you will most likely have a nutritionist contact you and go over how to take your blood sugar how often you are suppose to and what things to eat and how to count the calories and such. For me i was borderline and was able to control my sugar with just diet control. Also when you have baby they will check blood sugars a few times on baby.

I failed the first but passed the 3 hour test

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:raising_hand_woman:t2: currently dealing with it. I failed the first test, second test is 3 hours. They make you fast the night before &drink a more concentrated drink, and take your blood 4 times, every hour.
I failed both tests. If you do,
They’ll have you watch your blood sugar. I do it after every meal and have to limit my carb &sugar intake.
For me, my fasting levels are terrible so I have to take insulin before bed.
Some doctors try pills before insulin if it gets to that point.
Good luck!

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I’ve failed my 1hr. But passed my 3hr

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I failed the 1 hour with both pregnancies, but passed the follow up 3 hr test!


Take your time do NOT chug the drink!!! At least I wouldn’t. I almost did the first one but was told if I threw any of it up we’d have to start all over again and it’s not the best tasting stuff.

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I did 3 times well since i couldnt pass it and couldnt get my sugar down the dr induce me

I failed both the 1 and 3 hour with my first but only controlled my numbers with my diet. With my second, I failed my 1 and passed my 3 hour!

I failed mine recently and now have to complete a 3 hour test . every hour you have to have your blood tested from what ive been told

I failed the one hour test and had to do the three hour. The three hour turned out fine. My Ob said lots of people fail the one hour and pass the three hour. Don’t stress :slightly_smiling_face: and congratulations on your little one!

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You take a 3hr glucose test. If you fail that, then they will diagnose you with gestational diabetes. I was diagnosed after my 3hr test and have to take my blood sugar 4 times a day and watch what I eat an limit my carbs. I will be 34 weeks tomorrow and this is my 2nd pregnancy. With my first pregnancy I failed the 1hr but passed the 3hr. I wouldn’t worry too much though. My dr said it’s pretty common to fail the 1hr and then pass the 3hr.

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Several times, did 3 hour and failed every time too. Met with a dietitian that went over a diet for gestational diabetes etc and I went on from there

I failed both with my son. Had to take tons of insulin(which my hormones are off anyways due to PCOS) and then after delivery sometime you have to repeat the glucose again to make sure your diabetes went away.

Honestly it’s a pain in the ass if you end up on insulin but you get use to it and just do it for the tiny growing human :rofl::rofl: cuz that’s just what us mamas do :heart:
Fingers crossed you can just control yours with diet, but if you can’t it’s not anything too much to handle :slightly_smiling_face:
Good luck and congrats

Don’t chug, if you get hot easily take an ice pack and a chilled no cold bottle of water. They did not want me to drink anything after drinking the glucose but I could swish the water and spit. Don’t go for too long of a walk between the blood draws take entertainment.

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I failed the 1 hour but past the 3 hour one with my first … my second I past the 1 hr

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I failed it with my second pregnancy and then failed the 3 hour one so they diagnosed me with gestational diabetes and I had to take my blood sugar 4 times a day.

There is no trick to passing whether you drink the drink fast etc. If you have gestational diabetes, you have gestational diabetes. Your doctor will help you manage it.

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I wouldn’t panic. I failed the one hour and passed the three hour. Don’t try to pass the three hour though, the point is to see if you may have gestational diabetes.

Look into diabetic diet info. Even if the longer test says you don’t have gestational diabetes it’s a flag that you may want to change some things in your diet (less carbs & sugars, more colorful vegetables and protein, for example, eat smaller portions but more frequently, etc.). What you drink has a more immediate spiking effect, so limit sodas—even diet ones—juices, smoothies, and alcohol (which you should be doing anyway).

If you do have it, you should be assigned a nutritionist who will help you plan your food in a way that works with your likes and dislikes to make it easier to follow. It’s hard at first, but you’ll learn quickly what you need to do.

The good news is you only have to monitor your blood sugar and follow the diet until the baby is born, then it goes away. Hubs had a Dove ice cream bar waiting for me once I got into a recovery room! The bad news is you are more likely to have it with subsequent pregnancies and more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes in the future.

By adopting some of what I learned even after my son was born, I didn’t have it with a subsequent pregnancy. GD makes your baby grow bigger faster—can’t believe I had a nearly 9 lb. baby vaginally when I weighed only about 120 lbs.—ouch! But my second child was 8 lbs. 4 oz. so she came out big too. Interestingly both are on the short side as adults.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What happens if you fail the 1 hour glucose test?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What happens if you fail the 1 hour glucose test?

Stop eating now with anything high in sugar/ carbs before your next test. Dark vegetables. Spinach. With my 1st child, I had no clue about the glucose test, I was eating seedless watermelon like crazy. Ended up with gestational diabetes. I was very careful with what I ate with my 2nd kid.


I failed my 1 hour. And passed my 3 hour… I made sure I didnt eat or drink anything besides water b4 it and that helped


Failed one hour, passed 3 hour. My sugar actually dropped dramatically during the 3 hour

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Mom of 6 here. Yes I have taken that nasty orange flavored goo too many times to remember. If you fail the 1 hour test, you then are subject to 3 hour test and a larger dose of goo. If you fail that, then they will diagnose you with gestational diabetes.


I failed when pregnant with my twins by 1 point. Silly me stole a fry or 2 from my son within the window I was supposed to be fasting.

3 hr test made me so sick.

I passed though.

You then have to take the 3 hour. They will take blood 4 times to check your numbers. If you fail that then you will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.


They out me in metformin and then induced me 2 weeks early. They screwed up and didn’t schedule the 3 hour test for me and by the time we all realized my blood sugar was super high. She was healthy and my level went right back down after delivery

I failed it 3 times. My ob said to just take a blood test and I passed

You do the 3hr. And if you fail the 3hr you then have to monitor what high eat what your blood sugar are etc.


I failed my one hour test! My biggest advice a high protein dinner for the night before your 3 hour test! You can still pass! I cried for like a whole day after I learned I failed but there is still hope :rofl:

I failed both. Had to go on medication the rest of my pregnancy. Have been borderline diabetic since but able to control it with food intake.

I am pre diabetic in the first place. I’ve always failed my one hour tests. Barely passed the 3 hour with my son, and failed it with my daughter and I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had to give myself insulin shots.

Lots of people fail the 1 hour and pass the 3 hour. I failed the one hour with all my pregnancies and passed the 3 hour. I never changed how I ate between the tests.

I failed the one hour and did the 3 hour and passed. Take books. Air pods. Something to keep you entertained because you cannot leave lol. You get your blood drawn every hour

I failed the 1st test for both my pregnancies & then past the 3 hour test both times

I fail my one hour but pass my three hour with my first but second I fail my one hour and fail three hour they take your blood every hour I didn’t eat anything or drink anything before I went but still fail it so now I have to keep track of my sugar

I failed the 1 hour but never had to do the 3 hour. Just had to diet and check my sugar every 2 hours the rest of my pregnancy

Same happened to me with my 4th. If you fail the 3 hour test then you will get referred to a Gestational diabetes nutritionist. They will help you through every step of the way.

I failed my 1 hr and passed my 3 hr. I was told to watch what i ate and drank for the few days before so I really just ate less sweets and drank only water for 2 days and I passed. Idk if that’s really how I passed, but I passed so I guess it worked.

I failed with my 5th baby but I was already on a low carb, low sugar, low fat, low protein diet due to my gallbladder being messed up. So as an alternative to the 3 hour test I got prescribed a blood sugar meter and wrote down my numbers for a week and they told me today I’m not a gestational diabetic :heartpulse:

I technically didn’t fail it but they said I was too close to the border line that they decided I needed to take another one. I had to wait a week. During that week they said I had to take all sugar out of my diet as possible. I took the second test and thankfully passed.

I had gd I completely cut out sugar n became very health-conscious of what I ate doctors were amazed at how well I had controlled my gd i had to prick my finger 4 times a day and keep Track a blood sugar number at the end of the week I’d have to email my blood sugar number to my diabetes specialist doctor

I failed both. Had to constantly monitor sugar levels and diet. I did good while pregnant but now type 2 diabetic :cry:

3 hour and if you fail… Have to check sugars everyday. Watch your diet.

I just had my 2nd baby… I did the one hour and failed…but refused to do the 3 hour test again so my dr just made me check my sugars and watched my diet. Everything was fine and baby boy was born healthy

I failed my one hour and glad I did my three hour one because I also failed that one. Gestational diabetes can cause issues and I wasn’t risking the health of my baby. Not only that but they had to check the babies glucose every so often while in the hospital to make sure he wasn’t diabetic. I was induced at 39 weeks

I failed the 1hr and when I did the 3 hr I almost failed it cause my sugar dropped 1pont below normal but my family has a history of diabetes so I just had to monitor it for a week and then I was done cause there was no problems after that.

Had to take the three hour test. Failed that. Had to see a nutritionist and start a GD diet. So much for indulging cravings. But I was 10 lb lighter after giving birth than my pre-pregnancy weight, so I guess it all worked out.

I failed the one hour with both my pregnancies but passed the three hour one both times

I failed the 1 hour test with both pregnancies, but I passed the 3 hour test each time. Doc said it’s actually pretty common.

Oh I’m sorry, it’s no fun, you go and take it over a more expanded test, drink stuff 3 times and they do a more comprehensive test each time to see if there is really any issues. I made the mistake of eating breakfast before my 1 hour and couldn’t get out of the 3 hour :sob:

All 4 of my pregnancies i failed the 1 hour, but always passed the 3 hour ones

I had to do both as well and mine was fine the 3 hr one came back fine

I fail 1 test out of 3 pregnancies, went to do the 3 hour test and passed it. Sometimes the 1st test can be a false positive

Yes, I had to take the 3 hr one and it came back fine! Good luck! Sorry you have to go through that!

I failed mine and took the 3 hour and everything was fine.

I failed both I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancy

You go back and do a 3hr one. Or you can decline it. I declined with my last 2 pregnancies

I couldn’t even take the first test I threw it up in the office both times they tried to make me drink it

Did u eat or drink before?some will tell you you dont need to fast but you do so if u ate breakfast or a sugary drink.before u go u will fail.i worked in the lab at an ob office and they would tell them not to fast so they could bring them back in for “another office visit” and their three hr was fine as LONG AS THEY FAST.(most of the time)

Bombed my 1 hour and 3 hour and had to do the 5 hour turns out I had gestational diabetes

You do a 3 hour one and I’d you fail that then you have gestational diabetes.

Happened to me and I passed the three hour. Sometimes they just have to be sure

Yes ma’am! Failed my 1 and 3 hour. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Then I had to go through a “class” talking about what you should and should not eat. Then had to start checking my sugar every so often, log the information then fax it to the hospital. Major pain in the ass. Good luck, momma! Feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to talk about it, I’m happy to share!

I’ve failed the first and then passed the 3 hour.

My step daughter has failed the 1 hour with both of her pregnancies and passed the 3 hour each time.

Now you have to go in for a 3 hour one I had to with my last one but couldn’t get threw it with out throwing up.

I failed the 1 hour and they said "you have gestational diabetes " and set me up with a diatrisionist and I ended up having to check my sugars 4x a day

Many moms fail the 1 hour test and end up passing the three hour test. Happened to me twice

I failed the first test and passed the three hour with both of my pregnancies!

I was always told to fast until test was done…if you fail you do another one but it’s 3 hours…then go from there whether u failed or passed

Ive had to do both… first time i passed the 3 hr test second time i did not. I am a low grade diabetic though, but didn’t know it till my pregnancy.

Yiu just go and take the three hho test , I did it pregnewwith my third had a probkem failedfailed my 1 hour took mymy three hour and passed it some do some whont

I failed the one hour but passed the 3 hour!

If you fail the 1 hour you take the 3 hour like they are having you do.

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I failed the one hour but passed the 3 hour. Not sure why :woman_shrugging:t3: the three hour sucked and I felt like I was there all day lol

With both pregnancies I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour