What happens if you miss a day of birth control?

So I have an almost two year old and I just got married in October (this isn’t his bio dad he isn’t involved) anyways I’ve been on birth control since August but in the last month or so I accidentally missed a day here and there. The past few days my boobs have been aching, and I’ve felt so nauseous plus the mood swings and some cramps here and there. My next period is due in about a week. When was the earliest signs you got for your pregnancy??

It can be at any time really but usually missing a day here and there doesnt really make a diffrrence if you have been on it for a while as it can take weeks even months for it to wear off but there is a chance you can still fall pregnant usually takes two weeks to show on a test though. Good luck

If ur period is late…take a test. If its negative and u still feel worried…see your doctor for a urin test. Simple.

I got them super early , started eating alot , which is strange for me, took a pregnancy test even though it hadnt possibly been long enough and got fat negative, two weeks later I was still eating alot and was pretty sure my period was late (it’s never been super regular to begin with) so I did a test and got a positive, went and got an ultrasound and was 4 weeks pregnant,

i took a test with my first 2 days before my missed period and got a positive. With my second I was a few days late (I think like 3) and I got a positive.

2 weeks after I conceived (2 weeks before my first positive test) with this pregnancy.

My daughter I didn’t get symptoms until later… like 8 weeks.

Pregnancy and period signs tend to be the same… Wait until period is late and take a test its the only way to be sure…

I got super exhausted, I was tired all the time even after waking up from a full night of sleep.