What helped your morning sickness?

I’m having really bad morning sickness and would like to know what helped other mamas


Crackers, just plain saltine. Sucking on peppermint candy or drinking peppermint tea. If its really really bad you can talk with your doctor and see what they recommend.

Sour candy, olives/pickles, and lemonade worked wonders for me! With my first I had motion sickness over morning sickness and would carry a lemonade everywhere I went and it was immediately gone.

This pregnancy I had morning sickness for about 2-3 months and ate sour skittles or sour candies and it would take it right away. Suck on them instead of just chewing them.

My high risk ob suggested vitamin b6 in the am and pm and unisom in the pm. Works amazing

Bananas helped. And literally a teaspoon of peanut butter. I hope you feel better soon

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Ginger root supplements

Diclegis helped just a little bit, but it made me so tired I couldn’t function. With my last one preggy pop drops are the only thing that helped.

Changing water brand and type was the resolution. It was the water making me sick. Some r to acidic check into your waters youtube it

Nothing worked until my dr prescribed ondansatron
It stopped me vomiting and I was able to just function enough to do the basics


I found eating scotch mints helped ease my stomach and made me feel less nauseous atleast enough that I wouldn’t throw up.

Not a damn thing! Good luck girl

Ginger ale. Or you can get a prescription from your doctor to help. I was so sick I carried plastic bags I made sure didnt have holes because I puked so often even while driving with little time to pull over

Ask your doctor for nausea medicine, promethazine pills were what they gave me and they were amazing…I had terrible morning sickness with all 5 of my kids,the only way I could hold anything to drink or eat down was Mary Jane,I probably would have died of starvation if it weren’t for Mary jane

Nothing worked for me and I had it bad 24/7 for 5 months

Peach juice from the canned peaches.

Having small snack every 2 hours. Drinking ice water helped, doctor told me to take
Unisom with 25mg of Vitamin B6 daily at bedtime to help. However no matter what I did I had nausea from about 8 weeks until the day I delivered.

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Nothing worked for me either w my daughter… I had MS til I was 32 weeks… got prescribed too but still nothing

Unisom and b12 it was prescribed though I had like the worst morning sickness it was getting dangerous

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I know this sounds weird but my doctor told me to take benadryl. It’s an antihistamine you normally take for colds and allergies, but it’s also known to help reduce vomiting and nausea.

I lived on broken bits of Cream crackers, kept a bag in my pocket and just grazed all day

Wha help me was Pear nectar by Goya foods sip it and have a couple of dry crackers

Nothing was working for me but my OB prescribed Zofran last week and it’s worked.

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Deep breathing exercises, little sips of drink or spoonfuls of ice cream, plain fresh bread in little pieces. I ended up only actually being sick once or twice.

Unisom and b12 but makes you sleepy.

Get you some Zofran I had HG all of my pregnancies and it was horrific the only thing that helped was the meds and hit baths. God bless you got this sister

It took a lot of trial amd error to find what didn’t make me puke. French fries…and sweet tea. Literally. For 6 months. I was fine eating that. Eating frequently and sucking on ginger candies. But if I ate anything else I puked. Problem was I got tired of just that. Around 4 months I was prescribed a medication that helped. But still continued to puke , it just wasn’t as frequently.

Nothing :sob::sob::sob::sob: it’s not morning sickness, it’s as long as am awake sickness, like it doesn’t stop for 1 bloody second :sob::sob:

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Diclegis prescription lol

Unisom and B6 it’s the same thing your Dr prescribes but you can get it otc yourself

Peppermint candies were a life saver for me when it came to morning sickness

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Ginger biscuits, ginger beer, ginger tablets. My last pregnancy was so bad I had to get the prescription for those wafer tablets.

Ginger root pills and peppermint life savers.

Ginger candy chews I got from an Asian store really helped with mine.

Ready salted crisps was all i could manage

Spearmint gum!
Phenerghan (puts that ass to sleep tho)
And …what’s the one dissolves under the tongue, nausea medicine but doesn’t put you to sleep! (Zofran)
That’s it, that’s all​:100::bangbang:nothing else worked

Salt on lemon (in moderation), fresh air, cold popsicles

Ginger Snap candies and eat something every couple of hours even if it’s something little and stay hydrated.

Unisom and B6 (ask your doctor about it) and sprite!

This was the only thing that helped me

Nothing worked… Just survived on saltine crackers and ginger ale for the first trimester

Nothing. Just sleep and being patient with yourself. Fucking sucks

Odenzatron prescription

Little sips of chicken broth throughout the day

Sour candies like warheads or sour patch kids…so odd but it worked twice for me…no morning sickness.

Dry square saltiness Crackers frist thing in the morning. Then Crackers and sprite lightly until stomach claimed down.

Keep salted crackers @ bedside. Eat b 4 raising your head

Sea bands and eating some crackers with ginger ale before I even got out of bed helped a ton for me

Ginger biscuits and lots of fluids even if you bring that back up, keep hydrated

Nothing I just threw up and feel better

Ginger root. Had to be fresh for me tho.

Ginger chews and saltines.

Nothing it was only getting past 12 weeks that stopped me vomiting.

I drank green tea and honey chamomile tea

Eating or drinking something high in protein right before bed and first thing in morning…milk…peanut butter…protein bar…etc. Sipping ginger ale or lemonade…chewing peppermint gum…

B6 vitamin paired with Unisom (sleeping pill). All I could find was 100mg B6 so I cut it in half and then cut the unisom in half as well I took it before bed every night and it literally was the ONLY thing that helped. Also didn’t hurt that it helped me sleep lol. I talked with my OB before taking it as well. Definitely bring it up to yours if you try it. But I highly recommend it