What is a chemical pregnancy?

So I believe I had a chemical pregnancy last week. Long story short, I tested positive on two tests (line and digital to confirm) on Monday. According to my app, I was 5w4d. On Tuesday I started cramping lightly then started to bleed. Bleeding became quite heavy, so I went to labor and delivery. They rudely told me my tests must have been broken because I was never pregnant and that my hcg level is a 3 and my sonogram showed nothing. Whatever, nothing made sense I sat there dumbfounded… numb to it all and confused. I continued to bleed for about 4 days, still bright red and heavy. Cramping never continued, and it always stayed very light. I passed many clots throughout my bleed, one of them was big.

Now my concern is… my boobs have become HUGE and are sore now. I’m hot as hell. I have had a headache. I still feel nauseous. Mind you, I’m not bleeding anymore at all. Is this normal? Could I still be pregnant and maybe that was some crazy breakthrough bleed? I can’t even talk to the doctor about this because they swear I’m imagining all of it. I can ASSURE you I’m not because this isn’t my first rodeo! Help!


If you think you didnt get the care you deserve or the answers go get a second opinion! No one knows your body like you do :slight_smile:


I’d get a second opinion for sure, honey! I don’t like how they treated you.

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You can’t get a false positive right?. That’s weird

Get a second opinion… I was told I either miscarried and was offered a pill to speed it up or was not pregnant… I asked for my hormones to be rechecked and another ultrasound… my levels were viable and 2 weeks after being told there was nothing but a sac there was a 10 week old baby… currently 35 weeks pregnant…


Second opinion for sure.

You could have ovarian cysts or maybe endometriosis, I’d see a gynecologist and tell them your symptoms.


I’m thinking you’re on your period. Take another test.

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There is a such thing as chemical pregnancy. I’ve had it. I tested faint positive for 3-4 days and then had a period and went back to testing negative.

It is common to have symptoms of early pregnancy after a chemical pregnancy. But it is also flu season still. If you have a fever, I would say you have a virus. If no fever, but having nausea and hot flashes, that is most likely hormonal. Keep an eye on the bleeding and if you’re bleeding through more than a pad an hour, go to your nearest ER. Also go in if you start to have signs of anemia(lethargy or severe fatigue, dizziness or lightheaded feeling, etc)

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I’ve been through the same type of thing and it was a chemical pregnancy so that could be what happened. I need for 14days after had cramps and pass3d clots

HCG when we’re not pregnant is about 5 or less. Not sure what to tell you but blood tests are accurate.

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Sometimes that happens when you carry twins an you lose one an one can survive.But could just be what they say but if your not happy with their diagnosis an have a gut feeling I say go else where for another opinion.

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Call your obgyn. There are so many thing That could be causing this. Don’t use fb as a dr, I mean this in the kindest way but you need someone who could read results of tests.


I am old what is a chemical pregnancy? I have three children had multiple miscarriages and one of my sons was a twin and lost his twin. Your doctor knows best if you feel this strong that you are pregnant ask them to do a ultrasound. Good luck.

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Go to plan parenthood they check out and I went through the same thing with my 3rd son

Pregnancy tests can be false positive 💁 happens all the time , and now u have your period!

Go to your obgyn if you haven’t already. I bled with my son at 5 weeks and almost passed out in the ER waiting room while they knew i was 5 weeks pregnant and took the ones in front of me that had colds because i wasn’t far enough along for it to matter to them or to be able to be sent up to the maternity ward. When I did get taken back I was told i miscarried and to go to my obgyn for a DNC the next day. I went and my doctor agreed with me that more testing needed to be done so they tested my pregnancy hormone 48 hours apart and it went up proving I was still pregnant. My placenta wall tore down the middle and that’s where the bleeding came from. I was told it wouldn’t repair itself, that it was impossible, and I could miscarry up until 5 & 1/2 months. Was put on bed rest while they just waited for me to miscarry. God repaired my placenta wall and even though I spent all 9 months on bed rest I had a healthy baby boy who was almost 8 pounds almost a month early,wasn’t even supposed to be 5lbs full term, and will be 12 in September.


Definitely get a 2nd opinion him ask to get your hormones checked for hcg because chemical pregnancies are the absolute worst… Your hormones are so outta whack please go get a 2nd opinion and I’m so sorry for your loss…

Chemical pregnancy. True false positives are RARE and only caused by meds containing hcg, a certain type of cyst and evaps. Obviously in your case it was a chemical pregnancy. False positives on digital tests are impossible because they need higher levels of hcg to be positive. Your levels had just dropped by the time you had blood work.

Id go get tested again. And ask for second and third opinion.

You could have also been.pregnant. my doc said alot of ladies have very early on miscarriages and dont even realize cause it was so early on. You also could be pregnant again already. Maybe retest. If its positive get another opinion.

You probably lost or were losing after taking your test. That’s what happened to me… 2 days later, i started to bleed real heavily and called my dr who ordered blood tests. My HCG level was 5. In order for an at home teat to show positive, your HCG must be at least 25.

Read up on Implantation bleeding. Some have Extremely heavy implantation bleeding. Myself included. Keep an eye on ur symptoms. Hcg levels go down with miscarriage. If ur signs are still strong… I’d wait and test myself every few days. Dont stress yourself. Take all the diy prego tests. Their fun, pretty damned accurate, and u can keep track of your hcg levels all day and it’s a huge mind relaxer. I never get a positive until I’m atleast 7 weeks. I have 4 kiddos. Best of luck. Keep us posted.

Go to plan parenthood they check out and I went through the same thing with my 3rd son