What is a good birth control with low hormones?

I have a few mental health problems and take Propranolol and Luvox daily. I do have high blood pressure, however it’s unknown if it’s true high blood pressure or if it’s just anxiety related, but I’d rather be cautious about it. I get horrible PMDD symptoms around ovulation and my period. My symptoms include heart palps, chest pains, extreme anxiety, not sleeping, headaches, everything. My counselor has recommended a birth control pill to try to ease these symptoms along with easing the anxiety that comes along with the hormonal changes. Has anyone had similar issues and found a birth control pill that has little to no side effects (obviously everyone is different) and has low estrogen? I’ve heard the mini pill is supposed to be good, but just want real reviews instead of just Google.


A good mini pill a bunch of my patients are on is “slynd” I’m a pharmacy tech.

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Sounds like you need to quit sex

I have been on Junel FE for eleven years! I have high blood pressure (what I take meds for). Bloating during pms has been my worst side effect.

There is a thing called a Femcap. It’s not a pill but it has zero hormones. You can look it up online to see if it’s a route you might want to take instead.

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Physician assistant here. Mini pill has no estrogen, just progesterone. Lo loestrin has low estrogen. Unsure if an IUD would help with PMDD, but they don’t contain estrogen. Antidepressants are known to help as well. Good luck, I hope you find something that works well for you

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