What is a good cup for milk?

Hi! My husband and I have agreed its time to have our little guy (1.5) move from pre sleeping bottles to cups. What are your favorite cups for milk? Thanks all


360!! Only thing that doesnt leak unless its dropped/thrown HARD


The 360 is the way to go. Hands down.

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Start with a cup that has a soft mouth piece and then work your way to other cups. That way it’s not too different from a bottle at first.

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I started both my kids on straws and cups at 9 months. Then free flowing sippy cups then open cups around 1.5

I’ve used munchkin 360 since before my son was 1. He’ll be 2 in December and is drinking from regular cups perfectly

Just a soft spout… you may have to go through tons before they will take it. My son only liked the Nuby Clik-it which were cheap but I had spent probably over 100 on cups honestly lol

Personally I’ve always stopped giving milk for them to fall asleep at 12 months. If he has to have a bottle to sleep if give him water. Water in bottles during the day. Milk, diluted juice in 360° cups. He’ll give up the bottles fast.

I switched mine to 4oz open top tumblers and only filled em half way untill they learned not to spill. I also made them drink it at the table.

My son only would use the nuk ones soft spout and hard spout

Nuk sippy cups are the best for us

Personally experience different ones my son would only take certain ones and my husband tried to take him off nipple bottles early to my son wasnt ready and stopped using them 2 months ago hes almost 24 months old and we are just getting better at going to sleep with out any cups and when he wakes up he get a cup of milk

Nothing with a straw! Those dang things are hard to clean milk out of.

360 cups all the way. I swear by them. It also helps them figure out how to use a regular cup. Also I heard there were studies done on some kids that drank out of cups with a spout and they had delayed speech. Not sure if this is true or not but I’ve never used anything but 360 cups and a few months after she turned 2 she could drink out of a regular cup

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My daughter didn’t like the transition from bottle to the munchkin 360. It’s a great cup for sure. My favorite. But starting out she did really well with the other munchkin cup. The standard one that still had a nipple on it.

I bought my nephew a 360 cup. My sister loved it. I’m gonna buy it for my grandson when it’s that time

Totally off topic BUT My sister got my son a 360 cup and it spills. Could he have gotten a defective one???

There are cups that have nipples like bottles with a straw which will make transition easier

Doesn’t matter what we suggest. Your kid will decide. I have to try about 10 different cups before I found one my kids liked. Trial and error. But save the cups they dont like cause once they switch to cups they’ll figure out how to use them all.

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I have to agree, Munchkin 360. They are spill proof (unless dropped or thrown with force or the little figures out how to take the top apart :rofl:). Most like & good training for a real cup.

Munchkin 360 cups. Great for teeth and learning to drink from real cups

The soft rubber tip that does not drip there are a few brands with different tips

Munchkin 360, hands down the best sippy cup. No spout, close to a real cup. After 5 kids I finally found it.

Munchkin 360 for sure. My kid loves them. But as people have said ultimately the little will decide lol

I never used any type of special cup. I used small jelly glasses, or a child size glass or two handle open top cup
When when my kids were small we got jelly in smzll glasses with the favorite cartoon charscters on them so I used them. At about 6 to 8 months I started giving them sips of milk at the table from a cup just to get them used to drinking from a cup. When they started reaching for my drink glass, I started putting their bottle without the nipple on the table and pouring a frw sips in a cup and letting them drink. I then let them see me fill their bottlevfrom the milk bottle so they knew what was in the bottle. If they spilt it was only a bit so no big mess. When they began drinking almost the full 8 oz bottle from the cup at each meal I started not offering a bottle at nap time and only givig a bottle if they ask for a bottle but then with about 4 to 6 oz and made it less overvtime to 4 oz. They usually 9nlybdrank a bit before going to sleep. The bottle lije a secutity item. Soon in about 4 to 6 months they no longer ask for a bottle unless they were ill with a bad cold ir flu then I gave a bottle for comfort but only if ask for and after illnessxl was over the bottle quit being ask for quickly.
I prepared for this from when thy they first took a bottle. No bottle except in bed, in someone’s lap the highchair or in the steoller when we were out for the day. Rest of time drinks were offered in small cups either I held for them or they held for themself and they never carried a bottle around. It made transition slow but easy for them. I waited until they could drink from a small child size regular glass a full amount at a meal before I quit giving a bottle, insisting they ask. My youngest did have a sippy cup for a while but when he learned to bite it to take the top off, it vanished.
I am the oldest of 7 siblings my youngest brother and sister are 17 and 18 years younger so I helped my mom switch them from bottle to cup about the time the special cups were becoming popular. Mom didn’t like seeing kids run around in town and the store where she worked holding them.
Remember that your child needs to be old enough to hold and drink from the cup tou want to use instead if the bottle and switching to a small cup only at the table or were you are drinking is easier than switching from a sippy cup to a regular cup during kindergarten age.

So you mean sippy? Not cups.

I agree straws are dangerous for children