What is a good deodorant?

What do you ladies use for a good deodorant? I’ve tried dove, and degree both the spray and roll on kind but I can’t find one that really makes me smell good. I don’t have an odor problem, but I do sweat a lot and by the end of the day I can notice it even if I coat down with deodorant that morning.


I had the same problem for quite a while and I tried the Secret Clinical. It’s a bit more expensive, but seemed to do the trick for me.

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I use the dove 48 hour spray and that works great however I see it doesn’t work for you, they have a clinical strength one have you tried that kind

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Mitchum is really good


Secret it’s a really good one

Mitchum for women works really well it’s an antiperspirant and deodorant it’s the only thing I can use in the summer

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I have hyperhidrosis which makes me sweat a lot more than normal people. The over the counter clinical strength stuff worked for a while until my body was desensitized to it and I had to try a prescription from my Dr. Definitely start with the over the counter clinical strength and follow the instructions!

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Secret Clinical is the best I’ve found

Dove clinical is the only thing that works for me, but you have to follow the directions and put it on at night

I’ve used degree for years. I can’t use anything else or I feel nasty.

I love this stuff smells good helps with wetness and no residue

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Dove Deodorant Spray! It’s amazing! Noticeably fresh smell.

I see you said you have tried degree but have you tried any of the degree clinical protection? I really like the summer strength because I do sweat a lot also

I use degree men’s clinical it works better but depending on sweat from heat of day

I have the same issue, the only deodorant I’ve found that actually helps with my sweating so much is men’s axe.

What I do is use mens deodorant, and when it runs out after sweating a lot, I use the go-to deodorants by secret. It looks like eos eggs

Secret clinical . I use to sweat bad from my armpits . It’s like it helps with sweating bc I hardly since I started using it a few years ago

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I use mens…my husband gets a 2pk i take 1 lol it smells good and 1 application a day

Secret gel vanilla cocoa

Secret has always been the best for me.

Use degree clinical. It’s more expensive but works great.

Men’s deodorant works better for sweat then a womans

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I use Dove advanced. The cucumber one. I tried the other Doves and they didn’t work for me either and I tend to sweat a lot as well.

I use Dove always have

Arm and hammer deodorant

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Mitchum. Powder Fresh. Smells like talcum powder and really works :+1:t2:

Men’s deodorant works really well for me. My husband and I just get the twin pack.

I use secret the gel kind or I use either my boys’ axe spray or boyfriends deodorant old spice.

Lady’s speed stick antiperspirant deodorant.

I use Tom’s brand no aluminum and the scents are usual but awesome :blush:

Forever living does a brilliant one and I swear by it!

Schmidts in either rose or lavender. It doesn’t have all those chemicals in it. I put in on after I shower before bed and it lasts all day the next day.

Secret smooth solid and I can only ever find it at target lol.

Secret or Suave solid. I have the same problem and those are the only 2 I can use. But it’s the solid only. The spray and roll on doesn’t work

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I use degree clinical strength

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I use the 48 hr dove or clinical strength and reapply it every morning. I get hot easy and sweat.

Secret really works. Don’t over do it. When you cake it on doesn’t work as it should

Ban,all I have ever used.All the other make me itch.

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I know you said you tried degree, but have you tried degree clinical for women? That’s what I use, it’s a little more expensive, but it works as well as a man’s deoderant, but you don’t smell like one!

I use mitchum… it’s in a green container . they also have a clinical strength one

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I use suave antiperspirant that smells good. That works for me. It’s not roll-on or spray. It’s a white stick.

I use degree or secret

Tried the same. Secret gel works for me

Secret clinical works for me. Not much else

I use dove men’s :woman_shrugging:

This is the best, you only use it at night and bye bye sweaty arm pits…I love it​:hugs::hugs::hugs::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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I use mens deoderant. Lol. Works better for me than womens.

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Put a small per Pad on under arm of clothing

Speed stick Irish Spring
It covers that terrible sweat/bacteria smell and lasts all day.

My daughter uses Mitchum. She says it works for her and my sister swears by it too.

Honestly I just use my boyfriend’s now… I used to use it sometimes bc the smell reminded me of him but then I realized it goes on completely clear and I NEVER sweat. I use to use Dove but hated all the residue it always left behind.

It’s old spice classic.

Ps: I also use men’s razors too. They are SO much better for shaving than womens!!

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Secret wet works good with me

I am like you. This stuff is amaaaazing. Only have to use it once a day. And it smells great. The degree brand clinical strength is great too. They come in a box. Kinda pricey but totally worth it. About 7-8 bucks.

I use men’s old spice deodorant and antiperspirant in the smell figi. I never liked the female deodorant either