What is a good way to bring in money after baby is born?

I currently work Part-time and am due with my second child soon! Unfortunately the company I work for doesn’t offer paid maternity leave for employees who worked there under a year. I am struggling with bills right now and need some suggestions on how to continue to bring in money after baby is born. I’m freaking out!! I have had no luck with work from home jobs and im not sure about babysitting after a new baby. I also don’t want to go straight back work because of course, I want that bonding time!! Any advice?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is a good way to bring in money after baby is born?

Whatever you do, don’t let anyone talk you into joining an MLM!!


Not by an MLM, that’s for sure!


Legit work from home job start looking now


I opened a home daycare. Its not hard to start one (look up your local requirements). If you just start out babysitting, that’ll bring in extra income. I had 5 kids, charging 110 a week (was 10 years ago…lol) you can charge more.


What are your skills?

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If you are in the US, apply for Walmart home office. We have plenty of remote positions.


Are you single or in a relationship? Can you work part time around the fathers hours? I did that for a long time.


sell your used underwear. it’s a big business.


Depends where u are in north of Ireland the government pays you a maternity allowance if you do not meet the requirements of your employer

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I used to drive door dash when I was pregnant.

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There are literally tons of good work from home jobs: Krogers has a work from home job through a temo service (Express, I believe), Amazon has work from home jobs, Wells Fargo, and countless other real actually companies. Go adk all temp services near you. Start at temp services. Then start calling, emailing, or contacting companies and ask them about work from home jobs. Always check website like Monster, Job Link, and such too!

Laundry care or sudshare been doing it as a SAHM for awhile now, as long as you don’t mind doing others laundry. I have 5 commercial accounts now, that’s pretty much all I do, and it’s steady money.


America sucks this way.


Search Melecia from Home on YouTube ! I’ve been following her for a few years. She posts daily-weekly legitimate work from home jobs. There’s always lots of positive feedback in her comments. I wish you the best!!!

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Property management, scheduling for a clinic or medical community, health insurance document sorting, loan paperwork checker…

Do you like dogs? Dog walking. You can carry the baby on you.
Just make sure you have well adjusted dogs in your care.
There’s also daycare services, if you like children and can handle more than one at a time.

You may be able to file for unemployment for the time you’re out?! It’s worth a shot!

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sorry to be blunt but there has been lots of time to prepare you should never wait till the very last moment to plan for these things
What you need is to acquire some skills that make you stand out from the masses


I do rover party time. It’s dog boarding, doggy daycare and dog walking.

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Try Indeed. Great job site

I was in the same boat. It was hard.

Sell plates. Meals or Desserts.


A lot of the phone company’s are hiring for customer service. You just have to have a lap top and have a set schedule that you’re logged on. Go on indeed.com and you can search in your area.

Check with your state EDD about maternity leave disability. Your work may not offer it, but your state might for a couple of weeks.

Also be prepared to go out of your comfort zone on employment. I didn’t think I could do it, but my babysitter for my oldest son mentored me into in home daycare. She ended up retiring when I opened and most of her parents went to me.


On line job somewhere idk…

Well that’s kinda weird but as long as u work 40 hrs a week in canada doesn’t matter how long u work u get maternity u can be at a job for a month and u will still get maternity leave same with males. Must be an American thing and that’s really greesy


People are seeming to forget… she will be fresh out the hospital from giving birth… some of these will be so much harder than her just going back to her regular job. She needs jobs she can do while her insides heal.


I don’t even think u have to work 40hrs a week u still get it that actually sucks

Sell your breast milk


If you’re from U.K. you only need to work for a company for 26weeks (I think) and they have pay you, you’ll be entitled to SMP if it’s under than you can claim a different type, best talking to CAB

I’m a school bus driver, I bring my kids to work with me! It’s how I was able to have my 3rd and currently pregnant with my 4th!

It requires training and most companies will train you for free. Its not an instant thing but it will really solve a lot of child care issues for you for years to come.
My schedule is the school schedule! School was canceled? So was work. No scrambling for babysitting


Is your partner involved? If so, he should pick up more work in the meantime. My job was the same and my husband was only allowed a week off which sucked but of course we needed the income. Try budgeting your expenses as well and possibly bc you are gonna be down to one income you may qualify for wic or foodstamps

Door dash. Have someone ride with you to sit in the car with baby and split the money. You make your hours. Shipt is the same thing. You can do the pickup orders so you sit in the car and don’t need to worry about baby. Still have someone ride with so when bringing bags to customer baby isn’t alone.

Work from home… apply now

I would see if by chance your company has any part time at home position that’s how my company did for me because I didn’t qualify for paid maternity leave were short-term disability because I was in the hospital quite some time before I delivered my son they let me work from home during my maternity leave

Granted these are not jobs but as a fellow stay at home I find these very helpful.

Swagbucks lets you earn gift cards for just about anywhere under the sun for doing surveys, playing games ect. I redeem for Amazon or walmart normally, which has greatly helped costs like wipes, shampoo, clothes ect. These surveys are for when you have like 30 mins more of free time.

This is another survey site, however you can do these when you have like 2 minutes to spare. They are super short and you always qualify.

Another gift card site however no surveys required. You quite literally get paid for every receipt you scan. Can be slow earning compared to other recipet apps however i like this one best as you get credit for every place you shop. Even things like hotels, car work, ect.

Depending on your county they may offer cash assistance while you’re unemployed, it would be thru your welfare/job and family services offices. The money isn’t a loan and doesn’t get repaid. There is a finite amount of time you can qualify and whatnot.


I saved up my PTO time and spread it out during my 12 weeks leave… on top of that while i still worked i set money aside plus bought stuff here and there that I wouldn’t need to buy while i was off…- wipes/diapers or even stuff i didnt need for baby but would need for rest of us i would buy a little extra here and there so we wouldnt run out while i was off.

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Maybe you can get some type of short term disability and ateast get some of your pay💁‍♀️

If you’re us based try wah job lounge group on fb to find a wfh job

You might try Vocational Rehab at the local Health and Human Services Offices. They may be able to get you into school for medical coding and transcription. Then you can work from home all the time. From what I understand the pay is pretty good. In the meantime, you can get benefits to tide you over while you are in school.

Here’s a slightly different approach that I’ve taken that’s allowed me to stay home. I sold my very nice Highlander and bought a used, older but good minivan for 1/4 the price with the profit. I also buy wholesale and rarely eat out. We are vegetarian, so groceries are pretty cheap.

I also sell things that we are done with and use the profit for what we need. Examples are nice kids clothes, formal dresses, sofas, etc. You’d be surprised how much money you can make reselling things you are done with😉


Direct Mailing reach out to Andre Wilson he is a millionaire now from just mailing flyers.

Maybe put a personal ad in your area online saying that you’re looking for just one or two houses to clean while you’re a new mother.
That way you can take your baby with you.
Or perhaps find someone that just needs someone to sit with an elderly person.
Some just need company while their main caregiver is at work.
Just make it clear that you’re a new mother and that your child will be with you.
Or look into a daycare job, that way again your child can be with you and you can care for your child while you’re there but you’re also getting paid to assist with other children.

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Do you have trustworthy and reliable child care?? If you do maybe look into being a school bus driver, it’s part time so you’re not away for long hours. I have done it off and on for 11 years and currently I am on only as a sub and only when I am available because I want to have mornings with my kids.


Drive a school bus during that time . That way you can bring your baby with you and you still have down time during the day

Even if your work doesn’t provide it the state should.

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First off, please do not even consider working for an MLM. They are all a scam and you will lose money. My mother in law pet sits here and there to supplement her income. She mainly started posting on Nextdoor and met people from a very nice neighborhood who then recommended her to others in the area. You will be able to bring your child with you if you sit for kid friendly dogs….only if you like pets. Obviously meet the people and pet beforehand. Good luck! I hope you find something that fits.


Short term disability after baby, as you can’t be released by the doctor to return to work until cleared post partum-

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Have the father step up and help more even get a second job.


Over throw the government and do like other countries who give you paid time off and give you 6 months leave


Try Vitality or another insurance company. You can work from home and get a decent income. Some insurance companies you can choose as well the schedules you want to work.

What state are you in?

Drive a school bus, you can bring your kids with you.

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Do you have any talents? Are you crafty?? I sell my art on the side to bring money in as I’m a single mother of three and it helps quite a bit. If you do stuff like that it may be helpful:)

Do you have any hobbies you could do that would generate a income?

When I was 6 months pregnant i went to work for amazon. I was seasonal but shortly got converted to a blue badge full time employee. After that I received 4 weeks paid leave before my baby was due and 12 weeks paid leave after he was born. It was full pay! Worth looking into.


Uber,uber eats or grubhub.


Try to google , Convergys and Conduent. They are from home jobs. Is technical support fof apple, HP, at&t T-Mobile amazon and health insurance. They are legit, I used to work for convergys for apple and conduent for ct health insurance.

If you have a car, driving jobs? Delivery?

Having someone like you was not just a great motivation but also put in the best to get the work so honestly deserve nothing but appreciate thanks for the work Veronika

Door dash, baby set, dog set, dog walking, house setting, watering plants,

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Yes short term disability …and fill out a direct deposit form …so your not waiting on a check forever …i know theres some apps u can sell clothes on … And theres also mercari…or work for doordash

Depending on the job take the baby, they dnt do much and sleep alot the first 2 months

God almighteyesy who opened my to come across your platfo debt free, @Redirecting...

I worked from home for Alpine Access/Sykes home. I tis a legitimate work from home job. I worked there 8 years.

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Wah Job Factory!!! Has remote jobs and a lot with no phones

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Door dash and all the other food delivery places…gonna be hard tho if u have. Baby

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Please please please don’t get sucked into an MLM! :black_heart:


I have a great opportunity for you!! You can work as much or as little as you want. If you want more information please send me a pm

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invest in fake boobs, sign up for instagram, create a only fans

There are insurance agent jobs that require no experience. Sales and customer service they train you for. Last time I talked to my progressive agent we were hitting it off and she told me about it and suggested I apply, they’ll train you. Worth a shot. I’m sure other companies have similar things.

I’m sharing this here to enlighten others about this platform benefits and also to show appreciation to Mrs Veronika filina for her kindness and honesty towards my online trade and investment on her platform. Now I’m financially stable. Thank you Ma’am
Contact her on :point_right:Facebook page

I would try to take a few weeks off for that bonding time and then babysit some kiddos while staying home with your babies!:heart:

Coupon and resell stock pile

I am a stay at home mom with a 2 year old and I am a life insurance broker! I haven’t worked a “real job” sense I was pregnant! I do recommend staying home if it is an option for atleast 6 weeks!


Poshmark, eBay , etc… Don’t go to Amazon because they take more money than you can imagine.

Deliver pizza at night

Get your partner to cover things for a few months.

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Pet sitting or share baby sitting for cash.

I started a homemade soap and candle business a year ago and just started doing craft fairs on the weekends! I have a website now too. It brings in a little extra cash for our household.