What is a heart murmur?

So my LO is 5 weeks old yesterday we had a doctors appoint she told me she hear a murmer in his heart I talked to my mom and she said that’s normal at the heart is growing bigger but it still freaks me out is it something that he will grow out of or something that he will have to live the rest of his life with


It’s normal…They said the same bout my first & third son…it’ll most likely go away.

My youngest had a heart murmur when she was born and they picked it up right away. Within a few days it was barely there anymore and now they don’t hear it at all. I would definitely talk to the doctor anyways as they may refer you to a heart specialist for testing until it’s gone. My baby had to go to one at 6 months just to double check.

Its normal my daughter had it and we went thru the EKG a week later and they couldnt find any signs of it.

Google told me that they usually go away as children grow older

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My son out grew it by 1

Both me and my brother have this. We both have never been to the doctor for it. It doesnt bother us and we both live full healthy lives. Some grow out of it some dont. Its nothing really

My son had one , he grew into it !

It’s normal my daughter has it to!

They said that about my second baby while I was pregnant with her I ended up having to go to a couple different doctors a couple times but it ended up going away before she was born but if I was you I’d definitely be asking your babies doctor the same questions you’ve asked us goodluck momma and god bless you and your baby

He may or may not out grow it my daughter was born with 2 holes in her heart that she did not outgrow and it required surgery but she is a happy healthy 10 year old don’t stress until you have to (I know easier said than done)

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It’s normal almost everyone has a murmur

Ask the doc my son grew out of his

My son’s heart murmur is caused by a ventricular septal defect, VSD. He is two. It’s still there. You can never be too careful. Please follow up and get her heart thoroughly checked out. Congratulations :heartpulse:

I have one and so does my teen daughter…

Lo will most likely grow out of it… my cousin did…

But, if you’re worried. . I PROMISE dr will not be bothered if you set up an appt so you can ask questions…

From experience, most Drs wanna momma’s to be confident in this area

My son had the same thing. His pediatrician had us see a child cardiologist and he said it fairly normal. He grew out of it now.

Normal, my daughter had one and her doctor said it would be abnormal if she didn’t have it at that age, and now it’s fully developed :heart:

My oldest had a heart mumur. He’s 13 now and lost it when he was a toddler. I also got a heart mumur after having my fourth. It went away. It was a rough labor.

Called a functional murmur. Really do not think you have to worry. If you want a second opinion, make an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist.:+1:

Sometimes they grow out of it. If it isn’t a big one it’s not anything to worry about.

My son had the same it’s gone now !

Depends. Some grow in some don’t. They said the same about me as a child. Said I had a heart murmur then when I was 16 I had gotten in a really bad car crash and when the doctors checked me over they said no they heard a clicking noise. The force of the crash knocked it loose and they could finally hear it better. I had a quarter size hole in my heart but a flap of skin had grown over it somewhat so thats why it was never caught. I went to U of M in Ann Arbor to the Motts Children’s hospital and they fixed it by going thru my groin. But they can monitor your child now cuz it was caught immediately and thats good. I’m fine never skipped a beat in life honestly. Have 2 kids of my own ans one on the way even going thru natural births. The cells in my heart grew thru the titanium mesh patch and made my heart stronger

IF he doesn’t grow out of if the surgery to fix it is a small thing

My youngest had to have a sonogram of her heart when she was a baby. Everything turned out fine. Try not to freak out yet. It seems to be pretty common and usually results in nothing.

I’ve had a murmur off and on since I was little I think he will be okay mama. As long as his doc knows all should be okay. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would’ve asked the doctor right then.

A heart murmur can also go away as they get older yall. My nephew had one when he was 3 years old went away last year when he turned 10. But def get more answers if you feel more comfortable

My 3 year old has one and my son has a little hole in the top of his heart. Heart defects do not run in my family

Depends on the type of murmur. My son had a PDA and it closed up as he grew

My LO was 1 month yesterday and the doctor said she heard a slight murmur as well. Scariest thing ever but the doctor said they would watch it and she said at that again it could just be nothing.

Both my son and i had one mine has closed for the most part and his is gone

My daughter was 5 weeks old yesterday too!

I had a heart murmur when I was little and I’ve out grown it. I took my son in for his 18mo check up and the said she might hear one.

They thought that about my daughter as well. All was fine tho. Shes 4 now with no heart murmur

It’s possible for him to grow out of it more than likely in face but your doctor will follow it

Depends on what kinda murmur. I had one most of my life it was just an extra sound. I am 34 and it just recently was undetectable. Everyone will have one at one time in their life. Usually no big deal. Can also hear them if you are sick. I wouldn’t worry.

Our pediatrician told us the same thing and sent us to a pediatric cardiologist after a few months to make sure it had closed. He explained to us that it happens often and withing 6-10 months it would stop (and it had already). Our pediatrician just wanted to be safe rather than sorry

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I was born with a heart murmur. I outgrew it while I was little. Dont stress on it too much just yet momma.

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My daughter had one. She had a small hole on the left side of her heart. She is 5 now and the hole has closed on its own.

My son had a heart murmur until he was about 6 years old and it went away on his own. I had to take him for a yearly exam to check on it but everything turned out fine :yellow_heart:

Heart murmurs are perfectly normal. Most people have them and dont even realize it.

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There are two holes in the heart that are supposed to close right after birth. There are also other types of holes that may or may not close on their own. I would ask for a referral to a cardiologist. My son’s PDA closed on it’s own but his ASD had to be closed through cardiac catheterization at three years old. You need to know the size and location of the defect. Some are small enough to grow out of or never require surgery but others can cause the heart to enlarge or problems with the lungs.

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My daughter had a heart murmur and is 4 now and she finally grew out of it! It was never a huge concern from her doctor because he said they usually do grow out of it! They should grow out of it before they are 4 but my daughter had it a bit longer. He just said before she can play sports they will want to do an ekg to make sure everything is working properly!

Part of baby’s physiological development is the closing off of a “hole” between heart chambers called the foramen ovale. In some baby’s it isn’t closed up until sometime after birth. Just keep an eye on it - your pediatrician will tell you if it’s something more.


My daughter had that … she’s now 15 and they never heard it again

My son had one as a baby but it went away

I’ve had one all my life. No issues as of yet.

Could be either babies can grow out of them mine closed between 13-19 years old :woman_shrugging:t2: nothing serious if monitored correctly.

My son had one too but he grew out of it by 6 months

My friends baby had one the heard at birth. They went to a few cardiology appts and it closed on its own

Most grow out of it . Regular check ups on his progress and he’ll be fine .

Me and my 12 year old both had them as babies and we both grew out of them

My son’s doctor heard something in his heart while controlling him, she said high chance nothing serious but better check it with a cardiologist. We checked it and everything was fine

One of my kids did the other didnt. As long as your doc is monitoring it, its ok.

Ask your pediatrician to explain it fully and how it will be monitored. Most grow out of it.

Questions for your DOCTOR

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They normally close up as baby grows so just keep up with Dr and don’t sweat it

I’ve had a hole in my heart for my whole life. Was an active kid growing up, never really affected me. They’ll monitor it lots for as long as they see fit. I went to appointments until I was 18, at my last one they told me to make sure to see a doctor if there’s a possible issue, but I haven’t had one. Don’t stress about it too much!

Mom of a 2 kids with heart issues here. One required an artificial valve at 3 days and the other had a hole recently close at age 5. When in doubt, always seek 2nd or 3rd outside opinions. Best wishes.