What is a miscarriage?

This question was submitted anonymously by real people looking for real advice. Please be mindful with your responses. No bashing or derogatory comments will be tolerated.


I’ve had 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic. The miscarriages made me sad but I understood why, at about 7 weeks and 9 weeks the fetus just stopped growing, the ectopic destroyed me because it was a beautiful baby growing and living just fine but in my tube. I wanted to just let it go but I had 2 other children and the Dr. said it could kill me and the baby so I had poison injected into my back to basically abort that growing fetus. I will never forget that pain. Physical and emotional.

I can’t believe this question made it through as it could have been googled and not asked. I had a miscarriage on my first pregnancy and it was devastating. It took my a long time to get pregnant after that but I finally did thankfully. It has been 26 years and it still can bring tears to my eyes.


I’ve had 8 miscarriages and I don’t find this the slightest bit insensitive, it just seems to me like somebody who would like to be educated about what it actually is, maybe they live an incredibly sheltered life! Also, people who have sadly suffered can’t shout and cry about how miscarriages shouldn’t be a taboo subject anymore if they can’t even explain what one is. As women we should be able to talk about these things to bring comfort to others going through the same thing. How can we do that if even the word miscarriage sends us into panic?


Oh my these comments we are all human yes we all been through hell and back loosing a baby no matter what gestation this was a simple question and even one is being so negative towards the poster please be kind or Don’t respond simple really


It was definitely two of the worst experiences I’ve ever had to deal with as a woman. We were trying so hard to have another baby with IVF & just when I got the good news that I was FINALLY pregnant, I was told my HCG levels (pregnancy hormone) weren’t rising like they should & I was probably gonna lose the baby. Just having to wait it out & deal with the unknowns of not knowing if the baby was gonna survive or not was heart wrenching for me both times. It was the worst 2-3 weeks & then finally the bleeding started & I was devastated. But, knowing I have those two babies in Heaven waiting for me is something I’m looking forward to. :heart:


A bit of an insensitive bunch hey. We all go through difficult situations in life and not everyone can, will and should maneuver their life around yours. The question posed is just a question, it insinuated nothing of the poster doing anything inhuman or unethical or damaging in anyway. Like every other post on FB, if you don’t like it… Keep scrolling. TV and radio adds don’t consider you when they air these topics, and I’m sure if you don’t like it, you change the station. This is not a stupid question and it definitely is something to be spoken about. I’m glad some people had the decency to answer the question in an informative non judgemental way. If you have been affected by this topic, you need to consider getting help to get through or manage your trauma. Have a nice day everyone.


I had a miscarriage I was about 10 weeks in. I started cramping and I went to the hospital. I’ve already had 4 daughters so I knew something wasn’t right. They didn’t hear a heartbeat but told me it’s ok cause at the time I was 8 going on 9 weeks. They did a ultrasound they saw the baby. Told me I was fine blood work was good. A week later I was back at the hospital bleeding not bad but bleeding and cramping. I was told the blood work and the ultrasound told them I would loose the baby. I was by myself. I didn’t want my kids there cause I knew what happened. They sent me home to pass the baby. The next day there was so much blood. I miscarried and was so weak. I’ve never been that weak I should have gone to a doctor. When I did I was so anemic I almost had to have a blood transfusion. I talked them out of it. Now I have a rainbow baby. A baby after a miscarriage.
The person who asked might have asked to open up a conversation because it’s not talked about. Let’s not think the worst and open up. This is an opportunity to be able to talk and maybe help others with our stories.


Attack me for this, I dont care, but if this is a young teen, maybe she should talk to her mom, or ask to go to the doctor. Google and Facebook wont really help if she did have a miscarriage, or is experiencing one. She needs a doctor. Maybe, she needs to talk to her mom or aunt instead of running to Google or Facebook. Also, for a lot of moms, I think a trigger warning would have been nice.


A lot of the comments are rude…

Yes it might be triggering emotions for some and im sorry for your loss…

But its a group of support to other moms, instead of bullying the one whom posted it… how about trying to share your experience??

The title is called;
Mom’s life… keeping it real!

Ive seen some comments about 8 or 10 misscarriages and even they think its an honest question.

Let us start educating through our experiences,
Instead of educating through google!


This is a big part of what’s wrong with todays society. Everyone is so sensitive about everything that they feel entitled to limit and censor those around them because they’re “triggered”. I’ve grown to truly hate that word. Nobody should have to curve themselves because somebody else gets offended. Its apart of life, there are so many people with different personalities, experiences, interests and opinions. You can’t conform everyone into the same way. If you dont like something, thats fine, move on from it but dont condemn people and attack them because they don’t see things your way. Life is full of things that are upsetting. Learn to grow tougher skin and get your baby soft hands calloused and grow up. I applaud administration for allowing a question, that should be able to be talked about without backlash because we dont know everyone’s situations. And to those actually answering the question, thank you for your kindness and understanding and ability to push through their own traumas with the hope of education those around to try and make the world a more loving and understand place.


Miscarriages can be truly awful, emotionally and physically painful experiences. I had one myself (not terribly long ago) and the memory will live with me for life. But this simple question shouldn’t be enough to trigger such unkind and overblown responses. It sounds to me that those of you requiring trigger warnings and outright CENSORSHIP have not processed your losses and fears properly, and have tipped over into emotional and mental instability as a result. You’re doing yourself a disservice by attempting to repress your own trauma, and you’re being cruel to other women who may be in NEED of wise counsel from someone who has an intimate understanding of these realities. This is a very troubling, but very UNIVERSAL part of being a woman. And we should be able to discuss it compassionately, at all times.
Now if you personally opt not to be part of the conversation, then bow out. By all means. But how dare you shame someone for merely seeking information here. Google doesn’t have a heart. But as mothers, all of US are supposed to.


As a mom who has lost a baby to a miscarriage I feel people are being way out of line! If someone asking what is a miscarriage upsets you then you should seek some help because yes it was hard as hell when I lost my baby and still is 3 years later! But someone asking me about doesn’t make me mad. In fact I believe it should be talked about more because most women don’t even realize how common it is to have a miscarriage, or even how many woman around them have had one too and can be there to support them through the pain and doubt you go through! Stop crying about it as woman and be the light someone might need! You just might change someone’s life because of the kindness you showed them in their time of need because you e gone through the same thing.
To the person asking the question, a miscarriage is when you lose your baby often due to a defect while the baby is forming this generally happen before the 12 week. There are miscarriages that happen later in the gestation of the baby but I’m not sure on those reasons. But if you think you are having a miscarriage you should seek medical advice. The doctors need to check you and make sure your ok.


Some of these comments are vile and so judgmental. There’s Obviously a reason why it has been asked. Yes it’s awful that some of you have had to go through that but everyone has dealt with a loss of some description be it people’s parents, kids, other family etc and there are triggers ALL DAY EVERY DAY which can set people off for various reasons. You don’t like it, scroll on and judge somewhere else. Let’s hope the person that posted this is ok and can see some light and see passed some of these nasty comments


A miscarriage is a loss of a baby upto 23 weeks (28 in us I think), a still birth is loss after this point but during pregnancy, a still born is a loss during labour and a neonatal loss is when a baby sadly passes in the first 28 days of life. Weeks vary by country especially between the US and the Uk. I hope whoever posted this is getting the right support if needed.


As a mom who lost a baby, I really am disappointed in the admin who accepted this as a question. This hit a emotional nerve… Makes me wanna remove myself from this group because of this being something that could be asked. 5 years later for me and I just had a breakdown the other night because i found my papers saying I had a spontaneous abortion and pregnancy test of my first that i lost. Smh


I had one at 22 weeks and 8 weeks, 2 very very different experiences. I had very little support for the first one, put in a side room and left to get one with it. Horrendous! X heart goes out to anyone in the same experience


I feel like this could have been taken in many ways… it definitely needed a trigger warning from the get go. As it does hit a nerve for a lot of moms, myself included. I understand I’m educating people on this topic because some don’t know the difference between a miscarriage or a still born. Or they might think it is the same. I also think this did bring a lot of us angel moms together, to support each other and be there for one another, especially through something as heartbreaking as losing a child no matter how far along you were. My heart is right there with all you moms who now have angel babies. And I can only hope mine is there with yours.
To the fan who asked the question, be understanding, that the negative comments come from a deep place of pain, that non of us ever wish upon anyone. But if you really need clarification, you can always pm me and I can help you understand.
To admin, this really NEEDED a trigger warning… I know it triggered a nerve for me as well…


Just had a little cry thinking about my miscarriage but that’s okay, it’s normal to be emotional after such a experience. I was 7 weeks and had gone abroad to Egypt, I have many what ifs, like did I eat the right things, did I stay hydrated, did laying on a sun bed cause this to happen?
I lost my pregnancy symptoms and started to have light pink blood, just like that I knew my baby was gone but I held on to hope.
I received my rainbow baby two months after the miscarriage, he’s now five years and a half old. His pregnancy was hard because I bled with him a few times too but thankfully it was all okay in the end.
Us mommas of angels got to support eachother, not blame someone for asking a sensitive question x


A heartbreaking painful experience mentally and physically that you never forget! And also feel guilty for or a lot of could’ve, would,ve, should’ve or what if questions


Thank you for asking this question!
Knowledge is power and better then doing it alone
Ignore the negative people please

I’ve had 2 miscarriages and im happy to give u my experience
First bub stopped growing at 6 weeks gave “birth” 8 weeks after 2 weeks of symptoms ended up in hospital with labour pains and birthed the baby on my own in the bathroom had to have a d&c due to the placenta not coming out
Second one i found out at 14 weeks at an ultrasound had no symptoms but i was losing weight had to have the baby medically removed
No reasons given and i did blame myself but now i dont it was nature’s way unfortunately
I love my babies

Reach out if u need support

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I mean there are alot of poetic ways that it could be portrayed… I assume that’s what they were asking for bc the actual definition is easy to look up and pretty common knowledge

For those of you who are “triggered” maybe the internet is not the place for you. Perhaps seeking counseling would be best if your default setting is shaming someone for asking an honest question.


Sounds like a young women or girl asking to me. We have to educate our young ladies about the harsh facts of womanhood good bad and ugly. If you believe you are having a miscarriage I encourage you to see a doctor as soon as possible because you can always have more children if you are healthy. :heart:


It’s considered a spontaneous abortion in medical terms. it’s a loss of a baby. It’s a very traumatic experience for most women. If you’re going through one or think you are you should consult a doctor.


A few people were nice enough to answer your question with very good information here. As for the other responses, yikes. I just wanted to add, if you think you are having a miscarriage please go to your doctor. It can be very dangerous and even life threatening if you are not treated or have a follow up care. As someone who has suffered three of them, I am so sorry if you’re going through one.


I’m so sorry for your loss I’m wondering if this post is from a young girl who maybe has no one to turn to x


Why is this a question!!!


If your to damn sensitive about this question simply scroll by.
Or better yet don’t be on fucking facebook :unamused:


Come on admins, this question really should have just been answered through messenger with a response of google it. :woman_facepalming:t2:


I feel real bad for the person who asked this and is getting bashed for asking.:pensive:


It effects people in so many ways losen a child
But honistly there NO need for this bitter ness
For all we now it may be a teanager
Or a first time mummy
Who thinks there losen there baby

Come on stop with this nastynes


A miscarriage is when your are pregnant but the baby dose not survive, any pregnancy loss up to 24 week uk/20 weeks usa is considered a miscarriage after that a baby is considered still born.
The most important thing to remember is that in most cases of miscarriage its nothing that the mother did/didn’t do. reach out for surrport its hard very emotional time, along with the physical symptoms.


Maybe this came from someone who english isn’t their first language!

The person who posted, are you pregnant or planning pregnancy. Is the question posed due to information from a Dr. Or is it out of concern of your own.
Miscarriage is loosing a pregnancy/baby.
It is hard to handle. I see many comments attacking the question.
My advice is be more elaborate in question or reason for the question. I know you are not trying to hurt anyone, just be mindful of how you pose this question.
I have had miscarriages and every one was different.
Just know this, My Dr. Said it is due to viability of baby, some times the baby is not strong enough or even your body is not strong enough. Remember it is no one’s fault.
I am religious and I see it as God sent an angel to us and we got to share some time with them until the angel had to go back to sit with our farther in heaven. I know one day I will hold and meet my babies.
If you struggling after a miscarriage, see a phycologist etc. This unfortunately affects you physically and mentally. And you should not be afraid of seeking help.

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I have had a tubal pregnancy and several miscarriages the last one being 2/5/2021 with twins , I can’t lie seeing a question like this really hit me !!! for one I don’t even understand what this question is supposed to be asking , is this a young girl asking what one looks like because she is worried she or a friend is having one or is this someone who doesn’t have enough common sense to know a miscarriage is loosing a child before birth and that asking a question like that would definitely trigger angel baby mommy’s especially as recent as mine , sweetie whoever you are if you’re wondering what it looks like messaged me it’s painful but I will show you picture by picture of me passing one of my baby’s and exactly what it looked like !!! But if this is just some little girl asking such an insensitive question, please think about yourself in a situation where your child dies then think again about asking something like this . ****Administrator you definitely should have told this person to go in more depth of what exactly they wanted to know . ****

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I had a tubal pregnancy that ruptured and it almost cost me my life then I went on to have five beautiful children after that :heart:

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Why this would be posted is beyond me. Google it, go to the library and get a medical book or ask a doctor or nurse. It’s not a FB question :woman_facepalming:t3:

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A miscarriage is when the fetus forming is not progressing normally and the body removes the fetus on it’s own. It is hormally and chemically driven. Idk how else to explain it… ask a doctor if you can.

When a baby dies in the womb. In Sweden, up to week 12+0 it’s an early miscarriage, after 12+0 it’s a late miscarriage.

I’ve just been through 2 in less than 3 months and I didn’t need to be reminded … :slightly_frowning_face:

I had a miscarriage stoped growing at 7 weeks and delivered around 10 weeks the worst feeling I. The whole world :earth_americas: then we had 2 healthy twins -

It’s when you lose a pregnancy under 20w I believe.

I think my first question is how old are you? 2nd question is why you are even asking this anyway? You have the internet available clearly so why not just look it up?

When a train loses a carriage

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Some of these comments are disgusting! Im sorry for everyone that has suffered this loss, but that is no reason to attack someone asking for information!
Pregnancy loss is not a taboo subject and if you dont want to talk about it thats fine, but simply scroll by


A miscarriage is a heartbreak. Talk to someone you trust. Xx

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I agree Melissa , it shouldn’t have been posted


I believe a trigger warning should be added.

I almost died with my last miscarriage. The fetus had my cervix propped open like anumbrella . I was bleeding and clotting really bad. Took ages to get my bleeding under control . That was almost 9 years ago

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Who’s the admin on this page? You really think this is something that should be posted?


It says “fan question” how can you be a parent and not know what a miscarriage is


If you think you’ve had one…go to the doctor!

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Rah, you proper just triggered around 20% of women

A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy, there are many reasons why this occurs, however in none of these cases can miscarriage be prevented once it’s started

5he worst experience of my liffe

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Wth why every single day there’s stupid questions being ask get that phone away from that 12 yr old!!


Google it! Nothing fun that for sure! Some of the comments are rude and disrespectful

I thought this was a Safe and “G Rated” Social Medial site with the New Restrictions.
I find this very offensive.

TWO ANSWERS, first…Although it wasn’t what was wanted, can everyone stop bashing the women who express pain at this question? That’s also a normal and natural reaction to loss and grief. In a way it’s educating the poster about how long term the effects are and that many women suffer greatly from this. No one wants to be in this club yet here we are! The women who have lost the most precious thing we feel born with a right to safely protect. And that’s not even going into the women who have had multiple miscarriages and suffer from fertility issues which is also soul destroying. I’m shocked how many of you are tearing down these women as if they are bullying the original poster. You all have no idea the exact details of each loss. A bit of kindness both ways would be be better than acting all sanctimonious! This is not an easy question or a safe one for many people! So some respect would go a long way!!!

SECOND ANSWER: miscarriage is unfortunately very common. Pregnancy is like taking qualifying exams, where the questions can be hard or easy each time. Any wrong answers at the start and the body shuts it down for the safety of the mother and because the baby would not survive if allowed to develop. It’s a very painful process physically and emotionally. It’s important to remember that the emotional pain of this trauma lasts longer than the physical pain, and therefore needs to be addressed. It’s as you can see, a bit of a taboo in society. With women who have gone through it, there are days that are easier than others to talk about it. If you are going through a miscarriage then please reach out to someone you trust for support. My experience left me feeling angry. I was angry at everything and everyone. The only person I could bare to look at was my husband because rather than pity, I saw the same grief in his eyes. It’s normal to flit between feeling everything and feeling nothing. It’s the way our body tries to protect us from the pain. So basically there’s no wrong way to grieve and give yourself time and space to heal. Try not to suppress it as trauma isn’t a good bedmate and will demand attention sooner rather than later. I hope that info was a little less medical than google. Sorry if it was all over the place as I’m rather tired this morning. Hope you have support around you if you are indeed suffering love xxx

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medical term is called a spontaneous abortion
which i don’t like

Maybe someone partner emailed in. Who noes

But obviously the person very young

Maybe. Just maybe someone would need some comfort by these comments.

Tbf when I was pregnant years back. And even before I didn’t no what a miscarriage was.

Find the word miscarriage really insesitive.

But maybe this person unaware. And heard the word and is scared. Who noes

Maybe we have a young pregnant teen on our hands here asking for advice.

Yes you can Google it. But Google doesn’t give you comfort like people who lived through it does.

I really believe we got youngish person here.

The group maker maybe wanted start a new thread who noes.

But be kind.

Hot damn, what did some of you do before people started putting trigger warnings on FB posts?? FFS. For a bunch of moms some of you sure are judgy, uncompassionate bitches.


Please don’t have children if your first thought is to post a question like this to a group whose members may have experienced a miscarriage instead of fucking googling it. Stupid as hell and incredibly thoughtless


You are all such ass holes.

What if this was from a 13 year old that doesn’t want to Google it because her parents might find out?
What if it’s a 30 year old woman that has lived a very sheltered life where nobody talks about these things?

What if it was your best friend and they saw you calling her an idiot or telling her to ‘fucking Google it’

Get a grip and show some support instead of attacking someone for asking a question that most women here can relate to.


I lost my twin boys back in August, it still hurts me till this day​:expressionless::pensive::weary::broken_heart:

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Who runs this page and post idiotic :poop: like this? Time to unfollow :wave:

Lot of y’all need to get laid :joy::joy:

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First of all I’m sorry for your loss i hope this information helps


If you don’t know, you are too damn dumb to have sex! Sex causes pregnancy!

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Would you rather never talk about your loss?? Or educate other women that loss happens and they are not alone?? Use the loss of your baby, don’t just forget and move on… talk about it, let it be known, sensitizing it just pretends that bad things don’t happen… our children (ALL CHILDREN) need to know the world is far from perfect and the cycle of life and death (even death before life even begins)

I’m not being incentive at all… my family struggles with miscarriages and infertility… but my children know that not everyone can have healthy babies, they know it sucks, and they also know if a child is born different we still love them no matter what… they’ve learned about adoption and how you don’t have to be blood to be family… use this all as a teaching life experience!!


Never mom’s fault. It’s a fetus that won’t thrive and therefore self aborts.


Man, what is it about some women’s inate need to tear other women down and shame them. I spent over a decade working with adolescent girls and you’d be AMAZED at how little they actually knew about sex and reproduction. People only know what information they are given and who better to answer such a personal question than a group of women and/or mothers. If you’re offended by it, the solution is simple, keep scrolling. There’s no reason to make her feel bad for asking because that’s what causes people to STOP asking!


So many of these comments disgust me with the bitterness. I hope the admin does some clean up of people in this group. The page is for us to help and educate other mothers not tear each other down.

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1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss.

This should not be such a taboo topic! It should be talked about!!


All of you, who took offense to this, need to grow a pair. She asked a question. This is a mom group for SUPPORT. if you don’t like it, move along.


I lost a baby at 1 month in 2010 and it was horrible i still have questions!! But basically the doctor told me usually when this happens is when somehitng goes wrong while the fetus is forming and u can’t do anything about it :sob: i had a girl b4 n after miscarriage i had 2 boys in 2011 n 2012 was terrified the whole time while carrying out rainbow baby after the miscarriage it still affects me even tho i was only 1 month pregnant I loved my baby!

It’s a horrible feeling i gave birth and lost my daughter and who ever goes through it know your not alone.

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Some of these comment are extremely rude and uncalled for. You have no idea who the original poster is or why they felt the need to ask this question in here so why would you attack them? Instead of being rude and judgemental you could have just kept scrolling or even better yet don’t like it being accepted by the admin of the group private message them about it. Unfortunately this is something many women have gone through and being one of them myself it hurts to be reminded of it but I would NEVER attack someone calling them stupid or telling them not have kids because they asked a question! Yes google exists and maybe they used google and didn’t completely for some reason we don’t know understand what they read so they asked here for clarification. Is that a crime? Do you Google every little question you have? Probably not so get lives and some compassion and follow the number one rule of social media groups: If you see a post you don’t like just keep scrolling!


I had few as well!! And after 1st one doctor told me that almost ever my 3rd woman has one. I hardly heard before that about miscarriage and was surprise how common it is (SADLY!!). It’s still in some countries tabu topic. I was lucky I got my son and he is happy active kid.


Miscarriage means to lose an embryo, fetus or baby before it’s born. To me it was one of the most painful experiences not only physical because it felt like labor but emotional as well. I was very sad for a while, I couldn’t understand what I did wrong until I finally realized it wasn’t my fault. There’s so many reasons one can have a miscarriage, for example mine was due to chromosomal abnormalities. I hope this comment helped. If you are experiencing sharp pain in your back or if you are having heavy bleeding and are pregnant please visit the ER.

When I had mine I was so scared and when the doctor told me I killed my baby I fell into tears that was the hardest time fore and I didn’t know what the meaning of a miscarriage was until I had my first child so no body should be ashamed in asking if they have no idea

Why is every one so upset? Trigger warning what is that? Miscarriage and still birth are a part of life. More than 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. We need to remove the stigma and make this a normal conversation. Yes it’s painful and heartbreaking but so are a lot of other things. Do we need a trigger warning when some one posts about death? Divorce? Birth? Natural disasters? If not why what’s different between miscarriage and other painful events? Every one wants it to be a secret, kept in the closet. Screw that let’s talk about it. Bring it to the forefront so men and women and girls and boys know that this is a natural occurrence and can happen to any female. AND NO ONE IS TO BLAME FOR IT. IT JUST HAPPENS


It’s when your much loved baby dies before you ever get to hold her

Ok so it could have been asked by a young teen that doesn’t know.

Who ever posted this is sick miscarriage isn’t to be made fun off Iv had one and it was the worst thing Iv ever had to go though I think this post should be taken down as people could of just had one and feeling really low right now and don’t need to see this :pensive:

Also known as a spontaneous abortion

That’s what is wrong with this world. Hey Google… some folks like to ask others that have actually been through it some like to know how others exspirence was with certain things. I’ve had one and it’s something you’ll always question.

I have always been taught there is no such thing as a dumb question.

It is merely opening up a dialogue for women to share their own persona stories of loss

Its your body’s way of terminating an unviable pregnancy. You can have a chemical miscarriage which happens in the first 2-6 weeks. Most women don’t even know and just assume it’s a period. 98% of miscarriages happen with in the first 20 weeks due to an issue with the fetus and not any thing the mother could do. You will bleed for a few hours some times a week. If you bleed more than that see a doctor immediately as you may have an incomplete miscarriage and require a procedure called a D&C. Any loss after 20 weeks is considered stillborn. You have early where you lose right after 20 weeks bit before 27 weeks. A late is between 28 and 36 weeks and term is 37 weeks to birth. I’ve experienced both. 3 miscarriages (1 was a blighted ovum) and a stillbirth at 8 months. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and it’s never ever your fault.

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A miscarriage is a sad event. That is what a miscarriage is. :weary:

It is a loss of a fetus before the 24th week in the USA. after the 24th week it becomes a stillbirth. A stillbirth is when the baby is born but has already became an angel. OP, it’s ok to ask questions about anything you do not understand

I feel like you could have Googled that

You could… GOOGLE IT

No judgement here. We all have different stories, backgrounds and reasons why we need different platforms to reach out to for support and education. A miscarriage is the loss of a baby before 28 weeks technically. So the baby was not able to survive the length of the pregnancy. There are many signs of a possible miscarriage including the mother bleeding, when you are not supposed to bleed while pregnant. Bleeding isn’t a for sure sign though, it just happens to be one of the potential signs. Every BODY is different therefore there is no definite answer to the symptoms and what they mean. They are as unique as you are so it is always best to see a medical professional to confirm. They can test your hgc counts to see if you having a miscarriage. In a sustainable pregnancy, the hcg counts will grow, if a miscarriage is happening, you will start to lessen that number.

I am not a medical professional, just sharing my knowledge of the topic through personal experience, and educational information from my doctors.

Wishing you the best in whatever situation you are in💕

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If you are experiencing symptoms, like spotting, or big lumps coming out, then that may be it. If you are in pain, please go to the doctor. You can become infected very easily. If you need help message me and I can try to help you find resources in your area completely no judgement. Just pure help.

Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy before the 20th week. About 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage. But the actual number is likely higher because many miscarriages occur so early in pregnancy that a woman doesn’t realize she’s pregnant.