What is a partial hysterectomy?

I NEED to have a partial hysterectomy has anybody had one im scared sex will b different my husband says he doesnt care as long as it helps my health but im scared what if its different i do understand sex isnt everything but it is important


Had one at 34. Best thing I ever did.
Didn’t affect sex. It was meant to help me with severe anemia. It helped with that too.


I had one done all I hbe is my overies.but it did effect my sex life but everyone is different

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Honestly I had one at 28 it made sex better,the only bad thing is starting menopause early and it lasting what feels like forever HOT FLASHES R NO JOKE ,been going thru it for almost 12 yrs.However I will say no 2 cases r alike good luck and I agree with ur husband ur health is top priority if u aren’t here there will be no sex great or different he luvz his wife it sounds like listen to him ask urself what wud u think if it were him and the same scenario (just not due to a partial hysterectomy ).


My sex drive is greater post partial, I finally get what the “big deal” is

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Do you think they are removing your vagina or something lol

I have had a complete and total hysterectomy. Every woman is different in how they heal. I never understood why partial hysterectomy. The reason I went with total was sister did partial and within 2 years she had to go back and have them complete the hysterectomy and down time is the same whether partial or full. So basically she was out for 6-8 weeks both times instead like me 6 weeks.

No different s at all it’s better


Didn’t affect me at all😉


I started with a partial… estrogen went crazy…got breast cancer and had to have to rest out anyway! But sex was normal. I’ve told my daughter if she ever needs a hysterectomy to tell them to take it all.Doctors will say its a one in a million chance…cancer drs will tell you different!! It’s not worth the chance!!

My sex drive got higher which is fine with me.

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Sometimes sex is better after the surgery be because everybody is different but my wife had it done sex is amazing


I had a hysterectomy at 43. Never bothered our sex made it better…always have a total hysterectomy…In most cases, u have to go back within a couple of years

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I had partial hysterectomy, prolapsed uterus, was glad to get rid of it. It won’t affect you at all.

Best thing I ever did.

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I had a partial. I kept my ovaries. It did not affect my sex life at all.

I had one when I was 24,my sex drive went through the roof,couldn’t get enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Give it roughly 6 months and you’ll be right back at it. That’s giving time for the emotional roller coaster you’ll go through. I had one back in 2012. After the emotions and my body fully healed omg Sex is amazing because we don’t have to worry about getting pregnant or anything! It was the best thing to happen to me.

No effect on sexual life

Do it for your health.You feel [email protected] sex life will come back.

It gets better no worries.

I had a partial, I never had any problems. Tho ovaries is what sends out the hormones. It’s a tough recovery but you should be fine. Good luck!!!