What is better, a mini-van or a SUV?

It’s partially about a current pregnancy, and I haven’t told many people yet. This is my question: I’m a few months away from giving birth to my third baby, and I’ll have three littles under 4. I’m going to have to upgrade my vehicle to have room for three car seats. I keep going back and forth between an SUV with captains seats as the second row and a third row in the back or the dreaded minivan (I’m just not a fan of them, but I do have a lot of respect for their being easy on families). So I need advice, SUV or minivan? I’d have my oldest in the back row and the infant and one yr old in the middle, so I’d have to go between the seats to strap my three yr old in. Trying to make the best decision for my family, please help bc I’m so conflicted


Having sliding doors made battling 3 car seats easier for us, and I loved my minivan

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I have a GMC Acadia with the captain seats in the rear. Just like a mini van inside but still an SUV.

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SUV!!! We have had 2 acadias and now a yukon xl, I LOVE IT. We will NEVER have a fun. 4 kids, 2 dogs and 2 adults fit inside w room to spare. Oh and all of our shit… stroller, wagon luggage.

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I know someone w a Ford Explorer they have 3 car seats all together … I guess depends on how big the car seats are

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3 row SUV! We have the Subaru ascent with a bench 3rd row and captains seats. It’s great

Minivan, sliding doors makes it easier & you can take 1 seat out and put 2 in the 3rd row and one in the front so you can easily get the 3 year old in and out

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Minivan!! Those sliding doors are amazing. My youngest two are 12 months apart so that was a big seller for me

I have a mini van and love it. So much room for all the kids, all of our stuff if we go camping or on vacation, lots of room for groceries etc and our dog can fit in if he comes with us. I have 4 kids though so need the extra room. Bonus they can all sit on each side with space in between so they aren’t fighting in the back constantly :joy:

Minivan arnt as safe as SUV we have a Tahoe it seats 8 we love it

I have a Buick enclave and I love it! We have 5 kids and no complaint

Mini vans have so much space. Its so great. Plus sliding doors means no worries about Littles hitting other peoples car with the doors. Plus much easier to climb in and buckle everyone up.

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We bought mini van last year and we love it!! We have 4 under 4

Just bought town and country minivan. Was more affordable then SUV was our thing. I’m loving it except once in awhile it makes me feel old. Just the stereotype behind a van :sweat_smile:

Mini van is better on gas then most suvs

I love the minivan! I was sold on the sliding doors

I love Honda Odyssey, remote doors, 2nd row 3 captain seats, bench back seat

I have 5 children and I ain’t driving no van. :rofl::rofl:


Minivan!! We have a Chrysler Pacifica and it’s so convenient. Stop and go seating, vacuum in the car, hands free doors. It’s so versatile!! I wish we would’ve gotten one sooner.

My hubs hates minivans too
But we ended up with 1 any ways lol
We have three also, and the mini can eliminates arguments for who “gets a window seat”, it gives tons of room for grocery hauls and christmas shopping and camping and weekend get aways taking the dogs to the vet if they have sleep overs
We’ve gotten alooooot of convenience from it

My grand Cherokee didn’t have third row but fit 3 carseats. I have a saturn outlook now and it seats 8. The middle isn’t captain but the way the seats fold make it easy to reach the back

Think of it this way once the third row goes up in a suv you have zero trunk space for the stroller bags etc etc and then you will be squeezing yourself to get into the very tight back to do the belt, I’m in the same boat, I hate minivans but certain models are more appealing then others and there are car seats that fit three across also if you want to stay with what u have already

We have an explorer (I will say be careful as ours has given us an overwhelming amount of mechanical problems) but size wise it is perfect. We have two under 3 and one 9 yr old. There is plenty of room for car seats, strollers, bags, toys etc.
We are also renting a minivan right now because of said vehicle being in the shop. They are both nice. The sliding doors do make things easier however I refuse to have a minivan (pride issue I suppose lol)
They both have their perks and set backs. I will say if you have little little ones a minivan might be easier because our oldest just hops into the 3red row and the littles are in the middle row for both vehicles.

I have an enclave and it’s perfect. I have two kids due with my third in a few weeks.

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mini van! I have 3 under 5 and miss my van. have a Dodge Durango now.

I’m keeping my sedan for now. I’m also do with my 3rd and have a 4 and almost 3 year old that I still have to strap in. I decided to wait on a bigger car until my oldest can buckle himself so I don’t have to climb in. 3 car seats do fit and although it’s a tighter squeeze for now I think being able to reach everyone and strap everyone in without climbing in the car is going to be a lot easier for now.

I have a Toyota Sequoia with the captain seats and for a period of my life I had to fit in two front facing and one rear facing carseat. Loved everything about my SUV. It’s able to handle all sorts of terrain, snow, mud and dirt.The only thing I worried about was when my kids started the booster stage. I would freak out everytime we parked next to other cars and my kids swung my SUV doors open. I finally learned to just use the child lock. But SUV over a van anyday!

I never thought I’d get a minivan I have always hated them. Well 5 kids later it is the best thing ever!!! Gas mileage, space, DVD player! I can fit my double stroller plus 2 single strollers in the way back along with my Tula and other things! And my dogs (one is a 50lbs husky and the other is over 100lb American bully) fit in the back on the floor! So great. I’ll get an SUV when I don’t need car seats and the great gas mileage but I enjoy my van.

Minivans are easier to get seats in and out of as well as the children. They also have better gas mileage.

I love my traverse! I have 3 littles under 5 and so far the traverse is very accommodating for my family :smiley:

Since you’re not a van fan (I’m not into them) but I really like the dodge caravan the new models are nice.

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I have a 2015 dodge journey! It is 3rd row seat but it is also a 4 cylinder so its cheap on gas! I absolutely love it!

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Love our Chevy traverse captain chairs in middle and third row

Van definitely, for seating and space. And before owning my town and country, I was hard core SUV/truck enthusiast

I have a 2019 Chevy traverse and I love it! 3 rows perfect for all the littles!:innocent:

I had a 2019 Santa Fe no 3rd row and just got a 2020 Acadia with captain seats and 3rd row and it’s SO much easier! My oldest 2 can buckle themselves though.

Chrysler Pacifica - hands down my favorite purchase

Get a mazda 5 their just like a minivan with the sliding door so the littles dont hit other cars and 3 rows but not as big as a minivan and the back seat folds down to have more space in the back

I have a Dodge Grand Caravan and absolutely love it. It’s great on gas(SUVs always seemed to be gas guzzlers) and there’s plenty of room. I have 4 kids and was best purchase we ever made for our family.

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Me and my fiance has five kids five and under. They all are in car seats we have a Chevy traverse with third row. My two older girls sit in the third row, my other three sit in the second row. I don’t like vans that’s why we have a SUV thing.

Minivan. I swore I’d never have one but I’ve had both and minivans are the way

Kia Sedona is the way to go i hated vans but this one is amazing fits everyone one fits

I have 3 kids and I drive a GMC Acadia now and I had a Honda Odyssey before this. I wish I could go back to the minivan! I miss the room and those sliding doors! #MADMOMSINMINIVANS

Captain seats for the win every time :raised_hands:

I would say SUV! But either way make sure you have enough top tethers for all car seats! (Sorry I’m a little paranoid about carseat safety!)

I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey and LET ME TELL YOU WHY ITS THE GREATEST-
Automatic doors that kids can’t slam into other cars
Tri-zone climate control
Hella space with a lazy Susan IN THE FLOOR
Third row is spacious as hell and seats can recline or fold down (which leaves a lot of room)
Trunk space is decent
265 hp/decent gas mileage for an older V6
Sound system thumps
Typically cheaper to purchase than SUVs Seats are comfortable af and my seat heaters in the front seats go all the way up the back :drooling_face:

I can go on and on. I had a grand Cherokee that I loved but minivan is WAY more practical in my opinion. It’s like a living room on wheels!


I wasn’t a fan of vans until we had to rent one for a family trip. Honestly hands down most comfortable for our family. I loved it surprisingly (since I always wanted an suv) the older kids loved it as well. Super spacious and we have 2 car seats.

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I hate any kind of vans. I love my suv I have Chevy Tahoe they are great with 3/4 car seats and older kids fitting there. I had 2 car seat from my kids and other friend’s 2 kids that are in car seats plus my older kids. I have no captains seats. They are amazing how to fit it all

Minivan! I used to say I would NEVER drive one but after my second child, it was a done deal. There is so much room! It’s great on gas, smooth ride and my oldest can get in and out on her own and she is 5!

I have a ford windstar n love it. U definitely have more room in a mini van then suv my mom has a suv n I don’t like it it’s too small a larger suv may be good to

I was in the same place and bought this on Monday. I originally went in for a minivan because it was the smarter decision even with only 1 kid (and currently pregnant) they tried to screw me over so I went to the competition across the street, paid more, will pay more in upkeep and gas… but I absolutely love it. You’re either a minivan strong mom or you’re not and honestly I was depressed at the idea of one. Go with your gut! As long as you can afford it lol. Oh and I also feel a lot safer in this which was a huge pro for me.

I would go with an SUV mine has lots of room in the back for 3 car seats

Mini van with push button doors and captain seats in the middle row, bench in the third row… you will not regret it… the separation between kids, the convenience, the space, the storage.

I love my SUV - my daughter has 2 sisters (same dad) and whenever we visit, I love having the third row for all of them.

We have a 2017 Toyota Sienna and I love it. My husband had his mind set on a GMC Acadia, but once we test drove the Sienna, we were sold. Super roomy. We have 2 kids and 2 dogs and often go places with my parents, and we always have enough space.


Even with a mini van you will have to put your three year old in the back seat. I have a Ford Explorer and love it. Fits all the cars with room to spare. Before the explorer I had suburban which I think is the ultimate family car if you can afford it

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I have an 2017 Expedition and absolutely love it! The biggest pluses for me is that the trunk space fits a double stroller, when we don’t have my bfs boys(5 kids altogether but 3 at all times) I can push a button and part of the back seats fold down for groceries or whatever, and its a tank so it feels really safe to have my babies in. For being as big as it is and also really easy to drive and not bad on gas at all.

When making a decision look at the trunk space with the 3rd row up. Some suvs are great but have no truck space once the 3rd row is up.


I had 3 in 4 years and a Nissan Armada fit 3 car seats and a 2/1 sit n’stand stroller.

Chrysler Pacifica! The stow and go is amazing! My husband was adamant that we would never have a van, despite my efforts. We rented one on vacation (a Chrysler Pacifica), and his mind was changed. We came home and bought one!

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I found minivans were best as the a/c vents all the way to the back were a blessing, and mine i had was a honda odyssey and we would take and put the seats down and take the kids out to see the outdoor movies etc cause with foldable seats its alll space back there

We have Ford Flex. It has 3rd row seats but since I’m pregnant with our 3rd we’re getting a Chrysler Pacifica which is more convenient and easier. Console between the second seat makes it difficult for my first child who’s 5yo to sit in the back when the new baby arrives. Still have 3 yo.

Toyota Sienna. Good car company I see lots of older ones on the road. I’m saving to get one myself. :grin:

We have a Honda Pilot. I love it. I have 4 boys and it works. Im about to have another baby and I will be getting rid of my Subaru :sob::sob: and getting a van.

If your done get a van unless you live where their is a lot of snow then the suv we are a family of 8 we had the van and loved it cause it was roomy even for 8 of us but reality where we lived we needed the suv

I have a 2019 Chrysler Pacifica.
Leather, captains seats in the middle, remote start, push to start, push button trunk, sliding side doors( oush to open, remote open). Heated seats, heated steering wheel and mirrors.
I’m 5”9’ and plus size, and I can into the backseat with no problem. The trunk space is amazing!
Back up camera, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay.

I have a chrystler town and country, it’s a minivan with captain seats in the second row, and all the seats lay into the floor

Mini van for sure! Sooooo much space! I used to say I’d never drive one but I’m allllll about what is going to make my life easier! I LOVE my Dodge Grand Caravan

I have 4 boys and I have an suv. It seats 7 it does have two bench seats. But I’ve never had trouble with buckling kids in the back row. My middle row flops down and slides forward like the old two door cars. Works just fine. Now my kids are older and I just have one in a booster seat and still works fine. I think longevity is key.

I have a GMC Sierra Denali (pickup truck) with space for 3 carseats in the back… only problem is that I have 2 older stepsons (11 and 17). My fiance and I are about to have our first. So it still works great for now (and I absolutely love my truck… I’m a farm girl and a Southern woman and pickup truck is my favorite vehicle), and I am determined to keep driving it until we have 3 together because oldest stepson will be 18 next year and he can drive another vehicle when we take trips all together. So until we have 3 carseats in the back, I am holding onto my truck. At that point, I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and go with either a Tahoe type or a Chrystlwr Pacifica I think

I went with the SRT, but I only have 2 boys. If I had as many as you, minivan unfortunately. I could never put any of my kids in the third row.

I have a 2006 Chrysler town and country that has stow n go… you’ll be so thankful for all that extra room. I dont know why people hate on minivans… the newer ones are even better Im sure.

I have a suburban and love it for the space. I have 4 young kids and 2 dogs. Plenty of space for all of us to be comfortable. And if you travel the loaded option for it with the dvd player is awesome. Mine has captain seats in the middle .

Minivan. Sliding doors, reclining seats, space, dvd players.

Im not a fan of minivans either but I have a stepdaughter and a son age 4 and a newborn so the minivan has work great plus it a lot safer and convince

Mini van!!! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse: the greatest vehicle I’ve ever owned… I said I would never drive one, so glad I test drove and bought one. By far the most versatile vehicle- especially with kids and all their stuff!

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I have 3 kids and prefer an suv, I personally will never get a mini van

Mini van im going back to 1

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I have a Honda Odyssey and love it I have the amount of seats I need for all my kids a nice trunk space even with the 3rd row in use and it’s awesome on gas

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We have 9 kids. We have a Nissan pathfinder and his s10 extended cab for the moment. We are eventually gonna get a Mercedes-Benz sprinter 12 passenger van.

Mini van with the doors and trunk that open - life changing/saving. And safety wise - and the space for everything and everyone. It’s just a couple of years and then you’ll be back to a “normal” vehicle. I miss my van - those automatic doors are life!


I’ve got 4 under 4, we currently have an SUV & grocery shopping is a huge pain in the butt! If I got to choose I’d pick either an extended SUV or a minivan!

As much as I hate to say it, a minivan for those ages because the sliding doors also prevent door dings to other people’s cars by kiddos. As they grow & can buckle & unbuckle themselves, then you can go for an SUV. That’s what I had to do. I will admit my dodge grand caravan was awesome with the DVD players & headphones for everyone & all heated seats. All seats reclined. I had swivel and go seats so the captain’s seats could flip around and face the back seat and a table would pop up out of the floor. And the auto open buttons on the key fob made it all so easy.

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I had an SUV & it was a pain… I went to a minivan & will not drive anything else until I’m done with carseats & lugging strollers etc around. When that time comes I’ll go back to an SUV.

You should go test drive a mini van and see how you like it. I have a Chevy Traverse SUV with the Captain Seats in the second row, but I wouldn’t be opposed to buying a mini van now. I honestly hated mini vans until I rented one and drove it 9 hours away for our family vacation last year. It was really nice and so easy to access all 3 of my kiddos. It definitely changed my mind about them!

I love my Honda Odyssey! Minivans are great! Plus the push button sliders make everything as a mom easier.

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I recently just got this because Im Not a fan of the Minni van thing as I have 5 kids and this car is very good heaps of room my 3 boys are all in car seats and they all fit amazing

I LOVE my SUV. I have a expedition. I have 4 kids, two older, and two 2 year olds. I’m also pregnant currently. I can put two car seats in the far back, one kid back there, one car seat in the captain’s chair and the other kid in the other captains chair, me and hubs up front. We have taken many vacations and all of our stuff (including 2 highchairs and 2 travel cribs) in the back. I do suggest getting the “slim” model car seat.

Chevy suburban!!! I love mine. So much room and double DVD players for each row of seats. The trunk opens with the button or you can put your foot on the sensor and open it that way too!! So spacious with the seating, the whole back plus the sunroof is a bonus too :wink:

mini van!! you could even remove one of the captains seats and put 2 of the kids in the back if you don’t actually need that seat. i have a toyota sienna and i absolutely love it. or you could put one aide of the back seat down and put the older one in through the trunk

Minivan is the best fit. We had three all about 2 years about apart. It was easier to get them in and out. We also didn’t have to worry about them opening the door and hitting the car next to us. Plus there is plenty of room. I wasn’t excited about getting a van but my hubby had terrible knee injury and he had to keep his leg straight and elevated. So the van came in very handy.

I hated the idea of a mini van. I love my town and country. I refused to let my hubby go car shopping with me because he’s notorious for taking me into something I don’t want. My Minivan is the bomb.

I have an 08chevy Tahoe. Second row is a full bench seat so you wouldn’t want it with car seats as you wouldn’t be able to get to 3rd row. But one thing I do love that i want to share is that the 3rd row has 2 separate seats. So I can just fold one up and still have the extra trunk space from the other. Another thing I’d like to point out to you is that it won’t be long before your oldest is able to bucket him/herself in without help so don’t obsess over you having to crawl back there. Mini vans are great and functional but I personally can’t bring myself to buy one. I’m just more of an SUV person.

I have a highlander. It’s amazing. Captain seats and plenty of room. My husband is 6’5 and fits comfortably.

I dont like vans either. I also have 3 kids and have a kia sorento. It is just not big enough so we broke down and bought a van. Best thing I have ever done. So much room for everything that comes along with kids.

SUV In Case sometimes u drive over curbs or are feeling gangster and wanna show them kids ur badass and busy some donuts—- mom of 4

Van. Get a van. We just got a Kia Sedona before I had our second baby. It’s amazing and makes life so much easier. Don’t bother with a suv. Van all the way.

Iv got 3 kids. 2 are teens and the other ain’t to fare behind that. I love the minivan. Its great for the crap load of groceries that we have to buy, and it leaves room for their friends, and great for traveling, and theres alot less fighting then when we had other vehicles.

Katie Johnson all these comments makes me rethink wanting a traverse, and makes me think i want a minivan. At least untill i have older kids.

I was not a mini van lover, but I adore my Toyota Sienna! The auto opening doors and trunk are game changers! The amount of room for kids and sports supplies is amazing