What is considered cheating?

is talking to another guy considered cheating??? I know my boundaries and what not to cross would never cheat on my husband! what’s everyone’s opinion on this?


Would you allow your husband to talk to other females? If not i wouldn’t do it just out of respect.

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It all depends, if you have to hide/delete messages from the other guy. Your already cheating!


Depends what kind of “talking”. Emotional cheating, would u like it if your husband was talking to other women??

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If it’s with the intention of taking it to another level or too far bad idea


I have one male friend and he also has my fiance on Facebook and he reads our conversations. I’ve known him for 4 years and we used to work together. There’s not really any kind of talking about anything super personal or sexual we just message every now and then. It’s really awesome having a male friend because he can explain why my fiance does what he does lol

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If it feels wrong to you then there is a reason why. If you feel the need to hide it then there is a reason. Be honest with your significant other and get on the same page.

if it’s simple platonic conversation then it’s fine but if it’s going to topics it shouldn’t then that’s where problems start

Why don’t you just ask your husband? Just saying.


If you legit have to ask this question, then you probably already know your husband wouldn’t like it. What if this was your husband asking this question?

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Does he know? Do you delete the messages?

I guess it depends on the type of conversation you have with males. I been married a very long time… I have lots of male freinds. But I keep it lite. And don’t talk about personal stuff. But if u feel the need to keep it on the hush side. Then no . It is probly not a good ideal. My hubby gets mad at me for talking to guys. But I talk to everyone. That’s just me. So he will get over it… & I would never ever step over the line. Remember that gold ring on ur finger & ur vows Too. But also remember .Some guys get jealous easy. Like mine Does. So keep it respectful…

Depends on the language and tone of the “talking”

Would you like it if your husband was talking/texting with another female?

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How are you guys talking to each other?

If you can’t tell your husband what you’re talking about with him then yes its cheating. Really it depends on your relationship with your husband and the boundaries y’all have. If its friendly conversation then it’s probably fine but if it’s more sexual then its considered cheating. It’s ok to have Male friends but ask yourself if you would be ok with him having the same convos with a female or if you’re ok with him having female friends.

Um if you have to ask you already know the answer. Tbe best way to know is if the shoes were on the other foot and it was you hubby/bf , doing the exact same thing how would you feel then . The grass only is green if you water and care for it .

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does your hubby know you are talking to them??

It depends what you mean, some guys unfortunately have the wrong intentions. My best friend is a guy though we have been friends since we were young 14&17 When he comes into town he stays at my house, babysits for us so we can go out and hangs out with my husband too. Never been nothing between us. So just talking to a guy no, but you know your intentions and can sense theirs most of the time.

Why are you talking to someone if you are already married?whats the purpose? Im sure you wouldnt like it if your husband was talking to someone else right?!

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If you are asking the question you know the answer


Some of my best mates are guys and I talk and hang out with them all the time. My hubby knows and he hangs out with other females. We trust each other and they are our mates but if it was different and we werent honest then in a way yes that is cheating. I think you know the answer though otherwise you wouldn’t ask

Make sure the guy knows you are married. Also tell your husband about the guy and that you are just talking to him as a friend. If both you and your husband are cool with it (and everyone knows the boundaries), it’s not cheating.

Any attention you give to someone that would be better suited for your husband is cheating. And I don’t mean just talking to someone as friends. I mean the flirty, up at 2 am texting type attention.

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Dont do anything that if he did you would get upset with.

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Depends on how you’re talking to him

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If you are hiding you are cheating


Not if its just a normal conversation.

Well men make up half the population so I don’t see how you can avoid them I’ve had a male friend for over thirty years that friendship has been in place longer than any of my marriages

Like talking as friends? You can have friends of the opposite gender. But flirting or talking suggestively, yeah that’s cheating 100%.

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Rule of thumb, if you have to ask if it’s wrong it probably is. If you’re being inappropriate in any way or feel the need to hide it from your partner then, to me, it’s cheating :woman_shrugging:t2: best way to find out is to ask your husband his boundaries on the subject because there’s a difference between having friends of the opposite sex and just talking to them for attention.

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Well lets see the world is made up of men n women it is impossible to only talk to women now if ur talking to a man in away that is un called for then no u r in the wrong know how to talk to men and women because women can cheat with women to so u cant just tslk to women because u can easily flirt there too just saying i mean i tslk to men n women all day not once do i flirt or take things on a differnt level

You can’t go through life without “talking” to other people. But if the conversation is one you wouldn’t have with him listening/reading then you shouldn’t be having it.

As long as it was sexting or dirty talk, you’re a okay. My best friend is a guy and my husband doesn’t care. If a guy gets all freaked out and possessive because you have guy friends, leave his ass

depends what you’re talking about? :woman_shrugging:

If you talk about problems in your relationship, if you talk about anything intimate, if you talk about more than anything that is more everyday conversation you would have with co workers, it is definitely a red flag and a big no no.

If you have to ask… I mean :woman_shrugging:t2:

If you talk to him more than your man you are cheating.

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Depends on your intentions and if you’re keeping it a secret