What is craniosynostosis?

Do any mamas have a child with craniosynostosis? Anyone ever heard of it?


My son was diagnosed with craniosynostosis. Essentially it is when the growth plates in the skull close prior to the child’s brain fully forming. This can lead to the skull being misshapen as the brain continues to grow (depending on which plates fused early) or can cause pressure to build up around the brain if there is no room for continued brain growth. Some children require surgery for the condition. Essentially the skull is cut into wedges like a pie, adjusted to as close to a normal shape as possible, and then wired back together. My son was born with hydrocephalus which caused his skull to be larger than normal. Therefore he didn’t require surgical correction for the craniosynostosis.


Always seeks a second opinion. My son was diagnosed at 3 months. We arrange the date for his surgery (cutting and rearranging his plates). My MIL sent the MRIs to a specialists in Texas who concluded that he is healthy and no surgery is necessary. That was 15 years ago. He is healthy moody teenager now :heart_eyes: