What is it like after having a cerclage?

I had a cerclage (stitching of cervix) done a couple of weeks ago… I was looking for other stories/experiences going through it themselves. I will be in 20 weeks this weekend… I was just petrified with some of the statistics doctors were speaking of. But then talked with a few individuals including a nurse with personal & work experience… with better odds. I’ve got three older children, never have I gone through this before. My emotions are all over the place… which I know isn’t good for my Lil boy


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is it like after having a cerclage?

I had a cerclage at 24 weeks. The bed rest was a lot more difficult than I would have thought. I didn’t follow bed rest as well as I should have and ended up back in the hospital when one of the stitches came undone. I made it to 34 weeks to the day and went into labor. I had my little girl in 4 hours. She had a few issues but no one would know today she was a preemie.

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I’ve had two friends have them, one got an infection, so baby came at 24 weeks, she’s a healthy happy 1yr old now, other had it and carried to 37 weeks! (She has 3 kids, 1st was fine, had issues with her 2nd baby and lost it at 18w due to not getting it done sooner, her choice to say no to it when it was suggested, 3rd had it done as early as she could, and baby is fine.)

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I got mine at 13 weeks, earliest they’ll usually do it. It at 37 weeks ended up getting induced at 38 weeks due to hellp syndrome. The cerclage is the only reason my son is here. I’ve known many who have had them. All successful. There are 3 types though. Which did you have? Don’t Google statistics. Have faith and rest and take it easy as much as possible. I was on bed rest with mine. I’ll keep you in my prayers!


I had one with my 2nd child at 17 weeks. I was on bed rest for a week after and had weekly injections of hydroxyprogesterone. I had no issues with it! He is now a healthy 6 year old!

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I had one with all 3 of my children. I went back to work the day after the procedure. They removed mine at 38 weeks. First pregnancy I went into labor that day, Second one labor was about 3 days after removal and 3rd he was taken early via c section due to him being breech and circlage was removed about 2 weeks after he was born.

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My son is here only because of my cerclage and the grace of God. I lost my first child due to cervical incompetence at 19 weeks. With my 2nd I got the cerclage at 17 weeks and did end up on bed rest but I went full term and have a perfect little boy. Hang in there mama. The doctors know what they’re doing.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is it like after having a cerclage?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is it like after having a cerclage?

I had it done shortly after my 2nd child was born. I was actually told I couldn’t have more children. 12 years later… I had my 3rd and 12 months later I had my 4th.

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Had one done with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. Complete pelvic rest from then until delivery. It was rough, but we made it through and I had two healthy babies!

I had a cerclage with my first pregnancy but I was already dialted and my water ended up breaking so I lost my first son at 22 weeks. I had 2 more cerclages with both my son’s, had no issues the entire pregnancies but I was on bedrest from 13 weeks on. With my oldest I went into labor with the cerclage still in at 32 weeks, they gave me a shot for his lungs and two days later I delivered a healthy 5 lbs baby but because he was early he stayed in nicu for 11 days until he could feed on his own, my second son I got the cerclage removed at 35 weeks and he came at 38 weeks healthy 7 15 ounces


When I lost my son at 20 weeks I had to have a cerclage place with both of my daughters. My first daughter I was on bed rest the whole time just to be safe cuz I had lost my son the yr before. She was born on time and a healthy weight. My second daughter I had one placed again this time not on bed rest worked a full time job but had her at 34 weeks and she was a premie but also with her my placenta detached and I had a emergency C section and she now is a healthy young girl. I also have to older boys normal pregnancy no cerclage so I am not sure why my cervix could not hold my 3rd. But overall I did not have a bad experience either time I had the cerclage placed

I had it with all three of my kids. First son was trying to come at 21 weeks so I had it placed and was on bed rest until I had him at 34 weeks. Had it done with the next two with no issues. Getting the stitch cut SUCKS. But it’s all worth it :heart: good luck mama.

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I had an emergency cerclage in 2010 at 18 weeks with triplets. I was on bed rest and had them at 29 weeks. My 2nd pregnancy in 2020 didn’t require one because I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was 33 weeks :flushed:

I had an emergency cerclage at 20 weeks. My daughter was born last year.
I was on complete bed rest for 16 weeks until the stitch was removed. Progesterone suppositories.
I had the stitch removed and a week later she was born. Strong, healthy, and absolutely beautiful.
Having a high risk pregnancy and being trapped in bed caused serious anxiety for me. I was also quite depressed because 2 of my best friends were pregnant at the same time. Having baby showers, taking maternity photos, decorating a nursery. And there i was, trapped in bed.
Its not a fun road. But it is absolutely worth every second.
If you have any questions specifically feel free to ask them. I’ll do the best I can to answer them.
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Sending all my best vibes your way!

I had mine. My son ended up being overdue after his older brother was 10 weeks early…

I lost my first child at 18 weeks, I had an emergency cerclage done with my second and it failed. I gave birth at 24 weeks, and he didn’t make it. I had a preventative cerclage with my 3rd and it was successful. I put myself on pelvic rest and took it easy.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is it like after having a cerclage?

My aunt had a cerclage with both of her children, and went to full term with both. Just follow the doctor’s orders and the chances of carrying to term are increased. If you can, see if a trusted family member can stay with you till you are ready to have the cerclage removed, or if a friend is able to come over to help with the day to day life.

I had the same done 3 weeks ago at 23 weeks, the reduced activity and working from home is getting to me, I feel totally useless… so far so good she is still in there at 27 weeks now

I had this procedure when 3 months along with my daughter. I was high risk with my son before her. From bicornuate uterus. I was put on bedrest at 4-1/2 months and started bleeding 2 or 3 days later…it did subside, but dr told me my cervix had moved/tilted(?) and the stitching was no longer in a place that gave protection. I remained bedridden (except going downstairs to use bathroom and going out to doctor once a week)…I carried her to exactly one month early, which was further along than I got with her brother.

Had this years ago with my son when I was 24 week’s pregnant and he made it. I was on bedrest but it was worth it to get him here.

I had one done at 23 weeks with my son. I worked my normal hours. No issues. I had it removed and 5 days later had him. He’s 16 months old. I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant and had another one done at 20 weeks and so far all good. Both times I got it done for a shortened cervix. I was not on bed rest at all, I just take it easy and I have learned to ask for help.

Ive had 2. Ist was an emergency rescue to save my baby when i went into preterm labor at 17 weeks. I was on complete bed rest for the remainder of that pregnancy. It held until 25 weeks when my water busted. Baby is now 4 and awesome!
2nd one was placed at 13 weeks due to incompetent cervix. No issues. Light to normal work load. Couldn’t lift over 20 lbs. Had baby at 36 weeks and hes 5.5 months old.

I had a cerclage done at 13 weeks because of. Prior 26 week loss and I was just limited to no sex ( no orgasm) and light work. My water still broke 3 weeks early. Just 4 days prior to the day I was supposed to have it removed and I would take birth over getting it removed. Removing it after my water broke was worse than labor imo

I had two one at 13 weeks and one at 14 weeks. Both of mine were removed at 37&1/2 weeks. I was sore for a few days after but able to retain a normal schedule. Both those children are happy and thriving.

I have a friend who has had it done with 3 pregnancies and she made it to full term with all of them. They are perfectly healthy.

I had 2 failed tvc placed at 18 weeks. Both of those time it was placed late and at the bottom. I had a tac placed at 10 weeks and just celebrated her 1st bday.