What is it like being induced?

I might be getting induced tomorrow. I’m almost 39 weeks. How was it for everyone else? What it worse? Im really nervous that itll be worse than normal labour.


Both my kids were induced so I don’t know “the other way” but I’ve had really good experiences with it. Granted mine were 20 yrs ago, I can only imagine the improvements they have made.

Not sure if you’re looking to get an epidural, but I had one on both labors, once they break your water things become real with the pain, so I’d keep that option open!
Mine were positive experiences…

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I was induced at 1pm and had him at 3.47!

Also keep in mind it ups the chances of needing a c-section by 50 percent!

It is worse. The contractions are harder and longer and come more frequently and it like triples your chances of needing a csection

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I was induced with my son and I was FREAKING out about it because I thought so many things would go wrong and luckily it actually went smoother than I could’ve imagined. I had my water broke at 8am and got to a 6 by 11am and stopped progressing so at 1 they gave me pitocin and my son was born at 5:59pm

I was induced at 39 +3 my waters broke at 39 weeks exactly once on the drip I dialated within 15 mins, I was super sensitive to it and baby was born 10 mins after!

I was induced for 1 outta my 7 kids and honestly I loved it I was prepared for the whole labor thing better than I was for the spur of the moment “oh crap this is really happening right now” lol best of luck!

I was induced 4 days after due date and my labor was very fast and weird to say but easy too!

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Yes it’s worse if they have to give you the petocin. Sometimes just breaking your water gets things going so hope for that but it’s still worth it in the end.

i was induced, lasted 36 hours before i ended up having a c-section, literally the worst pain id been through. :flushed:

My induction was a billion times better than my normal labor. My first labor was a disaster. I went in to get induced with my second son and boy it was all smooth sailing.

I was induced with my last and it was the easiest labor I went through. I think it’s different for everyone

I was induced twice. Both times were a awful. The first was worse because I didn’t know what to ask.
If you want them to do something TELL THEM do not ASK. if your getting an epidural ask and ask and ask until they give it to you. If your not making progress, tell them you need your water manually broken. Also my nurse the second time around said to always say your contractions are higher up (those they can control w/ your epidural) lower contractions they ‘can’t do anything for you’. It makes it a little more bearable when your contractions are really intense. Good luck girl :sparkling_heart:

Going into labor myself (once) compared to being induced (2times) I would say going into labor was far worse then being induced

I was induced at noon with my first. All they did was break my water and had her at 3:43pm. They had originally told me i wouldn’t have her for atleast 12 hours but she had different plans… To me it just felt like i had to poop… With my second i went into labor myself and doctors didn’t believe me and ended up with a c-section because complications… But she was 25 weeks early and i had Pprommed

It could be a longer one

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Its worse yes but you will have that baby faster

Just expect that it could take a long time and please make sure you eat a good meal before you go cuz by the time that baby is delivered you will be starving my son didn’t act well to the pitocin so he became an emergency C-section but I know a lot of other people that made it through fine just think about the beautiful blessing at the end you’ll be okay

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I got induced at like 3 in the evening by 7am the next morning water broke and contractions started got to the hospital around 7:30 had her by 4:27 that evening (so about 24hrs later) with only a half hour of pushing… didn’t rip or tear even had an epidural and was somehow up and walking within a couple hours

To be honest ive only given birth 1 and it was by induction and my labor and delivery was almost 48 hrs. Just try as much as you can to keep yourself busy ( watch tv, listen to music and BREATH) . Its temporary pain for long term gain. When you hold your precious baby youll forget all about it. Best of luck

Mine ended in c section

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I had 4 labors and 2 induced. I really didnt think it was worse to be induced :woman_shrugging:

I’m in the same boat I go and see my doctor tomorrow and find out when I get induced could be tomorrow I don’t know good luck tho congrats

I personally wouldn’t induce until at forty weeks… Why are they pushing to have the baby before full term? I had midwives and was told by 42 weeks you need to be induced or have your baby in a hospital or at home but it’s not good for thr placenta to wait that long.