What is it like being induced?

So this coming Wednesday I’m going in for what was supposed to be inducing but when I was checked I’m 1 centimeter dilated and thinner out.that being said my ob wants to do this balloon thing that dilates your cervix and helps baby along and 2 of this pill that brings on contractions. Keep in mind this is my fourth child. That all being said can anyone tell me about this and how painful this balloon thing is-thank you in advance


They did a balloon with me. It is VERY painful for them to put it in. So make sure they can give you something for pain. But it helped speed things along very quickly! They gave me morphine , put it in at midnight and at 7am it fell out!

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I’m being completely honest here. I have a pretty good pain tolerance & the Foley balloon was the absolute worst pain I had my entire induction. Some people have an epidural first, but I didn’t and it seriously was the worst pain I’ve felt in my life. I would ask for a few doses of cytotec before going straight to a foley balloon. Just my personal experience. I’m currently being induced with my 2nd right now & i’m making them try everything they can BEFORE even attempting a foley. Don’t get me wrong, it works, but nooo thank you.

Yeah. Ouchie. Made me never want another baby.

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Mine was painful even with an epidural so if your cervix is super sensitive you may not want to get it unless absolutely necessary tbh

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Very painful and did not help at all.

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I’ve heard painful and contractionsare more intense

It was only painful when it was being blown up but after I was fine! It worked like a charm too!

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Sounds a painful decision to me. IF you are beyond your date or baby is big go for a C-section. If not dilated enough maybe baby isn’t ready yet? Not knowing how many weeks it is hard to say. Think I would forego the balloon one from what I read here.

I was induced 5 days ago via the pills and the balloon. It wasnt that painful putting the balloon in(compared to the rest of the induction) but once it was in there it was awful. They gave me 2 different kinds of pain meds and then maybe 4hrs later it fell out and then I had painful contractions for 3hrs and then they finally gave me the epidural… I had to wait due to other moms getting theirs before me but once i had the epidural maybe 30 minutes later I had my baby.

Ask your doctor about cervadil it helps. They tried to induce me 2 times before I actually had my baby. The cervidil is what helped my cervix soften and them I started dialating on my own.

I had the balloon. The only part that was painful was using the bathroom. It was super quick to put in, just a little pinch. The best part about the bulb was that it’s not chemical so you don’t have to be hooked up to monitors. I could walk the halls, use the bathroom without having to take an IV drip. It dilated me from a 3-7. Pitocin just was not working for me until after the bulb.

My friend did it…said it hurt really bad

Ugh it was horrible tbh

Getting the balloon in and having pitocin contractions was the worse pain I’ve ever experienced…Unless there’s a serious medical reason I would definitely not recommend getting induced.

Make sure you know what that pill is used form normally a

Women have had babies for centuries without all this hurry up from the doctors! U do have the right to say no! No to the extra cost. Just because rhey can, should they?

I refused the balloon catheter to dilate me… I got pitocin and went along just fine without it.

Just let that baby come when its ready, unless the baby is in distress don’t do anything because inducing could do more harm then good, I’ve had five so yes I’ve had babies

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Due dates are estimates. Let baby come when he/she is ready. You can go 2 weeks past the due date before you need to start worrying. Your body knows how to labor. It just isn’t ready yet.

It hurts BAD and I ended up having a C-section.

I have a posterior cervix and i will tell you that it was extremely uncomfortable. And painful to place in. When i got to 4 or 5 cm. It fell out in the toilet. In the labor room i went and got the epidural at 6cm

always be careful with the stuff they give you to help push your labor along. i was given pitocin to induce contractions and it ended up putting my daughter in distress enough to be taken immediately for a csection. keep in mind women have been having babies with no artificial help for centuries, it’s not needed and doctors are more willing to push you to take these artificial labor enducers than wait for baby to be ready

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I didn’t feel anything because I had this done when I was induced and they had already put my epidural in… obviously being induced suckssssss, but asking them also to manually break your water (sometimes it happens on accident with the balloon) helps.

I will never ever ever get that balloon EVER again. It was the most painful thing of my whole life. I’d rather birth 15 babies at once than to get that again.

The balloon thing made my daughters heart beat very low. I started screaming at the nurse to get it out

I had this done and it wasnt painful at all just a little uncomfortable

It’s horrible to be put in and not comfterable at all.

Are you at forty weeks? I wouldn’t do it unless the baby was at 40+ weeks because then you run the risk on the baby having a stool in the amniotic fluid and that is life threatening. You’ve had babies before? This should not even be discussed unless there is a true issue.

I had it, hurts bad to have it put in. I didn’t take any pills. The balloon made me dilated to 5cm so I could get the epidural and start pitocin drip IV. I ended up having a smooth delivery bc of that balloon. Good luck! You’ll do fine!

So they just blow it up till it’s at it’s full potential after they incurt it or do they gradually do it?ive never heard about this till my last appointment and I’m 39 weeks

Most painful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I did not have an epidural for the balloon and just as is was coming out, I started seeing stars and I was certain that I was going to pass out. The putting in is nothing, it’s the coming out. It’s basically giving birth to a water balloon. I’d say get an epidural before or ask the doctor if you can avoid the balloon if at all possible. It physically forces your cervix open. :sob: I’m having ptsd just thinking about it.

It didn’t hurt for me just didn’t work