What is it like being induced?

I am like absolutely freaking out. I am about to give birth to my second child. I have a scheduled induction tonight at 3am. I’ve known about the induction for weeks and now all of a sudden I am really nervous (it feels like stage fright with butterflies in my stomach and everything). I’ve been in extreme pain to where I can’t move around without assistance hence the induction. I was diagnosed with anxiety years ago and it’s really gotten kicked into high gear do to the induction and all the possible complications of birth. Is it normal to be this nervous like this? How can I manage the nerves in the proper way? What should I expect from the induction?


I got the exact same way an hour or so before I was induced with my second. It’s totally normal to be nervous. You’ll feel so much better once you’re all set up in the hospital with nurses and doctors!

I was induced with my son. He was my first baby. As I got closer to my due date I would wake up in the middle of the night and just freak out. My husband would have to calm me down. When I was at the hospital tho yes I was still nervous but I also felt excited. I guess being in the moment made it easier.

Get therr and get set up and you will calm down mama ! Its normal ! Good luck on your bundle of joy :blue_heart:

It’s totally normal to be nervous :purple_heart: once the induction got started for me, I hyperfocused on getting my baby out :slight_smile: that may help you. One thing I wish I knew before labor was how much you might physically and uncontrollably shake from the change in hormones, so a heads up on that. If you have a tub in your room, I suggest using that to help ease the pain. Good luck and you’ve got this!!!

Relax and get a block and sedative. Why 3am.

I got exactly the same way. I was induced twice and it happened with my second baby (my first was 13 years ago) I even started crying when I knew it was going to be time to push within the next half hour. Expect the contractions to start off mild but every time they turn it up they will get more intense. According to my nurse I have an extraordinary tolerance to pain so unfortunately I cant describe unbiasedly what that will be like. For me it took about 7.5 hours from first induced contraction to birth with both if my babies but everyone is different.

Firstly breath baby :heart: everything is going to be all right, let your doctors and nurses how you would like your birth to go but also be mindful not everything goes according to plan just be sure to have good communication with your doctor and nurses and let them know you’re having extream anxiety and we’re also diagnosed with anxiety and let your support person or people know that too and tell them what will help you it’s okay to feel this way most women do :woman_shrugging:t2: make sure you communicate :heart: that’s the only way to keep your needs taken care of and if you don’t understand what they’re saying tell them you don’t understand and be honest about pain tell them when that hurts and they might try something different labor and delivery is a lot of work for everyone be sure to communicate your needs and I wish you the best and send you all the good vibes :heart:

And remember you get to hold your baby very soon :heart:

I was only induced with my last and only because she had knots in her cord and I hadn’t been feeling her much, my fetal kick counts were low. I’m very against csect barring emergency, and rlly against medical delivery at all, but it was necc. Well I was fine til they started hooking up ivs and my anxiety went insane… They had to give me a nerve pill and ambien to know me out until my contractions picked up because the induction freaked me ALL THE WAY out.

I was suddenly scheduled for induction due to my baby being so big he said if I waited 2 more weeks my baby would be over ten pounds he ended bring 8.14. I was very nervous. Deep breath and think about something else. Your going to be ok.

I knew about my induction for a week and still panicked. My feet literally locked into place in the parking lot and my husband had to basically push me to get me moving. My labor was just shy of 11 hours from start to finish and honestly wasnt all that bad. I mean its painful as hell but thats child birth.

I wasn’t nervous at all with my first. I went in at 5am to be induced and I woke up ready to go excited as could be… with my second I was nervous as could be, I didn’t want to go lol probably because I knew what was coming and how painful. It went easier than my first tho. With my third I was fine again and did my best to go without epidural but they gave me pitocine (however it’s spelled) and that made my contractions way worse and I cracked and got it. It went smoothly after the epidural. I was disappointed but happy to have my girl. No sooner than I got the epidural with her she was crowning and ready to come out.

Deep breaths mama’s, I understand the anxiety, but don’t think about as being induced, but as in the day your baby will be in your arm’s, try to focus on the positive aspect of it… and take deep breaths… everything will be great

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You don’t say if you will be giving birth or c-sdction

I still have another 5 months but I’m freaking out about being away from my son for that long :frowning:

You should expect a baby! Lol its just all the crazy going on right now… Just breathe and good luck congratulations