What is it like being induced?

Being induced vs natural:
I’m 37 weeks and 4 days FTM. My doctors are asking me if I want to be induced. I’m not sure it sounds great to know what day the baby will be. But which is better?


The risk of c section goes up if you are induced.

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Was induced with baby #1… it was nice cause I knew what day I had to go in and all that…but it was a long process. Went in at 7am, had her ny 130. baby #2 i was scheduled to be induced ended up going in 2 days before cause I was in labor… went in at 6am had her by 9am. So there’s pros and cons to both. (&& I had a vaginal birth both times. Induced and not induced :))

Recovery, I would naturally go into labor. I was induced with my other two children and this time I went naturally… Yes the pain hurts, but the recovery seems to be better because your not forcing your body in labor when they body’s not ready.

I’d say not be induced. I had to be induced at 37 weeks and 5 days because of a bad kidney infection. It was long(48+ hours), it put a lot of stress on me physically and emotionally. I was started to be induced on a Tuesday at 4am and didn’t have him till Thursday at 6am. He was my first. I for sure with my second will try my hardest to not be induced because of it. Not everyone has bad experiences but for me I would much rather just wait until I go into labor naturally.

I would try not to be induced… c section rate goes way up with induction. I was induced with my first and had to have c section. Good luck mama!

It was for me. First came in her own. I was very young and my body wasn’t ready… had alot of problems. My other two was induced and both did amazing n my anxiety wasn’t near as bad. Up to you honey.

Induced both times vaginal deliveries and no problems. I was up walking a few hours afterwards with both


I went into labor naturally and had a failed epidural so I felt my contractions the whole time. The last hour, there was a lip in my cervix preventing me from getting to 10 centimeters so they started a very low dose of pitocin. It made my contractions before feel like unicorn farts, I SCREAMED FOR THE NURSE TO TURN IT OFF. It hurt so mfing bad.

Induced hands down better. If I ever had a second I would demand to be induced

If you can avoid being induced, do so

I’ve done both twice. I would hands down choose natural over anything else.

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Unless you really need it but it can take days. I went in and after a day and a half I only dilated to 1. Ended up getting a c section. If baby isn’t too big yet you could probably wait to do it naturally.

I was induced and will be induced again for my current pregnancy. :woman_shrugging:t2: call it the control freak in me but I felt way better knowing exactly when it was coming.

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They tired induce me didnt work. I had to have a c section. My blood pressure was high.

I was induced with my first didn’t have the option to be induced again a second time both ended up being C-sections I highly recommend not getting induced if you can avoid it. Look up natural ways to go into labor by yourself walk a lot, ask for a membrane strip, have sex , eat spicy food, bounce on an exercise ball

ive never been induced but heard from several people its not pleasant. so i wouldnt unless necessary

Honestly rather have labor on my own. Had a sweep(that’s before they admit u to do potcin) and it was awful. Went into natural labor with my daughter and I swear it was so much better.
I ended with a crash csection cuz of the sweep but they didnt realize my son was super big and wouldnt fit.

I’d say be induced the Drs wouldn’t listen to me my body would not dilate on its own and they waited way to long!! My son almost died because of it came out blue not breathing and had a bow movement inside of me and could have died from breathing that in

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Induced twice and quick deliveries. Everything went smoothly!

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I was induced at 37 weeks due to medical reasons and it took over 26 hours. Everyone is different but letting your body do it naturally will always be better, unless your health and the babies health are at risk just let your body do it’s thing.


I’ve had both, 2 inductions, and 3 went into labor naturally. 1 induction had to because my water was leaking, 2nd was optional it went just fine.

I was induced and 2 1/2 days later he came. Sometimes it is fast sometimes it is not. It is more painful because of the pitocin they put you one. It makes the contractions harder and longer.

Depends on your personality! I was not going to this second time around for me but I’m too much of a “planner” and I liked being able to control the date and being prepared!

In my experience, going into labor on my own was way better. I have had 4 kids. Induced with first 2, my 3rd came on his own 2 weeks early. After experiencing both, I knew with my 4th I did not want induction if I could help it. Luckily I went into labor on my own day before due date. Had my last 2 drug free without epidural. No way I could have done that with the 2 I was induced with. Contractions were much more intense because of the pitocin. Would recommend a membrane strip after 39 weeks if you want to move things along to avoid being induced. Did that with my last one. The second time she did it (a week apart), he came the next day.

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I was induced… never again try to avoid it if at all possible. Labor is much harder

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Everyone’s experience is different so it’s hard to say. If you can do things naturally I’m sure that’s always the best choice but it’s honestly up to you and how you’re feeling. Especially if baby looks like they will be big or if you’re having issues.

Natural. My body didnt react to potocin like it was supposed to… Didnt make me contract so I didnt stop bleeding after birth (contractions make you stop) so next time I will not be getting induced for sure!

I’m being induced June 3. They don’t want me going to 40 weeks since my daughter is measuring on the bigger side

a failed induction is an a c section… let your baby come when your baby is ready… forcing them out before theyre ready can be dangerous … induction drugs cause the heart rate to drop and other problems… most failed inductions turn into emergency c sections from the side effectsof the pit… pitocin contractions are hell compared to real ones… you’ll be working against your body and putting it and your baby thru hell

also those last 4 weeks your babys brain is growing and their lungs are finishing developing let your baby stay til they are ready

I wouldn’t induce unless you start going past your due date that’s when risks come.

I would let your body go naturally if possible. I was induced and in “labour” for 48 hours and only dilated 2cm. Ended in a c section.
But everyone is different! Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Honestly if you don’t have to, don’t. Had one natural and two induced. It wasn’t just hard on me but hard on my children too

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Pitocin is worse because your contractions are not regular or natutal.


I was induced. Pros- I got to shower before hand, braid my long ass hair so it wasn’t a mess, eat what I wanted for breakfast before no food, and drive myself and have child care planned in advanced. Also got my epidural before my contractions go bad so I literally slept though my labor and woke up just to push. Pushed for 5-10min and there was my LO.
Cons- got there at 6am had my baby at 1am. So it took awhile.

i loved being induced. id do it again.

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Let God take care of it

I’ve bee induced 2x & natural 1 (he came 2day be induced date). Honestly there are horror stories from both ways. I personally prefer to be induced. I am not good at the not knowing/ waiting game.

Woth my first they asked me to be induced to be sure my OB was the one on call, I waited a few extra days and at 40wks4days went into labor naturally. I was put on the of medicine (I’m not going to slaughter the spelling) to speed up the process but ultimately was in labor for just shy of 24 hours. Is there a reason they want to induce you, like gestational hypertension or concerns about baby?

I preferr letting them come on their own.

ive had both ways and a c-cection. my daughter was induced and non of them came on THE DAY of induction so it was still a suprise date ! lol.

I was induced I had to be induced by son was almost 10lbs when I had him. I had a previously fractured pelvis n I was in a lot of pain with him… But I would say go on your own or at least try

I was induced due to complications but if I could have done natural I would have

My first was natural. But my second after 12 hours of labor and contractions so close together I had to be induced because I wasn’t dilating I was stuck at 3cm. Pitocin made my contractions so much worse plus it made me sick last min.
After almost 20 hours into labor they had to break my water n IT hurt​:sleepy:. But 3 hours after I went into labor but with the IV n pitocin I couldn’t sleep so I almost went into labor while I was walking from my bed to a chair​:woman_facepalming:t2:. No epidural on both babies but having natural birth was less painless and because of the time and medications I was given while I was in early labor we had to stay 2 extra days in the hospital​:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

If you can try going natural plus your baby knows when he/she is going to be ready. Don’t stressed it​:tipping_hand_woman:t2: You got this​:crossed_fingers:t3::ok_hand:t3:

I ended up being induced with my 3rd since he was a week late, it wasn’t bad at all, it was nice to be half way prepared since you knew when you had to head to the hospital, I had to be at the hospital at 6:00 by the time everything was ready they started at about 7 or so, I was dilating some but not a lot they had it turned up as much as they could with how progressed i was, so the Dr came in and broke my water at at around 1 and he was born at 1:42. It was one of the easier labors I had, my first natural was similar but my 2nd was over 12 hours and kinda miserable. I would be induced again, mine might have been a bit easier because I was trying to go into labor when i got to the hospital, I’d been having contractions for 12 hours

I was induced at 41 weeks and it failed I had to have a c section, being induced does not guarantee anything. So technically I was in labor for about 75 hours

The baby should really come on there own. Unless advises by your doctor. They will come when they are ready.


If you don’t have to be, don’t.


I was in the same exact spot as you a week ago!! I had 2 natural births and this last one had to be induced because of low fluids. I was terrified! Searched the internet up and down and scared myself more! Butttt being induced wasnt as bad as I thought it would be!! Its better for you and baby to come naturally when your body and baby is ready! I wouldn’t suggest being induced unless medically necessary! If its for mere convenience I’d suggest waiting it out. But if you end up having to be induced its not that bad!!! So don’t freak yourself out about it like i did! Feel free to pm me if you want to ask some more ?s. I was literally induced last week!

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It’s always best to have them come naturally. And why do they want to induce you? What is the medical reason? I was induced with my first and only I had pre eclampsia so at 37 weeks. And it was amazing I went in at 8pm. I was in labor 26 hours very comfortable labor. She was out in 3 pushes.

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I was induced with my daughter and it went wonderfully smooth and comfortable. I will be induced with my son next Wednesday if I don’t go into labor before that. It’s nice to have a date and be prepared.

Natural births were a better option for me, as long as there are no medical reasons for u to be induce just wait.

Induction doesnt work always. I got induced 2x and neither worked!

I was induced 2 times. 1st her birthday is 7/11 so I thought that was cool and my 2nd 1/25 which I thought was a great date :slightly_smiling_face:

The baby will come when they baby is ready I wouldn’t do it if you don’t have to.
Do the more natural things eat spicy foods, walk, sex

I was induced because of medical issues and even if I didn’t have medical issues, I would have done it if my doctor asked. Helped plan the day better so then we could have more support. Your choice mama!

Go natural if possible.

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It hurts worse. I had both my girls natural no epidural or pain meds. My first was a breeze I had her naturally without being induced. And my second I had to get induced because of blood pressure. I still don’t have any medicine or epidural with her but the pitocin and medicine they give you makes the contractions way worse and I was in labor longer

Being induced doesn’t give you the day the baby will be here, more of a rough estimate. If you don’t have to be induced don’t, let your body handle it naturally.

If you don’t need to be it’s always best to let them come on their own

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Nooooo do not induce!!!

I loved my induction. I was 41+5 when I was so It waa because he was almost 2 weeks late

it’s silly to induce for no reason. I was induced because I made it to 42 weeks. but really, your baby is growing and becoming stronger each day why cut that short so you know what day to expect them? rude.

My son came on his own one day after due date, my first daughter my doctor swept my membranes and I had her the next day a week early and my second daughter I chose to be induced at 39 weeks for person reasons…I had epidurals with all 3…if I could choose which way I would go I would want to be induced because when my doctor came in to check my service he said I was dilated more than I was the last week when he seen me gave me the ok for an epidural which as this point I was having steady contractions but they weren’t painful yet…the epidural hurt more than the contractions but after that I was cool as a cucumber got some sleep, no pain what so ever and one push and a cough my 2nd daughter was born…the nurses had to cross my legs for me since I couldn’t move them cuz my doctor was coming from the clinic which was just a couple minutes away and I was like tell him he needs to hurry!!! So yeah there’s my opinion :joy:

I wouldn’t be induced again if i had a choice… i was going through everything fine but eventually it started slowing so they pushed pitocin which cause him to be kinda squished with each strong contraction… it was happening faster than needed and i ended up with an emergency c section… let it happen naturally your body will do its job❤️

WAIT FOR THE BABY! I was induced at 39 weeks due to protein in my urine which might have been a sign of preeclampsia (it ended up not being the case).

The magnesium will make you extremely nauseous. I literally threw up on EVERYONE…from the nurses, doctors and bf! And the contractions are 10x worse than natural birth (or at least that’s what the doctor said. This was my first pregnancy)

The whole ordeal honestly made me rethink having future children.

Just let God decide when it’s going to happen


Why would a dr want to induce early in a healthy pregnancy? Let baby cook 40 weeks if possible and if baby is stubborn after that then induce.

Natural. You should only induce via complications in pregnancy. I’m really sick of doctors trying to make it “normal” to have an induction. I was black mailed to have an induction with my last child. Doctor was wrong about gestational date and he ended up being born at 35 weeks gestation. Your body knows when its time.

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  1. Induced- 16hrs, no pain meds, HELL

  2. Natural- 1hr, no pain meds, quick and easy

  3. Induced- 6½hrs, TORTURE, epidural that was NOT worth it.

If u can avoid it, I’d avoid it as long as possible!

I was induced with my daughter at 42+1 weeks, and had my son naturally. I prefer naturally as the contractions gradually increase so you get used to the pain. Induced contractions are more full on and you can’t get used to it

I was induced with both of my pregnancies. With my first I was a week late with no signs of labor on the horizon. With my second pregnancy I was high risk so I was induced at 39 weeks. I don’t know how natural labor feels but everyone I have spoken too that has been induced and went into labor on there own they say the induction is more intense. But honestly I preferred it that way I wasn’t caught off guard and was able to plan ahead for my older son. Plus I was on edge at the end because my I was having higher and higher blood sugars since I am a diabetic and also have an issue with blood clots with increased estrogen so I had been in blood thinners my whole pregnancy. I say if your doctor doesn’t have an issue inducing you and it’s what you want then go for it. If it wasn’t safe your doctor wouldn’t have given you the option.

I was induced and the contractions were worse, I also think they had my due date off by a week or 2. My son showed signs of being premature even though I was 39 weeks. I know esp. With your 1st, it sounds like a good time, but I waited with my last and would never choose to be induced again.

It all hurts like crazy but being induced can be tougher on the pain scale so I’d only induce if necessary. Sometimes just breaking the water is enough.

Don’t induce unless you are 41 weeks at least.

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Don’t let your doctor play God!!!


I was induced on my due date with my son. I was only 2 cm dilated and he was not moving. I went in at 5 a.m., they started the medicine at 7:30 AM, my water broke about 15 or 20 minutes later, and I had my son at 10:28 am. My induction was a breeze. I had my first child natural only labored for 4 hours and she flew out.

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I got induced because i had a high risk pregnancy i liked knowing due to having high anxiety. It made me feel better knowing what to expect

Go naturally. Being induced isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Might as well just wait it out until baby is ready.

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I was induced with my 2 previous kids and being induced again with this one. I like it because I can plan. However, I end up with wicked nausea during labor (thaNk goodness they have magic pills for that) and I end up constipated for about 4 days after, between inducing and the epidural. But, ultimately, it’s been perfect for me.

I had both ways and they both same

Actually for me the baby coming on it’s own was easier for me

DO NOT DO IT! Worse decision I ever made. Caused an emergency csection and had a horrible delivery


Natural!! Breaking your water is chill, but I have never heard anything good from inducing…I had all mine natural, water broke on its own…Except my last one, had my water broke, he came natural within the hour
The more natural the better!!

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I was induced with my first and it was ALOT more difficult then my natural 2nd birth

I had both and to me they were both the same you do what you feel is right

I have done both, my first was natural and second was induced. My first I was able to get the epidural and she was here like 10 hrs later, my second I was contracting but not progressing for three hours after getting the gel and being stretched to two cms, so they told me to go in the warm tub(at hospital) about 25 minutes later she was born, no drugs. I’d rather the epidural but natural no longer intimates me. The pain was equal for both but with induction you can end up like me, not progressing, because the body doesnt really jump on board with the whole process. I was induced at one week over due, otherwise I wouldnt have done it. I dont know why theyd ask you if you arent having an complications.

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I was induced due to high blood pressure everything went smooth no issues had my son at 37+4 he was healthy

I was induced with my second at 37 weeks and my third at 38 weeks. Both were healthy.

Unless it’s necessary you shouldn’t do it. If your body isn’t ready labour will be longer and more painful. Letting your body do it’s own things is always the best options, unless there’s a medical reason of course.


Go naturally unless there are concerns. Of course you can be induced after your due date if baby is stubborn and there is worry it will get too big but being induced is hard core. And due dates are estimates. Babies come when ready

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If it is not medically necessary then don’t do it. It is hard on u amd baby and can lead to an emergency c section

I was induced with my 1st baby and went natural for my 2nd. My natural labor was sooo much better than being induced.


Both of my boys came at their own time both at 39 weeks exactly. My first was a natural birth and my second was supposed to be a scheduled c-section but he decided to come the day before lol. I was happy that they both came at their own times.

I was induced with both of mine! Both experiences were different! And just a heads up being induced on a certain day does not mean that’s the day the baby will actually come! I was induced on the 13th with my daughter and didnt have her til the 14th! I was induced on the 7th with my son and had him on the 7th! Do what you feel is best for you and baby because I promise no matter how that baby is brought into this world it will all be worth it!

I had to be induced with my first. I was two weeks overdue and I was stuck at 3 cm for those two weeks despite all my efforts to try and speed up going into labor, (exercise, squats, sex) my son didn’t want to come out. I wasn’t moving along and every time I contracted, baby’s heart dropped (NOT GOOD). So I got induced to speed up labor. They had to pop my water, which was painful cuz my cervix was way up in there and I had arch my back for them to get the right angle for their hand to maneuver the hooky thing. Anyways, after that the contractions got more intense and closer together. I thought I could handle it and all the intentions of having a “natural” birth. My birthing plan totally went out the window. Pitocin 100% made me feel more pain that the natural contractions I was having before induction. 19 hours of active labor, I ended up getting the epidural some time half way through because the pain was so great, I could not walk, I could not speak, I was just curled up in a ball gripping the hand rails and shaking with each contraction. Forgot all the breathing techniques I learned, guided imagery. Fast forward, it took me twenty minutes to push because I was so well medicated, I wasn’t sure if I was pushing correctly. My son when he fine arrived was almost taken up to NICU because his lungs were not inflating properly. I was crying asking to see my baby, he was quiet and I was worried. Finally a nurse plopped him on my bare chest and told me, I want to make sure we try skin to skin to get his breathing normal before we transfer him upstairs to the NICU. Sure enough, his oxygen level went up just by being placed on my chest. I almost went into emergency C-section because I spent so much time in labor. My son’s heart rate dropped with each contraction. My son’s lungs did not want take the air he needed. Maybe these things were caused by the medications. Maybe they weren’t. All I know is, in the end I got my baby boy, my healthy baby boy. 19 hours later, but I got him. It shouldn’t matter how, just as long as you’re comfortable with it

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I went into labor naturally with my 1st and induced with the next 2. Honestly they both were the same to me other than induction contractions are more intense. With #3 my water still broke on its own.

I was induced & it hurt like hell, the epidural causes some to stay in labor so long, that they have to have a C section

Natural. I was induced with my first. I was miserable the entire time and labor was so slow. I opted to go on my own with my 2 younger kiddos. Labor was much smoother and I felt like I had “more control” of what was going on, if that makes sense. I really wish I had known more with my first kiddo.

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Natural labor is more gentle
Being induced is a rougher ride…contractions come harder and more close together.
If you have a choice, I would choose waiting.

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Natural is always better unless it causes health risk to mom or baby or both.

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