What is it like being induced?

So I just had my last appointment today before induction on Monday morning. My doctor told me I was 3 centimeters dilated and 60% effaced! I was shocked because I couldn’t tell if I was having actual contractions or if they were Braxton hicks but looks like I was having actual contractions lol. So my question is, if you were dilated at a 3 before going in for induction, how long did your labor take? When I had my first daughter I started from absolutely nothing and had her in 7.5 hours. Hopefully it shouldn’t take that long since I’m already at a 3 but :woman_shrugging:


I was dialated 3 and 230 pm and had my son at 1203am.

Just depends on your body.

3cm dilated when i was introduced && labor was 4 hour … my labor was kinda quick but in saying that every labor is different !

I was dilated 4cm for about 3 weeks. I had to be induced and it took 3 1/2 hours

I was 3cm 90% and only had 4hr 41min of labor with my induction . 8hr and 41min from the time they started iv pitocin

Exact numbers when I went in this Monday. They started the pitocin @ 4pm, broke my water @ 8pm, and I had her @ 4:56am :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Every single person is different. You could be shorter, just as long or even longer. My son I went in 3 cm dilated and 90 percent affected. Got admitted around 1030 and had him at 6:57am. My daughter I got there at like 5/6am at 6cm dialated and had her at 8:59am.

I was 3 cm for about a week and a half. I had contractions for that entire time also. They were Braxton Hicks though.

My first born I was 100% effaced at 2cm. I was induced and had her in 6 hours. My second born I was again 100% effaced and 2cm. I was induced and had her in 12.5 hours. You can’t compare any pregnancy to another, every pregnancy, labor and delivery is going to be different.

IMO I don’t see the point in having an induction if you’re already starting the labour process. Induction just opens the door for more interventions/complications. But you could get a hundred different answers to this question and still none will be the same as your own labour since every body is so different. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I was induced with our last child. IV was put in at 10:50am and he was born at 1:44pm.

I was 3 cm for probably a month before I was induced with both my kids. First one took 19 hrs and my 2nd was 21 hrs.

7.5 hours is already an incredibly short labor, and they say that every birth after the first is faster than the last. My labor was 24 hours, so even if my next is cut in half I’m still looking at 12 hours :sob:.

3cm and 70% effaced - I was induced at 10am on Thursday had baby at 10pm Friday. Good luck momma!

I was at a 3 for weeks but walking did help with second child

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3cm when I went in. Induction at 6pm, pitocin at 8pm. Water broke at 3am, baby was born at 1:49pm.

I was induced at 5cm. Started pitocin at 6pm she was born at 1121pm.

When I started having contractions (4 days past due date) I was at a 1… I stayed hooked up to the monitor until I got to a 3.5 (about 3 hrs) and was in labor from I got there around 11p til he finally came out at 1:14 the following afternoon… so 14 hours, and two of those hours were straight pushing… apparently I had a lazy uterus and he was face up. So, it was rough for me :woman_shrugging:t3: but everyone has different experiences and I wish you the best of luck, and congratulations Mama!!

I was at a 3 and 80% effaced and I was in labor for 23 hours .I still wasn’t at a full 10 when they had me start pushing.

I was 3 cm and 70% effaced for 3 weeks with my last pregnancy and then was induced.

I was at 3 for a week or two. My induction lasted about a day and a half, not including the contractions I went in for that fizzled out.

Induction doesn’t always work either even if you’ve started to dialate. Didn’t work for me. And they’d also swept my membranes the day before.

Keep walking you will bring on labor yourself

Every pregnancy is different. Congratulations though!

Unfortunately every labor/delivery is different and theres no way to know how long it will be. I had to be induced with my first and was dilated to 4 and still took 18 hours before I had her. Good luck momma💗

I was having contractions and dilated for a couple of months before my induction. They started pitocin at around 10:30 or 11 and broke my water at 1:10 and my son was born at 1:17. So start to finish less than 3 hours, but neither of my labors took long. My daughter was born 2 hours after I went in to labor naturally. I was high risk and he wasn’t moving as much as they wanted

80% 4cm took 5 hours from start to finish I went from five to 10 in ten minutes :flushed::weary:

I was a 3 at my doc appt. The next morning I got induced 8am I was a 4 had my son 217pm

I was at 3.5 at my appointment the day I gave birth. Appt was at noon I gave birth at 7:25am following day

Was induced at 4 cm, at 9 am, had him at 610pm.

3 for week or two then was induced… labored for 21 hours… wound up having an emergency csection…

I was 3cm and 70% effaced. I was admitted at 10:30pm and my daughter was born at 6:59am in 2 pushes

I was 2-3cm dilated & 80% effaced when i went in for induction. I was having contractions too that i thought were Braxton hicks. I was having contractions at 5:30am, started pitocin at 7:30, water was broken at 8am, & had her at 10:30am the same day! My 2nd

Walk walk walk and it’ll happen on its own

I was 3cm for almost 3 weeks. Went again was 4cm had a stretch and sweep and had my son less than 12 hours later.

I was in labor with my 1st for 3 and 1/2 days! So I was assuming the second would also take a little while, I always heard it was faster but faster than 3 days would still be quite a while right? Omg so so wrong! My second almost fell out while I was getting on the gurnee to get into the ambulance! A literally could feel her head hanging out between my thighs and had to place my hand between my legs to ‘hold her head in’. Scariest suit I ever experienced when 911 said my husband would have to deliver my baby! And the labor wasn’t even that bad, like ever, through the whole thing. I had a few light contractions, I got unm the shower to head to the hospital, the business m contractions stopped while I was in the water, then BOOM!!! They came back way way closer together and stronger and we called 911 cause I was scared, they had my husband rounding up all this stuff so that he could deliver her cause she was already almost out! EMS got there literally just in time. I got into the back of the truck and they managed to make it 1 block before they stopped and I had to just deliver in the ambulance. No meds(best advice I can ever give another woman is to at least try going natural because it’s amazing compared to getting those drugs and epidural but that’s another question lol) and I delivered with 3 firefighters on Madison Avenue! :exploding_head::woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging: My advice, be very careful because just like ppl tell you every child is different, every pregnancy is different, every labor is different and every birth is different! If you’re already 3 Cm and all that then I would say your baby us coming sooner than later for sure. Everything will work out but try your best to deliver at A damn hospital at the very least :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

4 cm is considered active labor

I was a 3 when I went in. I labored for almost 24 hours.

I was 2cm like 4 days before I got induced and nothing helped unfortunately but try and walk and bounce on a ball

I went in at noon for my son, and was at 3, and had him around 6pm. With my daughter before that, I went in at 6am, was at almost 3 cm, and didn’t have her until 5pm.

I was dialated at 3cm and had real contractions for a month before I was finally induced with my son. After the induction it took him 7 hours to come.

I was 3cm when I was induced and I was in labor 36 hours and ended up having a c-section.

I was a 3 at my doctors day visit. He stripped the membranes and I went home. Woke up at 1 for contractions and at 3 am we left for the hospital had her at 8am

Don’t bank on it being quick hun I was 3cm dilated and waters was bulging for a few weeks then my waters broke and I was still in slow labout for a few weeks my 5th child 31 weeks so she was prem x

I was at 2 they sent me over to the hospital to start the induction the day of my last appointment and I didn’t have him for two days . But other people have had there’s a few hours afterwards so It’s hard to say

I was 3cm for 1 month

They swore I wasn’t gonna make it till my due date because I was 3cm for the last 6 weeks. Towards the end, they said he was so low they didn’t know why my water hadn’t broke yet. I ended up being a week late. And with the induction, I was only in labor 6 hours. That was my first child. The rest were done by c-sections

I was 3cm and scheduled my induction within 17 hours I had my daughter

I was dilated to 5 cm for 3 weeks before I had my first child. My labor started then after 12 hours dilated to 5 the contractions just stopped they sent me home after 48 hours told me to walk a lot and the contractions should start back 3 weeks later they started back. A course this was 45 years ago.

I went in at 2 cm for my son and my body wouldn’t cooperate so I was in labor for 28 1/2 hrs

I was 4 cm for a week and a half. Moved on to 5 for a few more days. I had a slow labor! So happy I’m not pregnant :pregnant_woman:t4: I can finally sleep on my stomach my daughter is 17 days old

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