What is it like being induced?

FTM- I have scheduled an induction for next week, but I am not dilated at all nor am I fully effaced (doctor did say I was partially - but never gave a specific number)
Anybody else with the same experience and still deliver vaginally? I really don’t want a csection.


Yes, with my first pregnancy. (I’m pregnant with baby #5) It was a horrible labor / delivery though for sure the worst by a long shot. 29 hrs 15 mins of labor and after forceps and vacuum they finally did an episiotomy. Thankful it didn’t result in a c section although I will be scheduled for my first with this baby.

I was induced it took a little over 30 hours for me but only 20 minutes of pushing! Delivered vaginally!

Me!!! I was like 3 cm 50% effaced when I went in to be induced. Went in at 7am… & I had her 6 1/2 hours. (Only maybe 15 minutes worth of actual painful labor, and I only pushed like 3 times and she was out) vaginally :slight_smile:

Yes, I have been induced 5 times and I usually dilate to a 1 at the most. Don’t fear. They ripen your cervix. I have had 5 healthy vaginal births. :tada::blush:

Yup! I went into spontaneous labor while being induced 6 hr labor no epidural! Anything is possible

I was 9 days overdue, scheduled induction for the next day. Went in on a Wednesday morning for my appointment, wasn’t dilated or effaced, went into the hospital at midnight that same day, in active labour at 5cms dilated and 80% effaced, had him the next day( induction date) vaginally. Your cervix can change really quickly once baby is ready to come! Also my sister was induced with her son and had him vaginally and had a really good labour. Good luck on your labour and delivery!

Yes. I was induced and went in at 4pm to have the pill inserted to soften my cervix. At 7am the next morning they started my pitocin. 9am they broke my water. Delivered vaginally at 3:00pm

I was like that! They gave me cervidil then pitosin! Only took me 8 hours to dilate completely. They did mine overnight and unplanned because low amniotic fluid :disappointed:
Best thing I did was get the epidural as soon as I really started hurting though… Best of luck!

I just wanted to chime in. I was in your boat, induced. Went through 36 hours of labor. They tried cytotec 2x then cervidil then pitocin. I never dilated past a 1. At 36 hours I asked for the c section. And I received, and honestly i would make the same choice again in the same situation. Its really not as scary/bad as it seems. So if you find yourself in same boat, just know it will all be ok. I will keep you and baby in my prayers.

When I went in with my son I was not dialated at all had him vaginal

The induction should speed up effacement and dilation

Unfortunately no. Got induced twice. Water broke the second day. Never got past 3cm. Ended in a c-section at midnight.

I was induced twice. First time 1cm beforehand and second time 3 cm beforehand. First took 19 1/2 hours and vaginally; second took 8 1/2 hours vaginally

Why not just wait until baby is ready to come?

I was induced at 34 weeks and was at 0cm and 0 effaced. I went in on a Tuesday night began induction and delivered vaginally that Thursday afternoon

Yup my second!!! The night I went in to get induced I ended up being in the very beginning of labor and only needed half a pill. Went in at 10 that night and had him by 11 that next morning.

Yes. My 1st pregnancy was like this. I was induced just under 11 hours of labor. It wasnt a bad experience. My dr was a complete bitch but I knew that long before labor lol. My second I went natural.

Yea with my 3rd, she kept goong back up so they couldnt even break my water to help speed things along but using the birthing ball made a h7ge difference and my water broke on its own shortly after. I was induced at noon, water broke at 8 30pm and i delivered at 9:05pm

Yeah. They use cervidil on me with 3 out of 4 inductions. 6 pregnancies in all, but my 2nd came naturally and my 6th was stillborn and I was bleeding to death so I needed an emergency csection. The cervidil ripens and softens the cervix, then pitocin to create contractions that help dialate. My 4th child my cervix wouldn’t dialate until they used a balloon to get me to a 3 then popped my water. Things went a little better after that seeing as how I still delivered vaginally. They had me lay in weird ways to also help dialate. Good luck.

I was 5 with my bag bulging and they induced me the day before I was scheduled gave birth at 3:40am

  1. How far along will you be for induction?
  2. Only 3-5% r babies are born on their due date.
  3. Dilation means absolutely nothing until you’re in active labor.

Why are you being induced? It’s your first kid. Let your body do its thing.


I wouldn’t dilate when I was induced so my dr put a balloon type thing in me to help open me up

I had 10.5 pound baby 10 days early. I was told with my next child that if I went just one day late they would do a C section. I refused. I knew I could do it. I took caster oil to enduce labor because my gyno would not. I had a healthy baby a little over 12 hours later at 1 day early: 11.5 lbs.
I had no ripping and tearing. A slow labor is a good labor. Allows your body to naturally do it’s work.
Just go with the flow and let everything happen naturally unless you have had complications that need an induction


Even after water breaking and mucus plug was out I was not dilated or effaced.
I had an epidural and pitocen and slept for a few hours with a peanut ball between my knees and Bam! I dilated and effaced and baby slid right out.

Yes! The week I was induced I was only 2-3 cm and 80% effaced! I think I fully effaced a couple hours after starting pitocin, dilated to around 4 then they broke my water and everything after that happened EXTREMELY fast. Had her naturally and only pushed for 6 minutes!!

I was induced and I had her vaginally! I was in labor with her for 22 hours! 5lbs 12ozs! Dr said I didn’t tear most likely because of the long labor…

I was induced because my baby was almost 9 pounds, they broke my waters at 10AM and started pitocin at 1, he was born all natural at 407PM… good luck!

I’ve been through it twice and both my kids were born vaginally. The first time with my daughter, she was a week over due when I was induced. Went in on a Wednesday night had to have 2 rounds of cervadil and then pitosin. The pitosin was started at 5am on the Friday, my water broke at 6:30am and my daughter was born vback at 3:40pm. My son was just last month and they induced him almost 2 weeks early because of his size and I went through the exact same drill as the last time and he was also born vback

I was induced 39 weeks and 3 days. Wasn’t dilated or anything.

I was induced with pitocin at 41 weeks 3 days, and I was checked into the hospital the night before to have my cervix “ripened” because I wasn’t dilated. I gave birth vaginally. The actual birth went great, actually. However, and this is an honest warning, pitocin will enhance your labor pains. I had some serious back labor, and the pitocin made it so bad I caved and got the epidural (my plan was to go all natural). I was in so much pain that when I got the epidural, my body went into shock and my pulse and blood pressure plummeted. Once they got me stabilized it was smooth sailing ahead.
I would recommend getting induced as a last resort. I had to because there wasn’t enough fluid to make it all the way to 42 weeks, plus there was calcium buildup on the placenta due to stress and other issues that made me high risk. And honestly, the longer they can stay in there, the better. Their muscles and bones are able to have a bit more time to develop where they’re not being affected by the environment around them.

Avoid the induction. Baby will come.

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My water always to be broke for me on all 5 but I was never fully effaced till right up to when I went in to labor or I was induced and that would kick it all off with dilation and thinning

My daughter went 2 wks to the day, past her due date, baby came on her own. Dr wanted to induce, my daughter is glad she waited for baby to come on her own.

Yes was induced and was all good

I was induced at 38 weeks due to rising blood pressure…long story short…ended up having a c-section due to fetal distress and I would not/could not dilate past 5cm. Didn’t care how she came out, just wanted a healthy baby. Everyone’s birth experience is different.

I went in at 830am I was 1cm and 75% effaced and they started the pill behind my cervix. And at noon my Dr broke my water I was at 2cm and then they checked me at 1pm I was 3.5cm I was in a lot of pain(broke my water to early) (my sons was facing upward while my body was trying to dilate) anyway he turned over to normal position and I got the epidural. (I fractured my pelvis [pubic bone] a couple years ago so I was in a lot of pain) and I got the epidural at 2pm took a 20 min nap nurse came in said my contractions were slowing down they gave me pitocen through iv… And within 20 minutes I had to get the nurses back in I was 10cm n his head was RIGHT there. Never seen a nurse run n to get a Dr so fast lol and then I waited for the drs to get all set up I was 39 weeks 4 days… And I pushed 3 times had my son he was 9lbs 12 of 21.5 in long. I had one item bitty little tear

Yes once induced everything will progress nicely

Thatll all happen when youre induced (should anyway)