What is it like being induced?

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hi moms! im being induced wednesday evening/thursday morning, i will be 39 weeks. baby girl is in the 98th percentile already. eek haha. first time momma looking for some information on being induced! tips, anything. :blush:


Also curious lol im being induced at 38 weeks fri/sat! Congratulations mama on your LO! Prayers for a healthy happy delivery!


Sometimes labor can cause you to shake because of the hormone changes. I never knew this til I had a baby. Good luck, I wasbinduced 2 times. And went in labor the 3rd. I would rather go in labor then to be induced. Contractions are much less painful. Prayers for you & your baby to be healthy

Being induced Monday @ 39 weeks. FTM.

Eat a good meal before you get to the hospital, you won’t be able to eat again until after baby comes. Other than that, listen to your nurses, relax. Try to take a nap while you wait for “ the big show” to start. Start taking stool softener NOW. Do not wait until they give it to you in the hospital. Your first BM will be like giving birth all over again.

Being induced caused me to have extremely bad pains. It was hell on earth.

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If you take nothing else with you, TAKE CHAPSTICK!!!

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I was induced with all 3 of mine. Patience. It can take while. Also, the meds to induce make contractions slittle painful. Eat before you go in cause u might not get anything but clear liquids. But most of all relax, u will be fine!

try not to eat anything that is gonna make your bowels move

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I was induced with my first. I’d honestly prefer to be induced again with this pregnancy, because I liked knowing what was going to happen rather than just randomly going into labor.
Other than having to have 2 epidurals, I didn’t have a bad experience being induced.

Any questions just ask, i may be able to help. Good luck and congrates

When they say push… push like ur trying to go number 2!! That has always stuck with me! I may have been in labor for hours but when it was time to push i pushed like that and with my second i pushed twice my third child only one push and he was out!

I was induced with my first Wich resulted in a C-section but the contractions are horrible and I know with C-section the first BM is awful and the next few after I had two more C-section my last was the 29th of April with my third and last baby and it’s finally a boy i hear recovery from a natural birth is a lot easier C-section suck so bad congratulations and I pray you will have a easy successful labor my first i was in labor for 12 hours pushed for 3 with no epidural it just wasn’t happening for me but I wish you the best

I was induced twice. The first time went really well and I had hardly any pain after the epidural was placed. 13 hours of labor start to finish but I slept through most of it. Second time was a lot different. They did the foley bulb (balloon) first and it hurt so bad. I definitely do not recommend it if you can help it. Once my water broke they removed the bulb and tried to put the epidural in and started the pitocin IV. I had two failed epidurals and felt everything. 16 hours total labor and had a hemorrhage post birth. I am not at all trying to scare you because I know it can be scary. If you can help it, I would not do the foley bulb and just do the pitocin. Labors can vary from person to person and it really does depend on if the baby is ready or not.

Been induced with 3 of my 5 babies I found my labour started within 15 mins walked around for a couple of hours and then had my babies, never had any problems my last one happened that fast I was swapping beds and gave birth stood up good luck x

Patocian. Makes the contractions a little more painful…but it’s what is needed to get where you need to be. Remember the prize in the end.

Get the epidural. I just had my 3rd baby 2 weeks ago and I was induced for the first time. I told myself I wanted to go all natural. Yeah…that totally changed!! The epidural helped but I still felt all the pushing and pain.

if you end up having a C-section make sure you get an enema before you leave hospital so you won’t be so gasy

I was induced too. I went in at 10:30, and because I was strep positive, they needed at least 3 hours of me on antibiotics. So they started a really slow induction and increased the dose later. Didn’t start feeling real solid contractions until the afternoon, and delivered around 1am. So be prepared for a full day, that can still happen. I also had an epidural which dropped my blood pressure too much and made me sick, but after they got that sorted out it was fine and I delivered without pain.

I was induced in the evening with my first…eat a good meal (I went out and ate something I craved), take a good shower (you may not feel up for it until a day after having the baby)- May sound gross but once I was moved out of labor/delivery into my actual room I didn’t shower until the next day (but I also had a epidural and wasn’t able to) and get plenty of sleep (I slept through the night and was given petocin in the morning and opted for a epidural later on) I actually slept with epidural up until pushing like literally woke up and was able to push and my son was out in ten minutes.

I agree with the other ladies when they say EAT!! I was induced with my 2nd…natural labor with 1st. The insertion of the foley was not bad at all…and after it was in its just a waiting game then. The contractions were stronger… I opted out of the epidural both times…so idk how much of a difference the epi makes…?? But overall it was not bad…if i had to be induced again I wouldn’t be as nervous about it.

Induction is a pain. I was induced with both my kids my daughter was a week over due Nd T 38 weeks with my sone because of his size.he was off the charts. Induction is first, a waiting game and then a kick in the ass. Cervadil can make you uncomfortable but its minimal, when you go on to the pitocin drip it will.induce you the rest of the way but you dont get the natural build up in contractions, the hit much harder. Also, dont try to be a hero, the epidural was my. Est friend both times through because it allowed me to relax so that I could diAlate and rest. Also make sure to eat! Good luck and go with the flow. Dont stress. It will happen

Also following being induced on Monday :disappointed_relieved:.

Definitely eat. I went for a doc apt and was sent to the hospital next door to be induced so I hadn’t really eaten. Mine was very quick, they started the pitocin at around 10:30am and broke my water at 1:10pm and my son was born at 1:17pm. Pain from the contractions wasn’t bad, just a little uncomfortable but they let me walk and have who I wanted in there with me. Just remember to breath and relax if possible

I was not induced so I can’t help you in that department but all I can say is to expect the unexpected :blush: good luck!

i was induced 3 days before my due date!!! make sure you shower before you go in and they will make you wash your body in a disinfectant soap!! make sure you bring pillows and blankets and get some rest!!

I was just induced last Saturday. Had to get the meds to ripen my cervix. Got a dose at 8pm with some mild contractions for the next 6 hours then another dose at 3am. Water broke at 4am on its own. Then started pitosin and Labored until 410 then pushed for 22 minutes and he was here. I also did it without an epidural. It was intense but I learned to sleep between contractions. You got this!!

I have 3 daughters ages 10, 8, and 2 weeks on Monday my first one came on her own my second I was induced and she had to be vacuumed out due to her heartrate dropping when I pushed third was also induced and her heartrate was also dropping dangerously low and had to have an emergency C section which I wouldn’t ever do again if you paid me to…I got my tubes tied this go round swear if my first would have been a C section baby she would’ve been an only child :tired_face:

My advice GET THE EPIDURAL the contractions are extremely painful once that Pitocin kicks in

Get that epidural
Being induced can amp up contractions immediately
Relax until pushing time

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Walk, bounce, dance, drink the raspberry leaf tea… try to get things moving before Wednesday. Walking got things going for me but I wish Id said no to the pitocin and waited longer for the epidural. My labor was long and rough. Of course everyone is different. Biggest suggestion is to eat otw to the hospital. Even if you dont want to… because once you get there you can’t eat till you have the baby. Good luck momma! Listen to your body. You’ve got this!

Best of luck, for me being induced with pitocin was horrible, worse pain ever, I needed an epidural when I was against having one, my sons heart rate dropped and dropped and pushing would not work because my body was just not ready even though I was fully dilated, in the end I had an emergency section, the epidural worked since I couldn’t feel my legs at all but somehow when they topped it up for the section it didn’t freeze my abdomen so I actually felt the entire surgery, it was awful … I hope things go much better for you, you should be prepared for the possibility of having to have a section though, just in case since induction does put you at a much higher risk of needing to have a section, especially if you have an epidural as well

Get an epidural!! Being induced doesn’t give your body a chance to gradually get used to the contractions. It hurt like a bitch and put my body in shock with my second. I’ve been induced n has epidural it with all three of my babies. Good luck Momma n congrats

Eat as much as you can. Take a shower. Do something comfortable with your hair. Like a braid. Nothing worse than hair sticking to your face and chest when you are trying to push your baby out. Definitely go to the bathroom before hooked up to any IV’s. While in labor push that epidural as many times as you can. And on top of it all. Relax. Nothing worse than being stressed out during it all

Eat before you go to the hospital. Because if it lasts awhile you’ll be starving

Eat before you go to the hospital!!

Start taking evening Primrose oil capsules you get them at the pharmacy Walmart target in the vitamin section even Walgreens and CVS has them start putting two inside your vagina before you go to bed it helps soften your cervix and will help you stretch without tearing while you’re pushing the baby out

Relax and take it easy. Nothing to stress about.

Eat lol and then just try n breath… I got induced at 41 weeks and once my water broke everything went pretty quickly. Congrats on baby​:purple_heart::purple_heart:

I was induced at 7pm after an hr I walked a lap around hospital walked in room everyone left me water broke and had baby 5 minutes to midnight. With 2nd one. My 3rd also induced but she took forever coming and induced at noon. And born at 1am next day.

Get the epidural :joy: just do it. The contractions are sooo intense I caved in an hour

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Try not to stress. Definitely eat before leaving, and get that epidural. It was a godsend for me.

i was in active labor for over 40 hours after being induced so good luck.:joy: and also eat a nice big meal before you go in. you don’t get anything until that baby comes out!

I guess I’m old or whatever…is there a reason why you are being induced?Seems to me that drs are playing God an awful lot .it’s like THEY (drs) just decided hey let’s go ahead and have your baby now instead of @40 wks.whatever happened to “the baby will come when the baby is ready?”

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I was induced twice easy peezy every one is different tho good luck congrats

I was induced this past Saturday
Keep yourself moving as much as you can, warm showers, nipple stimulation, squat with contractions and try to completely relax your body in between them (if your hooked to monitors use a ball or a squat bar), keep hydrated and snack for energy
I was able to go without pitocin or the pill, they put in the balloon thing when I was 2cm inflated the top half and already having some irregular contractions broke my water at 6cm and I had my daughter that night

Walk and shower if you can while laboring. They both helped me a ton. Also sleep alot and eat a good meal before going in

Do not allow epidural before 5 cm. It can stop/ slow your labor. It makes it much worse. I got my epidural at 5cm, doc broke my water and she was here 45 min later

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Get ur epidural before they break ur water bag

Be very patient and definitely eat before you go. I was in active labor for almost 3 days then ended up having a C-section. The longest 3 days of our lives but well worth it healthy baby girl at 35 weeks.

I was induced with my son (he was born 9 pound 2) induced at 9am had him via emergency c section at 6:30pm

Nothing we can tell you will prepare you, but the best advice is just to try to relax and soak up every minute of labor, even though it sucks at the time :two_hearts: you’re going to be great!

Make sure you eat before! I was running late and had a small snack so I starved my whole labor. It wasn’t too bad, contractions are intense so don’t be scared to get the epidural!

Please make sure you eat before you go in you will be starving and you will not be offered anything be prepared it could take a long while

I was enduced with my daughter at 36 weeks took a pill to start labor and 2 hours was was 2-3 centimeters dilated and the pitocin was started a short time later and had my bag of water broken and then got the epidural when I was 7-8 centimeters dilated and she was born at 9hrs 7 minutes after

Epidural doesn’t hurt nowhere as bad as you think it will, and I had mine at 3cm and still had her within 6 hours from start to finish. Everyone is different.

Robin. I did it 28 years ago but about same thing. Best part…every pain feels about the same. Timing same too.

Most women that are inducted before they’re over due will have a harder and.longer.labor. why are the inducing labor.

Doesn’t an epidural stop the pain ? Never had one, but have wondered how Mom knows when to push if she can’t feel.

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